aurus Decan 2 starts the 月 with Mercury square your decan from February 2 to 8. This means this is a busy week with some tension in communications. Very rushed thinking means this is not the best time for important decisions and also not the time to get into arguments. This tension will be heightened 由 the February 7 full moon also square your decan. 你 may expect challenges to your authority 或者 your plans which could hurt your ego 或者 make 你 extra sensitive emotionally. This will pass, and the rest of the 月 looks very good. The strongest influence for the 下一个 月 comes from a trine from Mars which lasts from January 12 to March 13. This will really increase your energy levels, confidence and sexual drive. Time to go for what 你 want as this strong energy is attractive to others and they are 更多 likely to be drawn to 你 and even help 你 out. Existing relationships benefit from your strong passions, and finding a new 爱情 easier now than at other times because of your directness and sex appeal. 你 should have a good idea of what 你 want in life now, and thanks to a helpful Mercury sextile from February 25 to March 2, 你 will be able to forcefully and clearly express your desires. A sharp mind and enthusiastic communication style makes this the perfect week to negotiate better deals 或者 conditions at work, and also to initiate discussions, to meet new people. Frankness and self assertion will not be off-putting to others because this strong energy flows smoothly and naturally