Taurus Decan 1 has two very favorable transits this month. From February 14 to 19, a sextile from Mercury will stimulate the brain and bring increased communications and activity close to home. This busy time is ideal to make progress 由 catching up on paperwork when 你 are alone, but 你 will find that 你 will be 更多 involved with 老友记 and neighbors, going out on errands and generally interacting with others 更多 than usual. Catch up with friends, apply for a job 或者 start blogging! The February 21 New Moon makes the same sextile aspect to your decan. Now the positive focus turns from communications 更多 toward personal advancement. 你 should feel a boost to the ego and the extra confidence and pride will allow 你 promote yourself and your plans. Work and relationships should flow 更多 smoothly and 你 should face less resistance to your plans than usual. A good time for work and play.