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U.S. Republican Party Do 你 think there is a bias against conservatives on social media?

4 fans picked:
Definitely not.
Absolutely, yes!
Maybe a little
 jlhfan624 posted ·4个月前
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jlhfan624 picked Absolutely, yes!:
I have been blocked by some Twitter insiders and a few other shady Twitter things. Just because I haven't seen as much of this on Facebook, doesn't mean it isn't coming. If the recent news of PJW, Laura Loomer, etc being banned on Facebook/Instagram is any indication though, I will be soon. Zuckerburg labeled these people as 'dangerous'. Dangerous because they dare to wrongthink. Liberals hate rich people, unless they're censoring the words of those who are conservative. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerburg should not have this much power.
posted ·4个月前.