U.S. Republican Party Of the six candidates remaining after the New Hampshire primary, who should be the 2016 Republican nominee?

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Ted Cruz
John Kasich
Donald Trump
Jeb 衬套, 布什
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Ben Carson
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Marco Rubio
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 SJF_Penguin2 posted 一年多以前
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SJF_Penguin2 picked Ted Cruz:
(Poll created February 14, 2016. Voting will close on June 7, 2016.)

I have liked Ted Cruz for years. He is the consistent conservative. Conservatism and constitutionalism would form the foundation of a Cruz White House. He is the Reagan of our time. All other candidates force serious conservatives to compromise, and some of them to severely compromise. Among other things, Bush and Kasich are get-along moderates and amnesty supporters. Rubio damaged himself with conservatives by being part of the Gang of Eight amnesty push in 2013. Trump seems like a fighter on some things, but he has had a liberal past, is vague to moderate to inconsistent in the present, and no one knows what positions he will hold in the future, perhaps not even The Donald himself.
posted 一年多以前.