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Article by deedragongirl posted 一年多以前
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Nice park, isn't it?
Hi guys, since my parents have been there 2 years ago, here are my reasons on why I would 爱情 to go to New York!


The city is famous for diversity of different races, and this promotes tourism and I truly appreciate that. I also have a godmother who is staying there and would 爱情 to pay her a visit soon!

Broadway Musicals

It is the 首页 of famous Broadway Musicals, I have seen 4 so far. I'm dying to see other 音乐剧 like Miss Saigon and Wicked just to same a few!

商店 Till 你 Drop

I am gradually 爱情 to 商店 and I hope that the stores have 更多 choices than in Malaysia, another reason to be appreciative!

Nature Lover

There is also a famous park in which I would 爱情 to walk, it brings me joy and happiness when I'm down.

The American Dream

I 爱情 the United States and its culture, I hope to bring my 老友记 there soon too.
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 一年多以前
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Los Angeles!
Hi guys, my name is Dee and I come from Malaysia, this is my very first 文章 about this wonderful country. What I am going to write are some of the things I 爱情 about the US and which part that I would 爱情 to visit!

Los Angeles

I 爱情 this city as it is very clean, and it is full of diversity. I had been there 15 years 以前 before 9/11, many of the people are friendly and I hope to go there again after the general elections there.

New York City

I would 爱情 to go to New York as I have a godmother staying there. It is famous for Broadway 音乐剧 and my favourites are The Lion King and Wicked, in which I have longed to see them!


I had been there since young and went to Walt 迪士尼 World, if I ever go there again. The city will really brings back childhood memories!


Miami reminds me of Penang Island here in Malaysia, because it's 由 the 海滩 side. I will 爱情 this city the most compare to the other cities that I had listed down here, because it's peaceful!
News by MisterH posted 一年多以前
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Copied and edited from: link



I really mean it! What would 你 be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would 你 be able to do if 写作 fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would 你 do if it's illegal to do a cover of your 最喜爱的 song on YouTube? What would 你 do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would 你 do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet from getting killed 由 SOPA/TPP!

SOPA may have been stopped, but large companies with many copyrights are trying to re-institute portions of it under other names and policies. This attempt to protected speech in the name of copyright is unacceptable, and must be resisted.
Opinion by missing_99 posted 一年多以前
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Hearst Castle in California
I was browsing the internet recently, and at the bottom of my 搜索 result page were a few links. One of them 说 "American castles", I was interested and clicked. I found an article, on CNN, that was supposed to be about seven grand castles in the US. I usually tend to avoid 评论 sections, as they tend to be full of hate and general stupidity---and especially on something like CNN, but I decided to stroll through the comments.

I actually regretted doing this. There honestly wasn't a positive 评论 in sight. Many 评论 (if not all) 说 repeatedly "they're not castles!". Well, yeah, of course they aren't fortified castles. These were mansions and estates that were pretty to look at and visit. But there was hostility, too. People called them "silly", "too much work", "blowing money", and, of course, "not real castles". Every 评论 was like this. Why do people believe that the US has an obsession with royalty? I don't see any kings 或者 queens, actual fortified castles, 或者 areas that are made sure to look Medieval. The thing is, we are all going to die at some point. But the world doesn't have to be a blank slate without joy 或者 happiness. If 你 have the...
Guide by karlyluvsam posted 一年多以前
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Friday night boys and the PBR
Chasing Jack, getting wrecked in small town bars
Big city roller in NYC
You're a sharp dressed man just like ZZ

Harley riding biker in a leather jacket
Like riding bitch
You're sitting on the back, yeah
Pretty boys at the university
Watching them walk
In their Levi jeans

Yeah, yeah
I can't help but fall
Yeah, yeah
God bless 'em all

American boys
Gotta 爱情 'em, gotta need 'em
Gotta want 'em
They're my drug of choice
Yeah, yeah, yeah
American boys
Wanna slay 'em, wanna lay 'em
Wanna play 'em
They're my favourite toys
American, American boys

Metal head boys in the back of a Camaro
Banging to 金属乐队 on the radio
From an all-star stud to a punk like you
We've got so many flavours that I just can't choose

Yeah, yeah
They rock the world
Yeah, yeah
Guide by davidcoulthard posted 一年多以前
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In the late 70s’ I had my dream holiday, me and John Wood booked a trip to America. We flew Freddie Laker (the innovator in cheap flights 1976-1982) to JFK New York where we stayed at the Y.M.C.A. In spite of Johns build he was somewhat scared in the city. We were both forever looking up at the huge skyscrapers and 更多 than once I had to grab his arm as he stepped off the pavement without looking at the walk, don’t walk signs. We did all the tourist sites, the Empire State Building, The Chrysler building, Central park, Statue of liberty, Macys, we walked block after block, we had huge breakfasts of 薄煎饼, 煎饼 with 枫, 枫树 syrup, eggs sunny side up, 培根 and fried slice, and of all the people we met they all 说 the same thing “You British?” as soon as we ordered a meal. In New York we found a number of Irish bars selling Budweiser, Millers’ light and various whiskies. One night a crowd of American footballers’ came in and sat 下一个 to us, we soon got them 唱歌 British songs and played the crackle, crackle, crackle song to the tune of “it’s a long way to tipperary” soaking two big footballers in beer. We were lucky to get out alive but the yanks took it all in...
Article by Stormbeach posted 一年多以前
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"How to legally round up labor almost as cheap as illegals are."

Individuals 或者 childless couples
- Long-streak unemployed
- Non-PTSD ex military
- Grown-up orphans from the Social Services
- Sixty-year-olds without pensions

你 are the perfect candidates for The Factory Campus.

Weekly paychecks are for luckier people. What 你 earn at the Campus is
a tiny single room, your meals and the company's coins for vending machines
filled with munchies, body care items, socks/underwear etc.

Surplus clothing are available when workers have worn theirs out
或者 didn't have much to start with. Sold for a few coins also.

You'll receive tokens everyday ; no bully would steal them from you.
Cameras everywhere know everything happening at all times ;
zero tolerance for scummy behaviors

While your 太空 has its own toilet and sink, the Campus features
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 一年多以前
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The final part. Dan is trying to trick the owner of the other Buick. He was talking in a british accent

Dan: Excuse me sir is this your car?
black man 2: Eeyup.
Dan: Would 你 mind stepping into the manager's office? We have to rewash it.
black man 2: Rewash the car?
Dan: It won't be too long. *gets in car*
Copper 1: All units, the suspect must be trying to change the appearance of his car. Keep your eyes open for a heavily damaged Buick Special, red in color.
Dan: *drives other Buick*
Copper 53: We have set up a roadblock 由 the car wash, and are checking for our suspect. He has grey hair, and a black tuxedo.
Dan: What's up officer?
Copper 75: Can I see your driver's license?
Dan: *looks for it* How do I get back to St. Louis?
black man 2: Ah don't understand what's happening.
owner of carwash: Do 你 know what your car looked like?
black man 2: It was a red Buick Special.

Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 一年多以前
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Dan made it into another town.

Bikers: *riding bikes*
Dan: *pass bikers*
Coppers: *follow*
Bikers: *flip cops off*
Dan: *flies past intersection*
garbage man: *stops truck*
Copper 23: *drives into truck*
Chopper pilot: Attention all units, suspect is heading for the 宝马 agency.
Black cops: *arrive at agency* Listen up! A police chase is heading toward here, and we want 你 to stay away from the road.
Dan: *drives past black cops*
Copper 2: Stay on him. All units, suspect is now behind the 宝马 dealership.
Copper 86: Block off the roads!
Dan: *gets on road*
Copper 86: He's heading for another dealership!
Dan: *enters dealership*
Copper 86: Unit 86, I just spotted the suspect. He has just entered the Pontiac dealership.

Not far away

Girl 4: This is a really cool car.
Girl 5: I want a 粉, 粉色 beetle.
Girl 3: Me too.
Dan: *hits car*
Girl 2: Meanie! Say you're sorry!
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 一年多以前
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We continued from where we left off, Dan being stopped 由 the cops again.

Captain: Hold your fire!
Dan: *looks in mirror*
Captain: You're surronded. There's no place for 你 to go!
cop 67: *driving toward Dan*
Dan: *gets in front of 67th cop*
Captain: Shoot him!
Coppers: *shoot their own man*
Captain: WRONG GUY!

Meanwhile far away 6 girls were cruising in a '52 林肯 Capri.

Girl 3: OMG, he's so cute, but I don't know if I should 日期 him.
Girl 2: Why would 你 日期 a dog?
Girl 3: Because it's cute!

Back at the car chase

Dan: *exits park*
Captain: attention all units, the pursuit is not terminated, repeat not terminated!
Copper 1: Yes! It's out.
Copper 43: I'll be damned.
Copper 2: Dispatch, we're back in pursuit.
Dispatch: Are you?
Copper 2: Yes we are. What does she think we're doing? Having lunch?
Dan: *driving at 100 miles an hour*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 一年多以前
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Continuing the car chase, we see Dan driving a somewhat damaged Buick Special away from the cops that are following him. I got bored 写作 like "ohqiegs" 说 03j0wti. So I'm 写作 like this from now on

Cop 1: rewthy
Cop 2: What?

Let's continue shall we?

toll guy: Hey, what the fuck?!
copper 75: The suspect just passed the poll.
copper 43: 你 mean toll?
copper 75: Screw you.
Dan: *enters Illinois*
copper 43: Suspect is out of St. Louis.
copper 2: 1 baker 11, we're right behind him.
copper 43: Hey, are 你 driving 或者 is your boyfriend driving.
copper 2: He's not my boyfriend, just my partner.
copper 1: But I do think you're a sexy bitch.
Dan: *heads for Belleville*
copper 1: Attention, all units suspect is on the highway toward Belleville. He's driving a 1961 Buick Special, red in color he must be stopped at all costs.
copper 86: We're joining the pursuit.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 一年多以前
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One of the copper's '61 Impala
They did it, Dan & his team 偷了 all the cars they needed, but there was one problem. One of the cars they 偷了 was a Buick Special, and Terence made Dan return it for not being insured. Kenny went Pearl Harbor on Dan, and got beat up badly. Not only that, but he quit the team, and called the cops. So Fuck Kenny, let's continue with the story. Dan knew where he could find another Buick, which was insured. It was right 下一个 to the Gateway arch, but Dan didn't know that the police were watching him, thanks to someone that called for them. It was two police officers, one was a girl, and they were in a new Impala. Dan got in the buick, and when he 偷了 it, the cops were after him. "Good luck Dan." Percy said, he was in another car not getting involved in the chase. Dan had to keep driving until he 迷失 the cops, and they just hit his car. Dan made a right turn, and 更多 cops were getting involved. He drove on the sidewalk for a while with many angry people telling him to watch where he was driving. Then he drove into a park, as 更多 cop cars arrived, two of them blocked the exit so he couldn't get out. The officer driving the Impala got out, and pointed his gun Dan, "Get your...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 一年多以前
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The tow truck
The 下一个 日 was going great. They were stealing all the cars that they needed until, "We got a problem with the E Type." Kenny said. "What?" Dan angrily asked. "I overheard the police saying that they found out the serial numbers were changed." "Then we only have one option." "No Dan, we are not crushing that car!" Kenny shouted. "We have to! It's our only option." And with that, Dan left.

He 偷了 a tow truck, and went to where the E type was. While putting the E type on the truck, a police car stopped 由 the dealership. The cop had a dog with him, and when he got out of his car, the dog was barking. What did Dan do? He pushed the cop car out of his way, and continued toward the scrapyard. The officer was still chasing him, until Dan blocked him off, making him hit another car. After that was over, Dan arrived at the scrapyard. He took the E type off the truck, and watched a 起重机 grab it. The once, scratchless car, was getting wrecked, and was dropped in a crusher, 分裂, 拆分 into a million tiny peices that would be made into something else.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 一年多以前
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The Buick Special
Dan called the three of his 老友记 that were with him at the garage. They were now at the airport, about to steal two cadillacs, and a rolls royce when suddenly, "There it is." Dan whispered to Terence. One of the cars they had to steal was a Buick Special. Dan was walking toward it, and opened the door when suddenly, "Hey. What are 你 doing?" An old black man asked angrily. Dan apologized, and left "Wrong car." He 说 to the others. "That special we need is at another place." Percy told him. He showed Dan the adress, and the four continued stealing the first three cars.

Later that day, which became night a drunk man was watching T.V with his wife, "Bill take the dog out." She said. "Why me?" he asked, "Because I 说 so!" She replied. "Goddamn bitch," Bill mumbled, as he put the leash on his dog's collar, and took him out for a walk. Just when he got out of his front door however, he saw a car roll down his driveway. It was a brand new Buick Special, "HEY! Where are 你 going with my car?!" Bill shouted. The Buick took off, when Bill quickly got the dog back inside, and took off in a different car. He chased his other car, which was stolen 由 Dan BTW, and the two...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 一年多以前
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A Norfolk & Western GP9
Based off of the original Gone In 60 Seconds, sort of...

Welcome to St. Louis in the 年 1961. Our main character is now driving his 林肯 Continental toward a railroad crossing, to find out how a train got derailed. "Morning Sarge" He 说 as he climbed out of his car. The workers of the railroad were not sure who this guy was, so he told them, "I'm Daniel Karr, St. Louis police department. I'm here to investigate what happened." One of the workers told him to go check on the engineer, he was sitting on the train tracks looking at his engine, a Norfolk & Western GP9. It was laying on it's side. "Are 你 the engineer?" Dan asked. "Oh yes I am." "What can 你 tell me about the derailment?" All the engineer knew was that it was caused 由 some missing rail spikes, so nothing was holding the track in place. After that, it was all over.

A few hours later Dan bought a wrecked Jaguar E Type, and towed it to a workshop where three of his 老友记 were waiting. They were Terence Alton, Percy Mitchell, and Kenny Donatelli. The four of them soon got to work cutting the car in half, and taking out it's serial number. They were going to switch that with the...
Article by Stormbeach posted 一年多以前
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Natural gas is cheap cuz there's too much on the market

Petroleum wannabes have borrowed loads o' cash
to get a piece of that nasty Klondike

In North Dakota, they burn off $100 Million worth each year
just plain wasted in the air and the reason is,

everybody knows the necessary pipeline to 移动 it around
would never remake the money it took to build

The promotion of Fracking made promises of
endless buried treasures but they failed to mention

Shale pockets don't last long
你 gotta keep drilling wells every 2 miles

So now 你 start to understand
who really makes the serious doe in Gasland :

- Hole Diggers
- Toxic Mix Solvent Makers
- Loan Bankers

What if Cheney's Halliburton and all the guys at the Club
asked for a bailout in 4 years time

That would be so American-like
Article by MiraniaTriforce posted 一年多以前
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will band like 2NE1 catch on, 或者 will it be a type of music, like most in america that dies out?
k pop is korean pop, it is 流行的 among teens and young adults. its electric/hip-hop and dance.

k-pop is becomeing 流行的 as a result of being able too see other countrie media better across the world.

in koreas part of the world, k pop has been around since the 90s.

k pops fashion is strange, and they have weird looking clothing.

south korea is becoming a larger influence on culture, even obama has 说 how he likes some things about koreas youth, and there tech ideas.

k pop is also very 流行的 on youtube


for 更多 info look up k pop on the web, 或者 youtube
Opinion by SelenaRocks_mg posted 一年多以前
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3.12.2011 well in new zealand it's 4,12.2011
my Nana went to america a couple of weeks 以前 long 以前 and she came back today so's he had to skip times she would of been tired because she would've got from 1.30a.m (america) to 7.20pm (new zealand) and from 3rd of December (america) to 4th of December (new zealand) so she must of been tried as well she was over on the 皇后乐队 Mary and came to america. when she was over there she brought things for my familey's for christmas. when she was over there u 说 it was winter it was so cold freezing of course cause it's summer in new zealand and winter over there she 说 there were snow on the hills so today when she came back she brought our 圣诞节 presents and passed it on to my grandad who was at sailing with my dad so he passed it on to dad and dad passed it on to us my sister (alicia) got a nice pretty blue bracerlett and a matching ring also a key ring saying her name on a hollywood star. my other sister (ariana) got the same but red and not a hollywood key chain but a solar light key chain the glows from the sun . my dad got a t-shirt and my mum got a sex in the city set with purfumes and a nice soap and a mini purfume and...
Article by SRitchieable posted 一年多以前
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你 MUST read this:

... Meanwhile at home,
All individual dignity and power
Engulfed in Courts, Committees, Institutions,
Associations and Societies
A vain, speech-mouthing speech-reporting Guild,
One Benefit-Club for mutual flattery
We have drunk up, demure as at a grace,
Pollutions from the brimming cup of wealth;
Comptemptous of all honourable rule,
Yet batering freedom and the poor man's life,
For gold, as at a market! The sweet words
Of Christian promise, words that even yet
Might stem destruction, were they wisely preached,
Are muttered o'er 由 men, whose tones proclaim
How flat and wearisome they feel their trade:
Rank scoffers some, but most too indolent
To deem them falsehoods 或者 to know their truth.
Oh! Blasphemous! The Book of Life is made
A superstitious instrument...
The very name of God
Sounds like a juggler's charm:and bold with joy..,
Opinion by Persephone713 posted 一年多以前
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I can only take so much bantering and bickering and blaming this person and blaming that person. There is plenty of blame to go around if it goes to the right person. I am appalled In America, and the campaigning that the " Republican Hopefuls" are doing. How far and how low will someone go is the only 问题 left unanswered. I am not proud of America. There I 说 it. I had higher hopes for my future kids and my own generation. This is the 年 2011. We have 4 months until 2012 and there are still people that are racial bigots and religious zealots forcing their 查看 on the people of the United States of America. WE SHOULD NOT be divided because of color, those days are way over. If 你 judge a person on the color of their skin have SHALLOW tattooed to your forehead. Same with religion. 基督教 is not the Almighty religion. Republicans pride themselves on " We need to go 由 the constitution". We'll then righties do as 你 preach. The constitution says freedom to practice whatever religion 你 wish, 或者 no religion at all. The Civil rights movement accomplished 由 林肯 and finished 由 Martin Luther King should have stopped the racial hatred. Who cares if someone is white,...
Opinion by Crazycotoncandy posted 一年多以前
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don't 你 hate it when you're at a game 或者 at school, and everyone's doing the pledge of alledgiance, but one person doesn't stand up 或者 put their hand over their heart?
especially when they're excuse is 'that's what old people do' 或者 'i'm too lazy'.
yeah, thanks for being so patriotic, pal.
some people say that they are some other religion, so they don't do it, but it's not like 你 have to say the line with 'god' in it. you're still in this country and you're still reaping the benefits, and just because 你 have a different belief than our founding fathers doesn't mean 你 don't say the pledge. I don't know where 你 come from, 或者 why you're here, but honestly, in most cases, America's probably better than wherever you're from if you're not from here, so the least 你 can do it respect it.
或者 你 could always go back home.
Teenagers apparently now think it's 'uncool' to stand up and 显示 some respect.
As a teenager myself, i think those people are rather disgusting.
Opinion by 67Dodge posted 一年多以前
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Never have I hated a church, never, although I am atheist, let me say that I tolerate decent religious groups when they don't act like wild animals. I'm talking about Westboro Baptist Church, a normal-looking church along the gentle slopes of the hills and grasses of Kansas, looks quaint doesn't it? Well, it's what the members of this church do that angers me, they justify terrorism as a good thing in their system, that "god hates the United States". My first thought was: How could something that is all-loving, forgiving, non-judgemental, and good hate a country? Sure, there's homosexuals, that's okay, talk about how bad they are for all we care, it's a free country, but then they start to justify it 由 tromping onto military funerals and desecrating a 迷失 life 由 saying how "god killed this man because of gay people" 或者 "Jews" 或者 even "Muslims" and they wish hatred against the united states. These guys are the terrorists that we must monitor, they are very threatful to the united states, don't blame their children, they didn't know better. 你 can say your hatred towards gays, that's fine, but NEVER bring out death threats 或者 "wrath of god" shit. It's ridiculous how much the...
Opinion by lollipop2 posted 一年多以前
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Why cant the world get along.If osama bin ladden wasnt killed the terroists wouldnt be threating to destroy us.They just dont like us.Terrorists say that people who aren't muzzlems are bad.Okay so were not there religion it doesn't mean they have to kill us.How did this war even start?I think that they don't like us because we get into there country well that's what I think.Now I think they sould just forget about America and just concentrate on there country.Sometimes I wish that they just stop.They've bommed us,tortuerd,even killed us.why?
Opinion by Persephone713 posted 一年多以前
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Some of the Republicans in the Capitol right now don't know they are digging their party a grave. That may sound cynical but sometimes the truth is. Speaking of the truth, its how should I say it. Hard to come 由 these days. 你 know why Republicans got control of the House last November? Impulsiveness and fickle minded people. People can be like sheep...they see others moving in the same direction, they think they have to do the same as everyone else. People should think for themselves. God gave us each a mind and free will. Brain-washed people are the worst kind of people. Pretty soon they don't know what they are saying 或者 doing. Take the Westboro Baptist church. Saying that " FAGS GO TO HELL, GOD DOESN'T 爱情 FAGGETS". If 你 are a true Christian..you don't talk like that. 你 don't judge. And I don't care if 你 are the Pope of Rome, no one has the right to tell someone else " God doesn't 爱情 you- or- Your Going to hell. Anyway- as always I get off topic. My main message is that when these few far-right Republicans use slogans like " Take Back our Country" and " Stop Big Budget Spending" I cant help but laugh. Who exactly are they taking the country back from? They spent...
Opinion by Persephone713 posted 一年多以前
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I am a 21 yr. old and I cant take listening to the this ill country we live in with such bigotry and hate from the likes of some Racist group called " The 茶 PARTY". The are in no way pro-American, pro-Christian, and do not represent any of our beliefs. The STATE of OUR NATION is Poisonous. It has gotten worse and worse since 2001 when 衬套, 布什 used fear-mongering and divided us as a nation. Now there is nothing but hate, left and right and everywhere 你 look. Hypocrisy, Bigotry, and Racism are not things that would should look up to when electing and following leaders in the Senate. Whether 你 are liberal 或者 not, is not the point. CHANGE is inevitable people, Gays and 女同性恋 are human, Woman have rights to their own bodies, not everyone in America is going to be Catholic and white...people can be Wicca, Atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. FREEDOM to worship, Freedom of CHOICE... and yes we do have freedom of speech but Vitriolic hate speech is NOT something we need in America. IF we continue down this road we will have another civil war on our hands. WE will be in the streets fighting amongst ourselves. And being civil and not wanting war is not Socialism, its human. Come...