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FULL EW interview with Rob, Kristen and Taylor



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Way to state the obvious Taylor LOL (in a no offense manner :])

Stewart: {Laughs} No, because it’s not my hair.
Lautner: Nope, it was a wig.

I love this:

Lautner: {To Pattinson} Are you lifting weights?
Stewart: Actually, he has been.
Lautner: Seriously, he was just {flexing}, and the bicep was bulging.

Self-depricating but hilarious at the same time:

Pattinson: It is a desperate attempt. I’ve got body dysmorphia. I am stuck with my belly.

Rob always brings the humor (again, no offense):

Lautner: Yeah, hand me some of that pie. I will eat that right now.
Pattinson: I will eat the container.

So true:

Pattinson: Don’t work out. I just kept telling everyone why I needed to take my shirt off in a scene, and everyone else had to think of reasons why I shouldn’t. “No, I don’t think so — Edward is much more chaste than that.”
Stewart: “He is modest. He is much more modest.”
Pattinson: Then I’d say, “No, seriously — I would like to wear a really tight tank top and have my belly come out of the bottom. And have some sweat on it, too.”
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isabellam said:
Loved it!
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