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由 MIKE FLEMING | Wednesday March 31, 2010

Stephenie Meyer announced that she has written the Twilight tie-in novella The Short 秒 Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novel. Little,Brown will release the book June 5, pledging $1 from each copy to be donated to the Red 交叉, 十字架 for disaster relief in Haiti and Chile. But 粉丝 will want to know if this means another Meyer movie, and it doesn't seem likely at this point. In her disclosure about the 192-page novella—about the young vampire Bree who's introduced in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse—Meyer reveals that the prose helped Eclipse director...
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I decided 2 write a book on the twilight series...it is only a little bit here but I really have 85 pages done, this is only the first page nd a half I wrote here...this is after eclipse like 'breaking dawn' never happened...this will be like Bella never married Edward nd never had Renesmee. I will post 更多 of my 写作 when I have a chance. I hope u like it cuz i would like 2 be a writer when i grow up.....plz comment! :)

I looked around as I picked up my phone.Hoping to get in touch with anyone before he shows up. Edward isn't to fond of me that I keep checking in on Jacob. But how am...
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i like the movie ebcause its fantastic and romance
.. i 爱情 the 爱情 stories in 电影院 :)
andd for this..and the actor play their roles good :)
what 你 think about edward,bella,jacob,alice,rosalie,emet, and for the others :)
what is your favourite twilight vampire??
why 你 like your favourite vampire?
do 你 read the books?
do 你 lovve the books?
what is your favourite book from twilight
what 你 think about edward and bella like a couple??
what 你 want to write about the movie,write here
give the ideas,and if 你 want suggest some play for twilight in this club :)
and invite 你 老友记 ;d :) to write in the 文章
posted by _madz_
part 8
“Oh, I’m sorry Mike. Edward asked me to go out with him this weekend.” I said, smiling vindictively. I knew I was being rude, but really, how many times did I need to say no?
“Oh...well, okay then. 你 and Cullen huh?” his face turned to a grimace but I could see some malice in his eyes. I hoped he didn’t try anything, he might get hurt.
“Yeah.” I answered, smiling like a girl on her first date. “I’m really looking 前锋, 期待 to it.”
With that, I turned on my heel and left.

part 9
By the time I arrived at the biology room, Edward was already sitting 下一个 to my vacant seat....
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posted by Kamakan
I'm 写作 to introduce 你 to Kamakan The Vampire Slug. Its my kids book and live stage show.

Kamakan is a particularly evil monster who kidnaps two children and takes them to his lair at the bottom of a huge hole in Peru. The story follows the kids as they try to escape.

Its written in rhyme and is very original, funny and 流行的 with everyone who reads it.

There's a cool website at www.kamakan.co.uk and a clip of the 显示 on 你 Tube if 你 搜索 Kamakan The Vampire Slug Live.

I hope 你 can take a look and let me know what 你 think. Its becoming quite successful now and I hope it will become well know worldwide soon.

All the best!

The Author
posted by kiwi12
sorry this took so long

part 23

When Seth and I got to the Cullen's house, Esme invited him to sit and visit. We both sat on a sofa. Carlisle, Esme, Jasper and Emmett were there while Rosalie came in and out of the garage. Esme, ever the hostess, soon brought out a bowl of tortilla chips already topped with a festive salsa. Seth ate while he watched TV with Jasper. Not wanting to be offensive, I decided to eat five chips, hoping that would be enough. After my first, I started talking with Esme. I was exhausted and couldn't really focus. As I reached into the bowl again, my brain was completely...
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posted by AnonymousXXX
After about 10 分钟 in the 淋浴 I couldn’t even feel the cut on my head it was strange. When I got out of the 淋浴 I put on the clothes Amber and Alice had 给 me. I looked at myself in the mirror. The cut on my head was almost completely gone. I gasped as I saw this. There was a knock on the door. It was Amber.
“Alana… Is everything alright in there?” she ask
“Y…y-yea.” My voice was shaky. This is too much to handle.”Everything is fine.”
I came out of the bathroom trembling. She came up to me and hugged me.
“I’ll have Carlisle explain everything....
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EXCLUSIVE: Add this name to the 列表 of high-end auteurs who are being considered for the director's chair on "Breaking Dawn:" Stephen Daldry. Yep, that Stephen Daldry, the man who directed such Oscar fare as "Billy Elliot," "The Reader" and "The Hours."

Daldry joins a 列表 that includes Sofia Coppola, Bill Condon and Gus 面包车, 范 Sant, all of whom have been approached about taking on the fourth film in the "Twilight" franchise. Like those three, there are not yet indications Daldry would actually take the gig, but the fact that Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the films, has reached out to...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 24 - AN IMPASSE

"Charlie?" he asked curtly "Renee?"
分钟 passed in silence as I struggled to answer his question. I opened my mouth, but no sound came out. I closed it again. He waited, and his expression became triumphant because he knew I had no true answer.
"Look, that's not the issue either," I finally muttered; my voice was as unconvincing as it always was when I lied. "Renee has always made the choices that work for her - she'd want me to do the same. And Charlie's resilient, he's used to being on his own. i can't take care of them forever. I...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
The room was silent , no-one spoke a word as i entered the room.
Tanna laid silent in the deepth of my hair.
A chilled palm rested on my shoulder, i turned.
"I can take her, if 你 want bell" Rose offered.
i tightened my grip on my baby. no i wanted to keep her, i needed something to hold on to, now with Edward.
"no it's ok Rose, i need her" i moaned silently.
I heard low groans and murmurs from Carlisle.
I scuffed my feet accross the floor.
I glided past Alice who seemed all healed, well that one down, one to go.
edward came into sight.
I 迷失 all breathe, and stength in my legs, i felt esme's...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 24 - AN IMPASSE

I could hear my mother now. She was talking to someone, maybe a nurse, and she sounded tired and upset. I wanted to jump out of the 床, 床上 and run to her, to calm her, promise that everything was fine. But I wasn't in any sort of shape for jumping, so I waited patiently.
The door opened a crack, and she peeked through.
"Mom!" I whispered, my voice full of 爱情 and relief.
She took in Edward's still form on the recliner, and tip-toed to my bedside.
"He never leaves, does he?" she mumbled to herself.
"Mom, I'm so glad to see you!"
She bent down...
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Today we have the latest and the official Eclipse poster for you!

Bella takes the main role at the front of the poster, and her two guys are to either side of her forming a 爱情 triangle.

The phrase, 'It all Begins with a Choice' gives away part of the Eclipse plot. We won'd say anything else about it, even though we know many of 你 have already read the books. All we will say is that something really bad is coming to Forks.

The most important part of Eclipse is the torment that Bella feels because of having to choose between two great loves, Jacob and Edward.

This new movie promises to be a lot 更多 action packed, thrilling and entertaining than the other Twilight films. We can't wait!
posted by WritenOnTheSand
(continued from chapter 18)

I step back into the shower, thoughts racing through my head. I suddenly notice the water is freezing cold. I scream and leap out of the shower, soaking wet.

I can her Jake running up the stairs. He suddenly punds on the door.

"Ness 你 okay?" He asks.

"I'm fine, I forgot the water heater was broken. Just go back to cleaning the kitchen." I tell him. As soon as he is gone, I grab my towel and dart to our bedroom. I slip on my sweat pants and a big tee-shirt.

The door opens and Jake walks into the room.

"Hey." I say as I flop down onto the bed.

"You really should pay more...
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Orginal 标题 was meant to be :Chris Weitz Talks About The New Moon DVD-The Missing Deleted Scenes & Why There Is No Cast Commentary but it was too long

Chris Weitz recently spoke to Collider where he discussed the New Moon DVD and his 下一个 project…

Collider: Yes. How are 你 doing today, sir?

Chris Weitz: I’m very well thank you. How are you?

I’m doing very well actually. Thank 你 for giving me some time today.

Chris: It’s my pleasure.

So have 你 been doing a lot of press today?

Chris: Well 你 are the 5th on my list, so not so much that my brain has turned to Jell-o yet.

So I will...
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hey! It's me again! Here is chapter 2 of Bella becomes a vampire! I hope 你 like it!

2. Friends

I didn't know what to say. Edward just asked me to marry him. I stared at the sparkling red dimond, not knowing what to say.
"Edward, I just became a vampire, this is something that will have a huge impact on my life. I need to think about this first." I 说 with shock on my face.
"Bella, I 爱情 you, and 你 爱情 me. 你 want to be with me forever right?" Edward 说 smiling.
"Yes of course but, I can't comprehend all of this at one time. Becoming a vampire already is a big thing to take in. Just give...
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posted by twilight-7
“Kayla, look at this one!”
“I see it, Alice.”
“Isn’t it just gorgeous!” gushed my sister-in-law. She picked up a dress made of satin blue material and held it against me. I looked down at it, wishing I could go home. But my husband beside me, gently squeezed my hand, reminding me I would not be able to escape.
“Yes,” I smiled at Alice. “Very pretty.”
Alice couldn’t sense my lack of enthusiasm but Edward could. I knew he was trying to cheer me up but a shopping trip wasn’t the best way to do it. He sighed quietly.
“We’ll need to get 你 a size bigger,” Alice said,...
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posted by twilight838199
Rosalie's POV

What was I THINKING, marrying EMMETT MCCARTY?! He is so… ARRRGGGGHHH!!! I was shaking with fury. Unfaithful bastard!

I have to get out of here. I don't want to be on the same continent as him right now, let alone in the same godforsaken house!

And so, as I usually did when I was upset, I grabbed my keys and my 钱包 and headed out the door. I jumped into my beautiful red convertible, slammed the gearshift into the reverse position, and sped away from the house. If he wanted me, he was going to have to come after me.

It was a clear night, so I hit the button to let the 最佳, 返回页首 down....
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They run towards each other,
But he runs faster,
He picks her up so softly, a lot 更多 than any human could.
He presses her warm, limp body against his stone cold one.
They sky around them swirles,
As her 心 beats in rhythm, gently beating faster while his is silent,as silent as silent hill.
A screech, a distance helpless cry is howling through the darkness of the night sky.
His head turns towards the east, her best friend watches in disbelief.
His large face twists in emptyness and jealousy.
His thoughts of lonliness and love.
The silent 心 drops her safely on the ground,
they walk towards each...
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*Werewolves do it better!
*Lady gaga's clothes are better than Alice's clothes!
*Bella has a secretly crush on Rosalie!
*Jasper is a pedophile that's why he felt in 爱情 with Alice!
*Renesmee and Nahuel are a perfect couple
*Carlisle is gay!
*Esme has sex with Charlie every night!
*I think Felix is stronger than Emmett!
*Rosalie envies Tanya because of her beauty!
*Edward is in 爱情 with Leah!
*Rosalie thinks about Jacob while she's having sex with Emmett!
*Bella is getting wrinkly
*Aro is hotter than Edward!
sorry it has been so long but we are going to try to keep up as best as we can thank u for 阅读 our stories and we hope 你 enjoy this one....

chapter 8
Bella's POV:

Well the 下一个 日 came fast and me, Nessie and Alice all went shopping that morning to get our dresses for my dad's wedding. I thought I would never see him get married ever again so I am Happy for him. I was a bridesmaid and Nessie was the 花 girl. So Nessie found this real pritty purple dress that goes down to her knees and is real flowing. My dress was a darker purple than Nessie's and about the same length but that was...
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