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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
嘿 guys, thanks for all the support on the first chapter, i'll try and make chapter 2 a bit longer. This is the 秒 time i'm 写作 this, because my computer froze last night and i 迷失 all of my writing!!! I'm not sure if it will be as good, well hope 你 enjoy it anyway.

Bella's POV

"Ouch" I said, my head was spinning, I couldn't remember what had happened last night, then i remembered, there was someone in the house. "Oh" i 说 quickly sitting up, I was in my room, I slowly looked around excepting someone to be here, that's when i saw Edward sitting in my old rocking chair in the corner....
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posted by Darktimes104
Both Emmett's and Rosalie's POV. I hope 你 enjoy it. Thanks 4 reading. :)

Emmett's POV:

We Continued to run until the large house came into view. We must have went a different way 首页 because when we left we past a 街, 街道 of people and now we didn't. I just shook it off a followed her inside. Carlisle and Esme were sitting together on the 长椅, 沙发 watching television, I didn't see Edward anywhere, I guess he was upstairs in his room.
"Goodnight Carlisle and Esme." I said.
"Goodnight Emmett, Rose" They 说 in unison.
Rose took me upstairs, we entered another room that I wasn't in earlier, it was...
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posted by decullen
As we left the 音乐 room.Edward held my hand and stopped suddenly in font of a 火, 消防 exit .

"Where are we going" I muttered
"You'll soon find out."He gently kissed my hand a shock of excitement shot through my spine.We burst out of 火, 消防 exit.Then he stopped at a car.He opened the door for me,I was wondering why he just went inside a 随意 car without permission,unless it was his own,i just wasn't sure, I didn't dare ask him.

Soon after we set off ,we ended up stopping at this amazing,enormous house with a balcony.

"Where are we?" I 说 in a shaky voice .

"This is my home,I live here."He replied...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
嘿 guys, this is my first 粉丝 fic, i don't think i'm a good writer but i just thought i would try. Also thank 你 to Keppie who without her i wouldn't have made half of this story.

Bella's POV

I pulled into my driveway in my old, red Chevy truck, i had, had a very long 日 and i was tired and exhausted, all i wanted to do was go too sleep.


Edward and his family were all on a hunting trip, leaving me behind with nothing to do all 日 except go to school. Atleast if they all went this was a short trip, so Edward would be 首页 tomorrow morning when i wake up. I still remember the last...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
6 Months later. . .
(Tanna is around 11 months and bella is about 8 months pregnant)

"bella, your killing me... how is this working? this is a full human pregnancy, with a half vampire child? Again, 你 amaze us vampires." Carlisle replied puzzeled. i think he was started to rethink whiether he is actaully good at his job....
i felt a sudden jolt, within me... a kick. i sighed and smiled. Carlisle's face brighted once he saw. His hand brushed my now "massive" stomach.
He chuckled as he felt it again.
"Carlisle, do 你 know when Edward comes home. i need him for the birth.. this is his baby...
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posted by Bella_Cullen902
It's been so long since i even thought about 写作 on here. I'm so excited that i still have people 阅读 my stories and i have new fanpop-ers too.

Let me get my thoughts together and get my schedule together also because im in the middle of my two week testing. I will write and it will be before the middle of may i will have two new chapters out!

Tell me which story 你 want me to write on first and ill try and get it together. But for now until after April 30, 2010, 你 have to be paitent! i get my progress reports 下一个 week and im getting projects every 2 weeks so i might not be on here every 日 but i will be on maybe once 或者 twice a week, three times if i can but all of 你 know that the end of the school 年 is the hardest time of the year.

I 爱情 你 ALL!!!,
posted by decullen
He ran towards me in a human speed.When he got to me he raped is arms around me.He lifted me for the ground.He me kissed and I kissed him back. everyone around us gasped with excitement.

"Its been so long."He 说 with a kiss.

"Happy birthday.Sorry I didn't get 你 anything"I said.

"Thank you.If have just got everything I have always wanted."He said.I just smiled at him.He put his mouth never my ear.

"Meet me in the 音乐 room in 5 minutes.Please."He whispered in my ear.I nodded.

He walked away from me to go to the 音乐 room.I shot all of the 食物 in the bin then made my way to the 音乐 room. When I finally found the 音乐 room.He was sat on the 钢琴 stool.

"I rote this for you.Its called Bella's lullaby."He 说 then started to play.

"Its beautiful"I said.If I could cry I would of been.

"I 爱情 you" He 说 and kissed me

"I 爱情 你 too"I 说 and kissed him back.
posted by Darktimes104
Thank 你 for 阅读 and commenting!!

Emmett's POV

"Come along Emmett dear." Esme Chimed in her motherly voice.
"Yes and please put these on." Carlisle 说 handing me a pair of dark sunglasses. I took them but I didn't put them. I mean who wears sunglasses when it's dark outside. I got off the 床, 床上 were I have been sitting and followed them downstairs. As I walked past a mirror on the 墙 something made me stop and look back at my reflection. My eyes, they are red, not blood shot red, I mean the irises are 火, 消防 engine red. I stood there staring at my creepy red eyes until someone put their hand...
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posted by Darktimes104
I'm going to try to make this one and the rest of them longer. Thanks for reading!

Emmett's POV

My chest ached from were my 心 was beating against it. My throat was sore probably from all my screaming. I haven't screamed so much in my life. I felt a soft hand on my arm and what felt like a damp cloth on my forehead. I was very soothing. The pain wasn't there anymore, I felt the aftermath of it though. My 识骨寻踪 hurt, my chest ached, and my throat is sore. I was afraid to open my mouth to speak, I was afraid if I did, the screams would start again. I settled for opening my eyes, a large room...
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Nikki’s POV

I called Kristen Immediately
-Hi – she sounded tired
-Hey dear!
-Yes! Guess what! Kellan is coming to my house to night to watch a movie with me!!!
-Just Kellan?
-I don’t need anybody else!! – She laughed
–What movie?
-I don’t know yet!
-How about Ahs? Does she know?
-Not exactly! – She laughed
-Bye Nikki, I was sleeping!
-It’s five o’clock p.m.!!!
-Yesterday after I left the nightclub I went to Rob’s house!
-Was it cool?
-We had sex all night! That’s why I’m tired!
-Ok! I’ll let 你 sleep! Bye! – She didn’t answer
Ok in about three hours Kellan would be...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

NEW MOON - chapter 1 - PARTY

As the 日 progressed, I considered ways to get out of whatever was going down at the Cullen house tonight. It would be bad enough to have to celebrate when I was in the mood to mourn. But, worse than that, this was sure to involve attention and gifts.
Attention is never a good thing, as any other accident-prone klutz would agree. No one wants a spotlight when they're likely to fall on their face.
And I'd very pointedly asked - well, ordered really - that no one give me any presents this year. It looked like Charlie and Renee weren't the only...
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thanks for the great commentrs. 嘿 guys, if 你 wanna read 更多 of my GOOD ff go onto fanfiction.net and 搜索 marsbareater12
My best story on there is Jacob Rape messed u[p Bella; but there is like 8 otherson tehre. They are-
Infamous Cruelty and Endless Compassion-Esmes story (should be 发布 soon)
When I left-A two-shot (may be expanded on) on when Edward left Bella. Set in EPOV and CPOV. (should be 发布 soon)
Jacob Rape Messed up Bella-20 chapters on there
Alice Pregnant-About 5 chapters on at the mo.
Lost Control-A bout 5 chappies on there right now. Ste in varying POVS
Newborn Virus-Should...
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posted by decullen
Edwards POV

It was my birthday.I only want my 爱情 Bella back in my arms,but that wasn't going to happen.

I hared a knock at my door,it was Alice.

"Come in Alice." I said.She was thinking I hope 你 have fun at school because were going hunting and 你 cant come haha

"Well that's nice "I said.She just smiled

"Well I don't think 你 will say that when 你 see why 你 cant come. But 你 have to go to school to see to see it.Happy birthday"She 说 she didn't think of what was at school all morning.They all sang Happy birthday but I wasn't a happy birthday i still miss her I know she would of been...
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posted by Darktimes104
Thank 你 for 阅读 and PLEASE comment!!!!!

Rosalie's POV

I walked 前锋, 期待 a little farther and gently placed my wounded stranger in front of the porch steps. He moaned again in agony. "Everything will be ok, I promise, my father will help 你 just hold on." I told him before looking up to Carlisle and the rest of my family.
"Rose, sweetie, who is this?" Esme asked gently.
"Please help him, I found him being attacked 由 a bear, I couldn't let him die. Please help him." I begged. I began to cry at the thought that no one would help me. I am not strong enough to do it myself.
Carlisle came...
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Kellan’s POV
I put my 最喜爱的 t-shirt and my new jeans, I was going to meet Ash in a nightclub.
Ash was my girlfriend but I didn’t 爱情 her! I was just tired of being alone! I 爱情 Nikki, but she loves Taylor! That’s so obviously, I don’t know why they aren’t dating yet! She has a big smile for him! Is she blind? He’s so young! I like Tay but he isn’t the right man for Nikki! I think nobody is good enough for her, except me, of course!
My phone rang. It was Ash.
-Kellan you’re late! – I looked at the clock, I was half an 小时 late
- I got stuck in traffic!
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posted by Darktimes104
The first 粉丝 Fiction story I ever wrote...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE commit...ID care if the 评论 is good 或者 bad i need to know, i can handle it. :)

Rosalie's POV

I was in my room sobbing over my old life and the the fact I will be cold and hard forever. A knock at my door broke my thoughts. I quickly pulled myself together and said, "come in." The door opened wide enough to revel Edward, my brother for all intensive purposes. Edward was tall and always looked to have a sadden, i'm going to hurt 你 if 你 say the wrong thing to melook on his face. His hair stuck up every which a way, people we...
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posted by whatupiloveyou
Italics are Bella’s dream!
Bella’s POV

    I can’t believe I was smiling, the last time I smiled was when Ed…he was here. My mom was in shock that I was finally 展示 a change in emotion.
“Sweetheart, your happy, 或者 smiling, at least. I 爱情 你 so much. 你 know that right?” my mom was over-joyed. I just smiled more, and that made my mom 更多 excited. I know its stupid, but I really want that wish to come true. I want to see him again, to be happy again. I know that sounds so hopeless.
“Its late, sweetheart, 你 should really go to sleep. See 你 in the morning.”...
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posted by decullen

I look at the ring on my charm bracelet all night until it was 7.30.I got a quick 淋浴 and washed my hair with my 草莓 shampoo.I put one of my old jumpers on and a pair of jeans.I got all the stuff I need for my first 日 of school then shot my 匡威 on and walked out the door of my new little house.

I got in the car the journey to Forks high school was quite short it only took 15 minuets.The parking lot was quiet.I jumped out of my car.All the people how were there just looked at me.A boy came towards me.

"Hello I am Mike Newton,you must be Isabella Swan."He 说 with a smile....
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This is a message for all people that are 粉丝 of this club. Recently I have been noticing that there have been a lot of stuff going up that is not Twilight related but to the actors,I know this may sound picky, but I would appreciate if stufflike this didn't go up this club is for Twilight not Robert,Kristen etc.
If 你 have good news about them please post it up on their spots.I am sure 你 will get a lot of rating. Maybe your using the spot to get a badge but please remember  it might be flagged as miscategorized so I would refrain from doing it because not everyone has joined the club from them it's about the books, not about their latest photoshoots.
I hate to sound so bad it's really getting on my nerves though do remember I am not objecting to anything like the cast ad their characters. That's 更多 interesting. If 你 have a problem then feel free to ask :)        
posted by decullen
If been a vampire for almost 90 years and my 心 still wont 移动 on.My name is Isabella Marie 天鹅

I have just moved to Forks Washington it never is sunny so I wont get exposed.I in rolled in Forks high school. I don't know why I go to even bother going to school is it because I my cant stay at 首页 in my room thinking what if I wasn't a vampire.What if his parents didn't get Spanish influenza he wouldn't of went to see them and court the stupid thing.We could of been married and had kids.We would of be in our graves not just him.

Flash Back

"Bella 你 have a letter."Charlie my dad said.I...
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