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posted by xroylex
"so tell me about your self your how old now?"
oh damm mum told me this but its just slipped my memorie i mean i carnt remember most things about before i stop aging apart from the things dad and mum and charlie tell me. and then its a little fuzzy.
"im 10" ok i didnt look like a 10 年 old really i was 16 but still alice has made me look younger so i have my hairs up and i have allways been small.
"wow 10 你 look older and act older hmm... charlisle?" she knew us all to well yes it was him who has 给 me all this mind 太空 to work with so i just nodded. time to dumben down a little/
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posted by a-jforever
Even after saving him in Italy he didn’t want me back. I hoped that maybe he would, but he didn’t. The worst part was, as well as losing him; I had to lose Alice again too. The fake cascade he had put on because he felt guilty, replayed in my head a million times over. I didn’t like being lied to. Keeping his distance so I knew that he was going to bolt as soon as he got the chance was better than being lied to.
“Bella, Its Jacob on the phone.” Charlie shouted up the stairs. I pulled back the covers letting my feet touch the cold ground, I shivered when they did. “Bells?” Charlie...
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posted by amy_r_cullen
Come here Renesme me and moma have got 你 somthing i lifted Renesmee onto my sholders she liked to feel taller than everyone else, i lead the way out, bella was holding my hand with a grin on her face she was as exited as renesmee was i wouldn't allow bella to see renesmee's gift because she would tell her.

"close you're eyes nes...Renesmee were nealy there."
"i cant wait to see what 你 and moma got me".
we didn't get 你 something asuch.

here we are 你 can open you're eyes now renesmee, i had lead everyone over the yard to the clearing
there infrunt of us was a ginourmas 树 house one me emmett and jasper could make i wanted it bigger because renesmee was still growing fast even thow she looked like a teenager.
Renesmee interupted my thouts 由 leaping of my shoulders and streat into the 树 house.
"I think she likes it than" bella laughed
"I 爱情 it renesmee carected frim the tree, everyone burst out in laughter.
posted by Hellohoudini
When discussing about which movie he will be his pick for Best Movie at the 2010 音乐电视 Movie Awards, the singer/actor reveals that he is up for a role in 'The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn'.

Percy "Romeo" Miller, who is best known 由 his stage name Lil' Romeo, is going to be a part of the "Twilight Saga" series. When interviewed 由 音乐电视 News recently, the 20-year-old singer/actor gushed that he is in talks for a role in the final installment of "Twilight Saga", "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn".

Asked which movie is his pick for Best Movie at the 2010 音乐电视 Movie Awards, Romeo spilled, "The one...
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posted by CarlislesLover
This is the 秒 part of break up and it's 10 years on from before. Enjoy!!XX

It had been ten year’s since I last saw Edward and the rest of the family. I hardly ever thought about them now, I just got on with life. Renesmee and I lived in England now. We had a massive house with gorgeous views. I sat and watched the sun rise over the fields lighting each one of them up. Farmers started putting their 动物 into the field. It was spring time and all the lambs had just been born. Renesmee liked the lambs they were always a joy to her seeing them play in the field. Occasionally the farmer...
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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will present the clip live on June 6.

You didn’t think we were going to have a vampire-less 2010 音乐电视 Movie Awards, did you? That there’d be no werewolf sniffing out the Golden Popcorn? No beautiful high school girl from Forks, Washington, smiling shyly at the crowd?

Like we’d do that to you! “Twilight”-verse, prepare, because Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be appearing live and in-house at the Movie Awards on Sunday, June 6, to introduce an exclusive clip from “Eclipse.”

Just let that soak in for a minute,...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
I'm so sorry It's been so long! Sorry I don't think this chapter is as long as the other's. I've been really excited because I heard Kristen Stewart! Is coming to Australia!!! Then I got really upset because its most likely that I can't go! Because mum has to work that day! So i've also been really sad lately :( Anyway hope 你 enjoy, Please comment! Also sorry it just stops, I thought since I haven't put up a chapter in ages I should do it now, but i promise that I will try to get chapert 5 up within the 下一个 week, if not 你 guys can keep on bugging me until I do get it up. Please Comment!!!...
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I 迷失 this 文章 about 8 months ago. thanks to my cousin, alistair! for helping me find this. pls 评论 and tell me if i should continue.

Chapter 10

Bella’s pov

I was resting on his arms, contented. As he closed his eyes, I stared at him. He was so beautiful. As long as My Greek-godlike husband was with me, I’m complete... I closed my eyes and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back as he kissed my hair. I faced him but didn’t open my eyes. He crushed his lips on mine.
I giggled and leaned back on his chest.
He spoke.
“I’m glad that 你 believed Alice. “
“She’s my sister, Edward....
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Renesmee’s Story: Chapter Two: Danger, Eh?
“Hey!” I yelled. My mother turned around confused-then she saw me and quickly took my arm and cuddled me. “What is going on?” I asked fighting my mother’s kisses and hugs. She set me on her lap. “Ness” My mom was cut off 由 my dad.”“Nothing Nessie,” He replied lamely trying to cover up my mom’s reply to my question. I nodded suspiccally, and asked Mom to let me down. She did, reluctantly. I ran upstairs and pounced on Jacob. “Jacob!” I yelled. He woke up and yelled, “NOOOOO!!!!!” I looked at him funny. He laughed nervously....
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posted by a-jforever
The idea is hopefully I will get in all the cullen's POV's eventually. Please let me know what 你 think Xxx

Carlisle POV
I was sat 阅读 in my study, out of boredom 更多 than anything else. I think I had read this book about three times already. “Honey, you’re going to be late to work.” Esme smiled leaning against the door frame. I looked up at her putting the book down. “Thanks” I caught her waist 接吻 her softly on the lips before grabbing my bag and heading down the stairs. “I’ll see 你 later.” I called to everyone. Rose peeked her head around the door to wave. I chuckled...
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posted by CarlislesLover
Hi guys this is my new 粉丝 fiction break up.
I'm 写作 4 文章 at the moent lol.
So I hope 你 all like this one.

It was a relief after the Volturi had gone everything was back to normal well almost.

I’d just come back from a new club in Las Vegas it was three o’clock in the morning and I knew Edward wouldn’t be happy. The only reason I went to the club was because I was hunting when a poster blew into my face about it. I hadn’t had fun in ages and I’d never been to a club before so I decided to go. I had a great time anyway, yes I nearly ended up playing strip poker...
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posted by Darktimes104
Emmett's POV:
I was lying 下一个 to Rose on the bed, the sun was shining bright through the window causing rainbows to form on our skin. "Morning." I 说 接吻 her softly. "Good morning." She smiled as she wrapped the sheet around herself and walked into the closet. I got up and put on a gray t-shirt and a pair of pants. Five 分钟 later Rose walked out of the closet wearing a dark blue dress. She had a look in her eyes that 说 something was wrong. "What's wrong Rose?"
"Esme, Carmen, and I were talking about getting married here but, I now I don't think I want to."
She sat down on the bed...
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posted by CarlislesLover
I hope 你 all ike it

I knew she would probably follow me, but if she was clever she would stay at home. I drove faster than usual to my house. I pushed the car as fast as it could go trying to get away from her, not wanting to hurt her. I got 首页 at last parking my car in the drive and went inside. “Edward your back so soon, is everything ok?” Alice asked she quite obviously hadn’t seen the argument Bella and I had just had. “Yes everything is fine Alice, I’m quite sure 你 would have seen if anything happened” I smiled at her “So where’s my baby sister-to-be then!?”...
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posted by smileyfaceddude
I felt sleepiness sweep over me.
I just gave in gave in the pain. Gave in with the rest-or if I had any more-chances of contact with Father and the other chances.
Another thing I got from Mother, I'm an accident and trouble magnet.
But I couldn't stop 问题 flowing through me. What will she do to me? What did she mean 由 "feed and then, dispose of you"? Will my family get here before...? I hope so!
Cornelia stepped into my sight and the 问题 stopped instantly when she did.
"Right, here." She gave me a plate with...? I'm not sure what it was honestly; it looked like porridge, but it...
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posted by CarlislesLover
This is the 下一个 bit of the conversation story
hope 你 all like it XX

I grabbed my keys and ran out the door not even locking it behind me, I got in to my shiny new car that Edward had gotten me and drove it as fast as any of the Cullen’s would in theirs. Nearly crashing it in to another on the way to the Cullen’s house, it was terrifying driving this fast and what made it even scarier is that the damn car had the ability to drive faster. The tree’s fled past me with speed and so did everything else. I couldn’t think straight at all right now my mind was on Edward and what was going...
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posted by a-jforever
A while since I 发布 the first bit so i thought maybe I would post another. Hoep 你 like it XX

8 Years later

“Come on Heidi 你 going to be late for school.” I rolled lazily out of bed. I was now fourteen years old. Mature and very grown up. I took a 淋浴 wrapping my hair in a towel. I dressed into my tight fitted white blouse, short black 短裙, 裙子 and fishnet tights. I took off the towel that was on my head, letting my mahogany ringlets hang to my waist. I brushed them smiling to myself. I wasn’t vain, I didn’t think. I was just happy to be pretty. “Heidi, come on Bens at the door...
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posted by LexisFaith
I held on to his warm 毛皮 as he raced along side the river. My face was burried in his neck and the tears soaked through. My leg burned, like someone had poured some chemical they created in chemistry into my cuts.
I should have listed to him. Jacob told me to be careful around Paul but I didn't listen. I was too stubborn. One of the things I got from Bella.
Once we had stopped I climbed down off his back and sat up against a 树 untill he was in human form again, but as soon as he was dressed I was right back in his arms.

"What happened to her?!" Mom came running out and took me from Jacob's...
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posted by lollipopszx3
Me : Oh my god! A fly monkey is about to eat me!

*that awkward cough that someone just has to do*

Me : AHH! You'll never take me alive! NEVER!! *starts running around, while hitting the air*

Jane : *whispers to Alec* Your mate's crazy.

Me : I'm not! Now begone!

Aro : I know this amazing physician that will heal 你 within minutes.

Me : Healed? I don't need to be healed! I need to dance! *starts doing the funky chicken*

Gianna : What is she doing??

Felix : HEY! What are 你 doing!?

*all turns to look as Shannon takes a pencil from his pocket*

Shannon : Nothing.... Distraction Stephanie!

Me : Look at me!...
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posted by KATYrebekah

"Oh for goodness sakes, Emmett, just stand up already!" Edward hissed from underneath him. "Not until 你 come to your senses!" Emmett said. Rosalie ran across the room at an almighty speed just as Edward reached out to grab Emmett, and she thumped him on his chest. "ENOUGH!" Esme spoke for the first time in the whole 7 and a half hours we'd been here. Everyone turned to look-even Emmett. "This is madness! Emmett, 你 and Emmett are the closest of brothers- so why throw away all of that time on one stupid decision? Edward, I want 你 to stay as much as Emmett, maybe even more-...
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posted by a-jforever
This is a little before twilight. Plz 评论 and tell me what 你 think XX

Jasper’s POV
“I don’t know Alice” I 说 for about the thousandth time this morning. “You could go hunt again if it makes 你 feel better?” I shook my head but smiled at her. I had been hunting about four times in the last two days, so if she thought I was going hunting again now, she had another thought coming. “I don’t get it Jazz. Why are 你 so worried?”I sighed. “This will be my first time of going through school. It’s a little different to the rest of the family who have gone through before....
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