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I hate twilight. It is not addictive, it is not well written, the character's are not fascinating 或者 likeable and the storyline makes me want to pull my hair out in frustration. I am 100% lying, of course. I imagined a definition of the twilight saga out of the norm might grab people's attention. The 图书 are brilliant, god bless Stephanie Meyer.
I'd heard of the 图书 a while back, being quite the geek and spending abit of time on the old, reliable imdb, and I read that Robert Pattinson was starring in a film called 'Twilight'. Seeing a ten 秒 预览 of the trailer made me curious, and I asked my friend to order me the book online. (I don't like giving my details out online, completely irrelevent, but whatever)

And wow , what a read. I was well and truely hoked. Being written in first person narrative, naturally, the reader can relate to bella in many ways. Meyer purposely presented Bella as an ordinary, average girl, making an intense, strong connection between her character and the reader.
This was the case in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.

What I enjoyed most was how realistic the text seemed, although the storylines were completely unrealistic. Unless 你 have become so absorbed in the 图书 that 你 believe 你 are a vampire, have werewolf 老友记 and live in a town called Forks, then this won't apply to you. I digress, but I bet someone out there believes this... I shudder to think.
Anyway, this realistic presentation made it addictive to me, actually feeling part of the narrative and becoming fixated with this intriguing relationship between a human and a vampire.
So I whizzed through the first three books, eager to read the last.

And then everything seems to change in Breaking Dawn.

First off, when the story began hinting at Bella's pregnancy, my first thought was 'What the..' How bizzare! She wants to keep some vampire esque spawn which is killing her and breaks her ribs when ever it kicks, whilst the others watch has she drinks blood to keep it alive (Although in the first book we all witnessed how bella passes out at the faintest sign of blood). But it really did seem to... work
And I personally believe that's because of the narrative change over to Jacob.

She got her wish of becoming immortal, and yet again I thought, the relationship that myself and thousands of others have eagerly read about has now dramatically changed. And yet, we would complain if she didn't get her wish of becoming a vampire, and she lived to an old ripe age (which would be sickening as her hubby would remain the tnder age of 17). So therefore, Meyer made the right choice again.

I took a moment to giggle at Edward's wild antics in the sack. Tearing pillows, wrecking head units and bruising his missus; awkward yet comical. And the same reaction when Jacob imprinted on their daughter. There was me, feeling uncomfortable because a fictional character had 'imprinted' on a fictional, half-human half-vampire, mind reading, fluent in speech, few months old child. Bizzare.

And the ending. Although I secretly wanted a fight to break out, everyone loves a bit of chaos and destruction from time to time, I'm sure people were relieved that everything was dandy; Bella and Edward getting their happy ending. It also left it with an open ending, so who knows, Meyer might decide to do another book in a few years time.

I'm aware this wasn't much of a review, 更多 of a discussion between me, myself and I, but if anyone actually reads this, I want to ask 你 guys something:

Do 你 think doing a fourth film would actually work?
I know there are some hardcore 粉丝 out there, I really enjoy the 图书 myself, but would the film be as successful with the imprinting, the pregnancy, even the marriage...? Even though I thought the marriage was presented brilliantly.
Their seems to be a bit of criticism about the fourth book, I'd like to hear other people's thoughts about it.
If 你 made it this far, thanks for reading!
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Uh great, are 你 kidding me? My car would have to break down in front of this house of all them wouldn’t it? Gosh my life sucks. The creepy house down the road stared at me menacingly; I was closer to this house now than I had ever wanted to be in my entire life.
It was pouring down buckets and I could scarcely see because the now arising fog. I’d have to go to the house to get help, after all I could leave my car stalled in the middle of the 街, 街道 like this, but the big guy scared me so much that I was willing to sit here...
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Have 你 ever felt like your entire body was on fire, and there was nothing 你 can do about it? You're in excruciating pain and all 你 can do is lie there and let it happen. That's how it feels to be turned into a vampire.
I didn't ask for this. I honestly would have rather died, but I suppose that wasn't an option ever since Emmett and Rosalie found me. Rosalie must have taken pity in me, being raped, beaten, stabbed and left to die in the middle of nowhere. Right before my spirit almost left my body, I could feel bite marks all over my body. My neck, my legs, my stomach and wrists ached...
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