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Disclaimer: All Characters are owned 由 Stephenie Meyer however the storyline is mine and only mine. Genre: Drama & Romance
Pairings: Bella & Edward
Rating: Mature All Human Alternative Universe
Summary: Bella the successful CEO of a publishing company is on the look for a new assistant. When the nightmare of her high school, turns up. She's ready to cause him the same pain.

I walked in the blissful sunshine of L.A, the sun always made me happy, it's glisteningly yellow rays that glowed with warmth and positivity.
For me it felt like positivity anyway after being a successful CEO for, Meyer Publishers, nearly six months and on the lookout for a new assistant.
My 前一个 one had deluded me into thinking that he was good. He spent weeks trying to get me on a 日期 and when I had reluctantly agreed to his offer for the 下一个 week. I had found out that he was nothing but a big player, over hearing telling he would take a girl for a 日期 on Saturday a 日 after mine. So obviously finding he hadn't been concentrating on his work (Oh I had proof too) I without pause fired him. Oh Boy, did he start raging he would get revenge, I coolly wished him luck with the red haired girl he was chatting up. He looked so surprised he stuttering made his way out of the office

I shook my head from the memories there was no use in remembering something useless and pathetic.
As a 安全 distraction my mobile beeped, it was text message from my friend: Alice Brandon.
Hey! What are 你 doing tonight?
Come over now x

I sighed knowing Alice it was some important dress 或者 a sale that must be scavenge through as soon as possible.
I checked the time it was only 8 I had an 小时 till I my work started and Alice's house was only half -an -hour away from the work place. I texted her back.
Sure. Heading there (:

So I started to make my way back to her home. It was a pretty cute one she had vibrant colours decorated on her walls all clashing in with each other. I never understood how she could wake up with the intensity of those colours. I would have an immediate 心 attack. Nevertheless Alice was full of energy whether it was first thing in the morning 或者 last thing at night.

Unlike me I was 更多 secluded and anti-social, the only reason we got a long was her mother was 老友记 with my dad, Chief of Police, in Forks.
My place I could escape to from that…bastard

I pushed away any thoughts I had of him; I didn't want to re-live any thoughts of my tortuous high school.
It didn't matter anymore I was successfully rich, happy but yet I yearned to crush him once like he crushed me into bits.

I didn't realise was gripping on the gate of the pathway leading to Alice's house very tightly. I slowly unclenched my grip from the iron wrought gate; I also didn't want to cause any damages first thing this morning, it was supposed to be a good 日 I didn't want to spend any time being miserable over my past.
I slowly made my way up to the door and was about to knock when it flew open
"Bella!" She screeched. Throwing herself at me. I laughed at her bubbly nature.
She started to drag me in.
"Alice what is it? Did Jasper declare his undying 爱情 for 你 或者 something?"
I laughed again.
Alice's boyfriend Jasper, for three months, he was the complete opposite for her yet perfect for her loved her very much as she loved him.
Where she was animated he was always the calm and collected
Her eyes narrowed. "Isabella 天鹅 that is nothing to laugh about"
"Okay so what is it, 你 know I have to be at work soon?" I inquired as my eyes searched for anything abnormal
Soon as I spoke she flitted in and out with a transparent plastic bag.
Shit. No way she couldn’t.
Nevertheless it was what I thought, she then in stern voice commanded me to slip on a pearly blue 衬衫 a bit of sequins decorated around also designer black jeans.
"Alice! 你 can’t”, I squealed
"No way Bella 你 have to, 你 know: impress the assistant, make him drool and all that bullshit" She then winked at me.
“W-What if I chose a girl?" I spluttered defensively.
“Fine, fine.”
I knew it was a useless arguing against Alice she always managed win, even though she was tiny!
Alice had a beautiful 瓷, 瓷器 complexion with small coal jagged black hair that stuck from all sides, she was quite petite about 4’10 yet still vicious she could make someone cower from her determination, it was quite amusing sometimes.
I reluctantly changed into her chose outfit and she started squealing while jumping up and down.
“Honey, 你 look amazing! Yep all the lads will be on 你 tonight.”
I scoffed at her response. “Look Alice I have to go now.” I checked the phone it was half eight already.
“Yeah I know! Bye have fun!”
“See 你 later,” I 说 as I headed out. I could have sworn she 说 shouted out something about using protection.

I arrived on time for work, unusually Lauren was there. I despised Lauren she had the trying- to – look –hot blonde hair with a bubblegum in mouth always , she showed 更多 cleavage and legs then necessary.

I slipped past her into my office, but while I was going past I had feeling I saw bronze hair.
I knew I was being paranoid, it might have been someone else but I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.
It fucking can’t be him. What the fuck would he be doing here??
Maybe 你 are just going crazy
My mind kept on having battle if he was 或者 not but I let go it just might not be him maybe it was just stupid joke. I couldn’t stop thinking about him this morning. I decided to clear my 由 inviting in the interviewees. First up I had a person called Eric Yorkie.
Eric was overly hyper he was giving 答案 to fast when I had a barely asked, his oily skin shining 更多 than, ever his hair as a dark black.

All throughout the three hours I either had people like Eric 或者 others who would stutter terribly as soon as I asked a question.
It had been three hours so I invited the last candidate.
As soon as he entered my breathing hitched.
No! No! Fuck No! WHAT THE FUCK? Was he doing here? Was it cruel fate, did he have to be here. Why now? My life is absolutely perfect why did have to come back.

I watched as he entered his strong build, his messy hair, the smile that associated as evil, he had the same figure as high school; his high cheekbones, strong jaw line, a straight nose, and full lips. All the things that had taunted me in my dreams everything I left Jacksonville for, those lips that would merciless let out cruel gossip, words that stung every time he uttered anything that he would say about me.

Oh God he has hurt my 心 enough did he have to come back now

I would never let him see the weak teenager he made me out to be, I was 更多 confidante now. Anyway he was here for a job and I would make sure that job would worse then what he made life in school.

“Well, well if it isn’t.” I mocked as he sat down.

Shit where did that strength come from? Ah whatever I
He cleared his throat as if nervous.Brilliant
“Umm.. I came to apply for the assistant job.”
I smirked.
Bingo, I made him uncomfortable

“And why exactly would 你 be interested in this job”
“I…err… 爱情 图书 and my a dedicated person I would make sure to succeed every challenge given”
Love books? Totally and utter BULLSHIT, all her ever loved was Tanya’s pants and what was inside them.
“Hmm… so you’re saying 你 爱情 books? 你 do realise 你 won’t be really near 图书 更多 my lap dog?”
Yeah and I’ll make 你 fucking beg for bloody mercy and then even I might not grant it.
“Yes, I understand.”
“Good. Meeting over I’ll let 你 know 由 下一个 week.”
He nodded and left.
Wow!! Relief that went amazingly well, no memories, no nothing and I just gave him a taste of his misery that was about to come.

I quickly left my office in a rush with a 胜利之歌 face it was still warm but a little less bright.
I dialled the number that would now get his damn life changed.
“Hello, just calling on the job, congrats 你 have it. Be at work sharpish 9.00am.”
“Yes, yes of course. Wouldn’t miss it for a thing.” Neither would I.
“Good. Bye.”
Time to hunt down and kill

Liked it ? Then the rest can be found at my fanfiction link
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