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posted by Tatti
Hi guys, sorry that I haven’t post anything in a while, but I hope you’ll forgive me:D I’ve got some unexpected things popped to myself too so I’ve decided to end this story sooner than I planned. Thanks to all who followed and 评论 it, I really really appreciate that.


11th chapter Ending


“So there are 更多 like 你 with Volturi?” Edward asked in shock, I guess my face was a bit shocked too. Jalley just nodded.
“There are six of us. The bad news that the rest of them, differently from us, are very satisfied with their lives in Volterra.”
“But why it should be a problem, I mean, they’re just children. Just another three half-vampires like 你 或者 Nick 或者 Nessie” Jasper noted.
“Actually, everything is much worse than it looks” Jalley sighed.
“Then tell us” Rosalie demanded in a cold tone “I want to hear everything. Whole story from the beginning. Tell us, Jalley”
Jalley frowned and hesitated. She glanced to Nick who was hugging Esme happily and Emi fearfully staring at her. Finally she started talking.
“The beginning… Well, it started with Aro meeting Jacom. Jacom showed his daughters to Volturi – girls was proof that half-vampires can be much 更多 advantaged than normal vampires” Carlisle opened his mouth to speak but Jalley continued “You see, half-vampires have one very important ability that makes them different from 吸血鬼 – that makes them very dangerous. Vampire and humans hybrids inherit ability to change. Imagine a baby who already has been born with incredible strength. How strong can he 或者 she become if baby will be trained very hard? Jacom’s daughters was stronger than average vampire. That encouraged Aro to do a little experiment. He offered male guards to have children. And then we were born. Now the six of us are stronger then any vampire.”
“Incredible…” Carlisle looked stunned.
“Wait” Emmett burst out “Does that mean Volturi guards are 你 fathers?”
Emi turned her head away from us, looking embarrassed while Jalley stared at him with painful expression.
“Who?” Edward inquired.
“We 更多 alike to our mothers…” Jalley murmured but Edward kept glaring at her.
“Alec” she pointed to Nick who winced from her words. “Demetri” she showed to Emi. Her reaction was similar to Nick’s . “And Felix”. Then pressed her hand to face trying to cover eyes. Suddenly I felt sympathy for them. Poor children… 你 can’t choose your parents but having these terrible monsters as ones…
“You’ve must been trough a lot” Esme squeezed Nick’s hand “But we 爱情 你 and we won’t let anything to happen to 你 again. Right?”
I nodded to these encouraging words. They are our family members and we’ll do anything we can for them. I watched happiness spreading in their faces as they realized that we still accept them. There were 更多 hugs, kisses and laugh.
“Oh my, I guess we interrupted something important” cold and sarcastic voice came out of doorway. I turned expecting to see one of dark cloaks but there were only two teen girls – one was tall and pale platinum blonde with 紫色, 紫罗兰色 eyes, another one was short dark haired girl with dark complexion and hazel eyes. For a 秒 I thought that they were café’s clients but then I felt Jalley and Emi stiffening, Nick stood in front of Esme.
“What are 你 doing here?” he snarled. I sniffed the air – girls was definitely half-vampires and that meant we’re in trouble.
“Wow, you’re so protective of that little vampire behind, Domenico” blonde mocked “ I wish 你 could be so enthusiastic about your duty to Volturi either”
“Don’t 你 even dare…” Nick stepped 前锋, 期待 trying to threaten but girl cut him off.
“I’ll do what I want!” her face wasn’t taunting anymore, it was full of anger.
Jalley stepped between them, her arms stretched.
“What do 你 want, Helen? What are 你 doing here?” she turned to blonde who was smiling again.
“What I want? 你 wouldn’t like that… 更多 important is what elders want. And they want to see you. Aro will be so surprised when he’ll hear about 你 and Cullens”
“You!” Nick tried to grab Helen but Jalley interfered. She hugged him around the waist while Esme squeezed his hand.
“Calm down. We can’t fight here. There is nothing we can do besides coming to Volturi” Jalley’s voice was soothing but Nick became even 更多 angrier.
“It’s your fault! I wish I’d never listened to you! I wish I’d never followed 你 to this damned place!” he screamed into her face but she was calm. I realized that he probably blamed her many times before. Emi gently took his free hand.
“There’s no other way. We have to try” she pleaded. Tears filled Nick’s eyes, he turned to Esme who nodded and he gave up.
“Follow us willingly or…” Helen’s voice trailed off and I remembered Jalley saying they all were stronger than vampires. I hope I don’t get a chance to test it.
“Don’t worry, we’re not giving 你 such pleasure” this time Jalley’s tone was sarcastic.
“C’mon, Bianca” Helen gestured bossily to dark haired girl. And we all start following them.
When we reached Volturi residence Helen lead us to the same hall I’ve been taken while I was still human. I shivered from those memories and tried not to think about our future. Edward noticed my concern and his hand slid into my palm. I’m so glad Nessie isn’t here. Jacob will take care of her, I was sure.
“Carlisle…” Aro was pretending to be sad “You disappointed me. I considered that you’ll forgive me my little mistake with Nessie since there were no victims…” Of course he forgot to mention Irina. “But your revenge was simply unexpected and cruel. To take away these three lovely creatures from us…. Unforgivable”
“But Aro!” Carlisle wanted to protest but Aro lifted his hand.
“No. I don’t need to hear anything else. Helen’s mind showed me everything I need to know”
“And of course you’ll be punished for 你 crime” Caius added cheered 由 the thought of our execution.
“You won’t!” Jalley 说 in calm and firm voice stepping in front of us. “Unless 你 destroy me”
“Oh, my dearest Jalline, 你 and Helen are the strongest and most talented creatures I’ve ever seen. How can we destroy you? It would be such a waste…” Aro looked sore.
“Master, if you’ll let me, I can take care of traitor” Helen suggested hiding her smile. Aro hesitated for a second.
“I think I have no other choice… Helen, I hope you’ll make sure Jalline would be still useful after you’re done”
“Of course, Master” blonde was grinning now.
Everything that happened after that was like a strange dream. – girls moved so quickly that it was difficult even for me to follow their movements. Jalley was right, half-vampires can be much stronger. Suddenly Helen hit Jalley to the ground and squeezed her neck. Before anyone could start panicking, Emi and Nick went to help her and dragged Helen off. She threw Emi away and turned to Nick growling. Bianca, quiet girl who was with Helen at café, and another half-vampire who I saw for a first time came closer. It’ll be three against three. I realized that neither Volturi guards, neither we can do anything else besides watching. They all were too fast and too strong for us. And once I thought 吸血鬼 were the strongest.
“Enough!” everyone turned to pretty vampire with reddish curls who have just entered the hall.
“Who are you?” Aro asked surprised.
“I’m Doreen” she 说 joyfully and I froze.
“Doreen who brought 婴儿 on our doorstep?” Emmett exclaimed.
“The same” she was still smiling. I saw how disappointed Aro became.
“So 你 admit kidnapping them from us?”
“Yes. I did it” she didn’t look even a bit worried about Volturi’s anger.
“Why?” Carlisle inquired.
“They were only 婴儿 but I already knew they’ll be good people. I didn’t want them to suffer between such monsters as them” she gestured to Aro.
“How do 你 dare…” Helen growled but Doreen just laughed.
“It’s easy for me to dare to do anything”
“Why’s that?”
“Because I have some powers myself. I can erase memories 或者 create some new ones. How do 你 think I steal them in first place?”
“You’ll be punished for that!” Caius stood up with ferocious look
“I will be?” Doreen sounded almost innocently “You won’t even remember ever seeing me”
Caius expression changed into confusion. “Who are you?”
Everyone froze in shock as they realized that Doreen was right. She could easily mess with their memories.
“You go now” she turned to our side. I’ll catch up with 你 in Florence”
At first we didn’t 移动 but then Jalley grabbed Alice’s and Jasper’s hands and dragged them to the exit. Emi and Nick followed them too and soon we all were running out of Volterra. No one 说 a word during our trip to Florence but I think we all hoped for best. Alice bought plane tickets and we all waited at the airport. After an 小时 Doreen came in, still smiling.
“Sorry it took me so long. I had many heads to work with” she laughed.
“What did 你 do?” Jalley asked uncertain.
“I’ve erased everything about 你 guys. And this afternoon, of course. If you’ll run into one of Volturi, he’ll think of 你 as a stranger” Doreen announced proudly to Jalley.
“What?! “ Could it be so easy? Could Volturi forget everything about Jalley, Nick and Emi?
“Yap, I did it. It was pretty hard, but I’ve been practicing for many years.”
“But why?” Nick looked disbelieving.
“I don’t know… I simply wished good for you. I’m not a bad person, trust me, and I’m really fond of your lifestyle. I think I’m gonna try animal diet too”
“Would 你 like to 加入 our family?” Carlisle offered but she shook her head.
“Thanks but no. I’m a loner and I like it. Anyway, I have some plans so I won’t bother 你 any longer. Bye!” she waved and in a 秒 was gone. I glanced around nervously to check if people noticed her quick disappearance but luckily there was no one near us.
“Does it mean…” Esme faltered.
“We can live normal lives again!” Nick exclaimed and hugged Esme. I turned to Edward.
“Do 你 think, we ever going to run out of luck?” I asked and he smiled.
“I hope we won’t” and he kissed me.

Thanks for reading!
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