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‘Forever,’ he agreed, and then pulled us gently into deeper water. (Stephenie Meyer)

We floated in the water for a while and I noticed Edward’s hand slowly sliding down my body to my hips. He grabbed them gently and pulled me closer, his other hand moving to the small of my back to press me against his ice-cold, perfect chest. Then his hand moved down my leg to my knee and he wrapped my leg around his waist. Afterwards he did the same with the other one and he lifted me up so he could easily reach my throat, covering it with kisses. He trailed down to my collarbone and I whimpered softly, tugging his hair to pull his lips towards mine. We kissed passionately, needy; we’d waited so long…

I pressed my hips to his and suddenly I noticed we were quickly – with vampire speed – running through the water. He shifted me in his arms and carried me over the threshold bridal style, his lips never leaving mine. He gently laid me down on the soft, white 床, 床上 and hovered above me, still frantically moving his lips against mine. After a while I had to pull away to catch my breath but he kept trailing kisses all over my face, throat and lower still. He caressed the sides of my breasts, exploring them with his hands and mouth.
I groaned with frustration when he kissed back up my throat and neck to 吻乐队(Kiss) my lips, but then I felt him nudging my legs open with his knee. His erection brushed against me lightly and I whimpered, I tried to thrust my hips up, anything to get closer to his magnificent body, but his hand grabbed my hips and kept them in place.

‘Easy, Bella…’ he cooed. ‘We have to take this slow.’ He hesitated for a second. ‘If… if I hurt you, 你 must tell me. We can stop whenever 你 want.’

‘Don’t-don’t stop.’ I panted.

He just nodded and smiled. ‘You’re so beautiful, Bella…’

Then he kissed me again as he slowly pushed inside me. I closed my eyes, there was a soft pain but he kissed me sweetly again, placing feather-light kisses all over my face until the pain subsided. I opened my eyes again and smiled at him encouragingly.
He moved inside me, thrusting carefully and whimpering a little.
This was the most blissful feeling I could imagine; we were finally one, finally fully connected and 展示 our 爱情 for each other in the purest way possible.
His left hand slowly went down my arm and grasped my wrist, pulling my arm above my head and entwining our fingers.
I arched my back and pushed my hips up, trying to meet his thrusts faster. We were moving together perfectly, our hips meeting in slow, passionate movements.
He started to go faster and his thrusts became sporadic, less in control. I moaned his name and I heard something tear apart and the 下一个 moment fluffy white things were flying through the air, but I was too far gone to concentrate on what it could be. Edward groaned and thrust one last time.
And then my toes curled, my back arched and I grasped Edward’s back, desperately trying to pull him even closer. My walls clenched around him and he started shaking violently above me, saying my name over and over again and holding on to me for dear life. He collapsed, still shuddering, on 最佳, 返回页首 of me.

‘I 爱情 you.’ he whispered into my ear, his cold breath a welcome 爽快, 茶点 for my overheated skin. Then he rolled of off me, pulling me with him and wrapping his arms around me.

‘Bella… My Bella…’ he sighed.

I snuggled up to his chest and he started to hum my lullaby as I drifted off to sleep. The last thing I felt were his cool lips brushing against my forehead.
I found this and I wondered what everyone would think. Do 你 agree 或者 disagree?

Carlisle's History-- It's clear that the Cullens operate with a different set of rules than most vampires. However, without knowing that it took two centuries of "torturous effort" for the clan's patriarch to perfect his self-control, 或者 that now, nearly 300 years later, he's developed an immunity to the scent of human blood, 你 can't really grasp the struggle that the relatively young Edward faces each time he's near Bella. 或者 for that matter, the way his actions put the entire Cullen coven at risk.

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TwilightTEENS as well as several the other twilight 最佳, 返回页首 sites ( Including TwilightMOMS! - It was their brilliant idea :] ) have decided to send a thank 你 to Summit, the cast and crew of Twilight, and to Stephenie Meyer 由 having "Twilight Night at the movies". All we are asking is that people go see Twilight on December 12th in honor of the original release 日期 of the movie. The goal is to get all the 粉丝 out to see Twilight again on the same 日 and give the movie a bit of a bump. Let's make sure that they get the message loud and clear! Pass the word on to anyone and everyone!!! Let's rock the Twilight box office... again!

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He-he I'm sooooo jealous of Renesmee now!!! ESPECIALLY in the end...well read it!

Jacob and I were making our rounds among the guests while we waited for the brilliant sunlight to fade. No use in starting the reception in the yard if half the guests couldn't even come with us.
"Congratulations, Nessie!" Grandpa Charlie said. He gave me a strong hug. "You look beautiful. As beautiful as your mom at her wedding. Congratulations, Jacob." They shook hands. "You guys are going to have a wonderful life together..." His eyes misted over and Grandma Sue gave me hug as well before leading him away.
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Pattinson takes a bite out of fame; Stewart tells 'Twilight' 粉丝 to buzz off; Boyle gives back to Mumbai; crying over spilt 'Milk'

Get tickets, showtimes and 更多 at MSN Movies

As I began my interview with Robert Pattinson, the dreamy vampire Edward in the upcoming romantic thriller "Twilight," I reminded the 22-year-old Brit about our 前一个 conversation on the movie's set last spring and how enthusiastic he was at the time about the project.

Puzzled, Pattinson responds, "I was having a good time on that day? There was, like, a close-up in the script where [Edward] has a look that's 'demonic...
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 粉丝 made poster; made 由 me.
Fan made poster; made by me.
Okay, I've been hearing and 阅读 a lot about how the movie isn't going to be anything like the book and whatnot.

SHUT UP! Sorry, but is that explicit enough?

Everything, from I've seen so far, looks perfect. Yeah,I know, there are things that they've added, some scenes are missing and some of the characters aren't even in the movie. But what are 你 going to do about it? The movie is BASED ON the book. So there are defiantly going to be some changes, mainly so that the movie will actually make sense. Because, let's think about it. Twilight is all in Bella's perspective. It takes about three...
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A Sims 2 reanimation of almost the entire Twilight movie.
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