noah let go of me

then Noah and Alice 说
"ok i will go"
and then alice continue
"but 你 are going to give us a 月 to say goodbye am not asking because i now that 你 are going to" alice 说 flatly lifelessly

jasper's face and mine were in shook and pain

"oo of course lovely alice we will come in a 月 o and alice" aro strech his hand toward alice

alice gave a little sigh of agony and touch his hand
after a while

"o wonderfull ok see 你 in a 月 noah , alice"
aro 说 and he look as a little kid in 圣诞节

elezar jane and aro left in a flash

noah was
noah was i couldn't say it he was
no he couldn't he can't

i could feel a piercing pain going through my 心

i run towards noah cring sobbing and hug him tightly

"noah noah please dont go " i 说 but it was bearly clearly

jake was still in his 狼 form his pack was still in shook

noah hug me tightly and look into my face his fingers cleaning my tears
but he was also crying i could see his tears running down his cheeks

his green eyes were in agony in pain but with a blazing determination

"no nessie i have to go alice saw that it is true they would kill 你 i can't allowed that do 你 hear me renesemee!" he yelled the last part

"stay noah stay" i cry into his chest reapiting this over and over

noah just murmur
"i have to nessie "
at first he tried to clean my tears but they were flowing non stop so he just 吻乐队(Kiss) my head my cheeks my froehead but not my lips

after many time my cries stop noah was still holding me
jake had gone to la push and my family to the house to try to calm jasper

when my crying stop noah sigh in relif but it also sounded sad

"noah if 你 go i cant be happy please stay if something happen"

he put his finger in my lips and 吻乐队(Kiss) my forehead
"dont worry about me ness they wont harm us i would be something they would value"

i look into his eyes they were trying to be strong but his control slip for a 秒 and i could see the misery in them i tremble

he pull me closer

"is ok renesmee 你 are going to be happy and 安全 forever that is the best thing that i could ask for" he smile

"no noah if 你 go i'll go too" i 说 with determination

he 吻乐队(Kiss) my cheek so i couldn't see his eyes and he spoke to my ear
"no ness 你 are going to stay here forever and be happy with .. jacob... and have many 婴儿 "his voice broke "with him ok"
and then i could hear he was crying and shaking i started to cry again

after a while he spoke

"look nessie i 爱情 你 and i will always 爱情 你 and i have to go" he 说 seriosly looking at my eyes

i look down and then i look into his eyes and get closer until our lips met

i pull my arms to his neck when he tried to pull away and 吻乐队(Kiss) him 更多 fircely and then i didn't have to try anymore he started to 吻乐队(Kiss) me with urgency lovingly
i pull away to breath and he started to 吻乐队(Kiss) my neck
i open his 衬衫 , touch his stomach
he tremble and his hands 移动 to my 衬衫

then suddenly he stop
"no nessie i can't do this not when im leaving no no this 你 should have this with jake not me jake is staying with 你 " he look for his 衬衫 mine was half open

"noah then dont leave" i plead and grabe his hand

he look into my eyes
"i wish i could stay nessie" he botton my 衬衫 and his
he grab my hand and we walk to the house

jasper was talking to alice it seems that jasper had decieded to go to volterra with alice. but alice was trying to convinse him to stay

my dad wince at my misery thoughts my mommy look soo sad my grampa and gradma were talking in the phone

yes every friend we had had been kill but how alice didn't knew

noah was hugging me
jake wasn't here he must realize that i wantted to be with noah we only had a 月

the pain was even 更多 painful
there had to be a way

"daddy please there has to be a way please" i 说 to my dad