I couldn't stop smiling. I had a daughter now, Rose would be ecstatic, and Sydney had a home. A real home. The guys let me have time with Sydney while they packed up. She had a bunch of questions.

" Whose Rose? Alice? Where are 你 guys from? What kind of family do 你 have? Will i live with you?" she asked one after another. " Easy, easy. We have a lot of time to answer all these questions. Now what is your first one?" i asked her.

She thought about that for a while. " Who is Rose?" she decided. I smiled. " Rose is my world, the reason that I am alive. She is mine, and i am hers-". she cut me off, " I didn't ask for your life story I only wanted to know who she was" we laughed together. I liked her already.

" Rose is my wife." I showed her a picture of her. She laughed, " So 吸血鬼 can really be caught in pictures." I laughed with her too. Then stared at her. She really could pass for our child.

She had blond hair and green eyes. My nose, but most of Rose's face. I frowned, she was a replica of her. " What's the matter?" she asked worriedly.
Edward laughed. " What am i missing?" she asked frantically.

" It's just that 你 look a lot like Rose... Almost identical, 你 don't have any of me in there besides your nose." I snickered.

" Why did he laugh?" she tilted her head at Edward. " He can hear thoughts, vampire thing. Jasper; the Blondie, can feel your mood, Bella; Edwards wife can protect your mind through a shield, Alice can see the future." i finished.

She sighed, "HE can hear my thoughts?" she whined. I laughed again, everyone else with her.

" I found something else she has of yours," Edward 说 laughing.

" what would that be, brother?" I tilted my head to the side.

" Your humor."

I grinned. " YES!!" i 说 victoriously. We laughed. I filled her in on everything else in the vampire world, the false stereotypes, what we are really like, powers, everything about the family.

I barely knew this girl, yet it already felt like she was mine. I loved her. Rose was going to 爱情 this.

" 你 guys ready to go?" Carlisle asked. I nodded. They had everything packed up on there backs. We had decided that Sydney would ride on my back. I grinned she was going to 爱情 running. I picked her up and threw her into the air, she screamed with delight. I caught her then transferred her onto my back.

I smiled at my family. It finally felt complete I had Rose, I had Sydney, i had my brothers, my sisters. Everyone. I was complete.

I took off running with my brothers, i heard her gasp. I smiled. We would be running for a little while so i asked Sydney to tell me about herself.

Rose P.O.V

Alice remand smug all throughout the day. I rolled my eyes at her. She wouldn't tell me, fine. I know a way to torture though, i smiled then darted to my room. I looked at my closet. Then frowned. Everything was too fabulous. Alice loved all of my wardrobe. I grinned again.

I darted downstairs grabbing Bella with me i pulled her outside and far away enough that Alice wouldn't hear. " I need to borrow your clothes" i told her . She looked confused.

" Please? It will drive Alice crazy, then she might tell me what she is hiding." She caught on quickly then grinned, " Are my clothes really that bad?" she laughed. Then nodded. I kissed her on the cheek gratefully, then darted to her cottage. Grabbed some dirty sneakers, a cotton shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. I laughed evilly Alice was going to hate this.

I went back into the house flouncing around Alice. She didn't look up from the book she was 阅读 for a moment. Then finally looked up. She saw what i was wearing and gave me a look of despair. I giggled silently.


" Alice i don't know what 你 are talking about..." i 说 innocently. She face palmed herself. " Oh what am I going to do with you...!?" she stopped for a minuet. Then caught on. Dammit!

" 你 aren't getting anything out of me, Rose. Trust me it will be better for 你 to get the full on surprise. I sighed and dropped it. I walked over to the window. Waiting for my man to come home....

Sydney P.O.V

I was on Emmett's, sorry, my dad's back. I smiled to myself. I had a family. " Sydney, why don't 你 tell about your past, what happened before we found you?" he asked me. My smile vanished. My old life... i shook the bad thoughts from my head. " Um, can i tell 你 when everyone is listening so.. I don't have to.. repeat myself?" I asked quietly.

He nodded. I saw Edward grimace from the corner of my eye. Oh yeah, mind reader. Don't. Say. Anything! i thought toward him. He nodded. I tried to concentrate on the scene before me, i was on my new vampire dad's back while he was running with in-human speed. Tree's flying past us like they were nothing.

I leaned on my dad's back, It was like i was flying. It didn't feel like we were moving, but i knew that if i looked up i would see the tree's flying past us. I felt tired. I closed my eyes and fell asleep with my arms wrapped around his neck and my head on his back.

I felt someone shake me, i cracked an eye open groggily. we had stopped moving, we were still in the forest though. I looked up everyone was staring at me. " What are 你 guys looking at?" i asked.

" I have never seen anything like that before." 说 Carlisle. "What are 你 talking about?" i asked. " We will talk about it later," my father said. " Right now it's time to meet everyone else."

I grinned. this is what i had been waiting for, my new mom and family that would 爱情 me and never let go. I was nervous. We all walked toward this HUGE house. My mouth hung open at it, it was massive. Edward chuckled.

This was my new home...