Rose P.O.V

I kept staring at Alice. Wanting her to spill what she saw, but she wouldn't tell me she 说 that it was a "surprise" 或者 something. I wasn't sure what to do neither was Bella. I looked at her then to the other room signaling for her to come with me. I got up to go upstairs then she followed me.

" What do 你 think she saw?" i mouthed so she wouldn't hear us. " I have no idea," she mouthed back " Lets ask Esme" she said. I nodded, and signaled for her to follow me. We found Esme in the yard just staring at the nature. Waiting for her man to come back too.

When we explained the situation to her she tilted her head in wonder. " I'm not sure what Alice is up to, but I'm sure we will find out in time. The beast thing for 你 to do is just wait it out and see what happens." she said. We nodded our heads and followed her back into the house were we waited for our men to come back to us.

Emmet P.O.V

When the others came back Carlisle had gotten off the phone. It was 8 A.M today we were going back to our girls. But first the great 问题 had to be asked. I walked beside were Sydney was asleep. I gently coaxed her out of her sleep. " Sydney, wake up, I need to ask 你 something" i 说 quietly in her ear. She groaned, and turned over so her head wasn't facing me. I laughed out loud. This was what it was like getting a teenager out of bed. It IS hard. I picked her up walked over to a log and sat down with her on my lap until she woke up.

She rubbed her eyes confused. They were a beautiful green color. Groggy she mumbled " Am i dreaming again?" she asked. I chuckled, " No," i 说 " This is real, last night was real, and i have an important 问题 to ask you, but first, we caught 你 breakfast. It's left over deer meet, very fresh" i winked. I sat her down on the log and gave her the plate containing the food. She looked at me while she ate it.

Once she had finished, she looked at me with her blanket over her shoulders. " What's the big question?" she asked. I looked at Carlisle, and my brothers, they nodded for me to go on.

" Well 你 see, there is a place of government in the society of 吸血鬼 called the Volturi. The Volturi like to keep the identity of 吸血鬼 a secret. We only have two options with you. One: is to take 你 首页 with us, to live as my and my wife's daughter until we decide what to do with you. 或者 option two: Is that we have to take 你 to the Volturi and they... well they kill you." i finished quietly.

I waited for her to take this all in. She finally looked at me and 说 quietly, " I would be your daughter?" I smiled and nodded. She started to cry. " I've never really ever had a real family before, let alone a father, 或者 a real mother. Let alone a vampire family" she huffed.

" I would 爱情 to live with you, as a daughter." she said. She finally smiled too. I rejoiced through my hands up in the air and whooped. " Let's go 首页 baby!" I yelled. Every one laughed. I was ready to 显示 Rose, to tell her. That is ofcorse if Alice didn't already beat me there.

" No worries about that," Edward said. " That's why Carlisle was on the phone. Alice already know not to ruin the surprise." Edward said.

How did he know that, and who is Alice, and rose?" Sydney asked. " All in good time my dear," 说 Carlisle " but right now we need to pack things up and get home.