Hey! I know that everyone has their own opinion, b ut yeah I'm Team Switzerland (my friend says I'm just greedy). But it's true that everyone does pick on Jacob! Edward has a mase of age on him, he is from another century! Jacob is a regular boy, arrogant and sometimes moody! Edward was brought up to be polite and handle himself, unlike Jacob. But have the girls in the world are falling for Edward Cullen because of his looks, but if 你 see the difference in him and Jacoob. Edward gets on like he is over his mutual age, and Jacob is accually normal. But I like both their attitudes, and they are difference people. I can't stand people who stand and say, "I wish Jacob would act like Edward!". They should make up thier own Jacob, cause Jacob comes as he is. And yeah, Bella loves both of them so there! lmao :D


OCD!! And Jacob :D