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chapter (1)

it's raining outsaid ,david finished his work early today ,he took his sons from school and brought them back 首页
mary was daivd's wife and the mother of four children (kiven,poul, jack and kat ),when david and his sons entered the house mary was surprised seeing them in the house in that time
"you're early today "mary said
"yea ,mary can I talk to 你 in the 厨房 ?"david asked
"yea ,sure"mary said

mary and david sit on the sofa that their little where daughter sleep at night
"ok I don't know how to tell 你 this ,but we should 移动 "david said
"move to where ? and why? "mary asked...
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One of the most awesome 图书 I've ever read, don't own this video, thanks goes to EgmontVideos.
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Chapter 2

"Kris. Open your eyes. Can 你 hear me? I heard someone ask." I opened my eyes. Luke was hovering over me. "Woah take a step back I say." Luke steps back some. I sit up. My head was hurting really bad. I looked around. "Where are we? Where are the others? I ask nervously." Luke came and sat 由 me. "I dont know. After 你 got knocked out. Hell sort of broke loose. I dont even know how we got here. It's like a blur Luke whispers." Great. I touch the back of my head. I feel the back of my head wet. I gently touch the spot and see that the wetness was blood. What the heck did I get knocked...
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A Lover's Tale

it is hard to describe
how those deep brown eyes
could possibly suprise
that he wasn't the right guy

it was the jealousy of another
who took my only lover
but i haven't bother
to thy mother

he 偷了 my heart
and ripped it apart
making it smart
to not leave not one part

if i coud see him now
i wonder how
he is living without thou
or being without thou

No Good Friends

I haven't met one
who could live up to be loyal
of nice
or friendly

i haven't met one
who could not be so judgemental
or so unkind
and cruel

is it hard
to find that perfect friend
that will be loyal
until the end

if so
i haven't met them
the ones...
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I 爱情 seeing your 评论 so please keep them comein. ;)


''NO! Alana'' pleaded Jema.
''Please Jem it’s important and 你 always say curiosity is important for young minds.''
''Yes but curiosity also killed the cat but in this case could get 你 grounded and me in huge trouble'' Jema turned away from me as my brother walked into the kitchen. I could tell he hadn't slept much either. He sat down beside me and began to eat his breakfast. ''I'm going out and will be gone for a while and Jema I would rather     you didn't clean the study today'' Carlos said, and...
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1. Fantasy

2. Realistic Fiction

3. Globes

4. Rain

5. The Significance of Pens and Pencils

6. Good foods

7. Colors

8. Drama


10. TV/Comic Characters

11. 天使 on Earth

12. Being a unicorn!

13. Being a Guinea Pig.... ;D

14. Being a Dog. :D

15. Inventions

16. Hybrid/Mutant Animals

17. How to Make Duct Tape Roses

18. Winning a Nobel Peace Prize (What would your speech be!?)

19. Being a Snowman

20. Being Clay/Play Dough/Model Magic

21. Being Socks (YUCK.)

22. Writer's Block (It helps)

23. School

24. Turtles!!!!! (AWESOME!!)

25. Jokes

26. Dogs

27. Lightening

28. Storms

29. Sun

30. Planets

31. Space

32. Awesomeness

33. Horror

34. Biking

35. Nature

36. Monkeys

37. Trees

38. Leaves

Some of these things I prefer to write about while others hate 写作 about it. That's fine! All 你 need to brainstorm is a single word and start writing.
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chapter one

When I was a little girl my dad suddenly left. I remember being really close to him. Sometimes he would act strange though. Like he never stayed in one place long and was always looking behind him like he thought someone was following him. And one 日 he 说 he had to go for a little while, and he never came back. He was the best father I could ask for. He was kind and always did what was best for the family. And that is why it broke my 心 to find out that he wasn’t coming back. At first I didn’t believe it and I didn’t want to. The only thing I wanted was my dad to come...
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~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 18
    The consequences were worth it
    “Look I really am sorry, I just…”
    “Threw a pie at her face,” the principal said, giving me a look.
    “Look Principal Gerad, I really am sorry, time’s have been very tough at my house. And…well Meredith and I aren’t exactly what you’d call best friend material, 或者 dynamic…we just hate each other.”
    “So 你 threw a pie in her face.”
    “I don’t know why your...
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(Dear Reader,
The story 你 are about to read is another Eden book. "The Guardian of Eden" is part of the Encounter series. Please keep in mind that some parts may be spoilers for other Eden Chronicles books.
The following story was originally written spring 2011 under the 标题 "Hirach." It has since been changed. I hope 你 all enjoy this tale from Eden.


Centuries ago, when humans began to exploitthe dragons' Knowledge and power for themselves, something had to be done. A special meeting of Parliament was called to address the problem. The king, who,...
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Issue #1

*Japanese Countryside School*

Teacher: Everyone, we have a new student here all the way from America.

Yuki: *Looks at her friend* I wonder who it is?

Yuki’s Friend: *Shrugs*

Teacher: Welcome our new student, his name is Nick.

Nick: *Walks in nervously, has black hair, a red baseball 帽 pale-ish skin, dazzling brown eyes, and a slim but muscular figure* Hello...

Yuki’s Friend: *Whispers to Young Yuki* Wow...this guy is cute...

Yuki: *Blushes* I kind of agree...

Teacher: Would any of 你 like to ask 问题 about Nick?

Yuki’s Friend: What is America like?

Nick:’s big...very...
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