A Lover's Tale

it is hard to describe
how those deep brown eyes
could possibly suprise
that he wasn't the right guy

it was the jealousy of another
who took my only lover
but i haven't bother
to thy mother

he 偷了 my heart
and ripped it apart
making it smart
to not leave not one part

if i coud see him now
i wonder how
he is living without thou
或者 being without thou

No Good Friends

I haven't met one
who could live up to be loyal
of nice
或者 friendly

i haven't met one
who could not be so judgemental
或者 so unkind
and cruel

is it hard
to find that perfect friend
that will be loyal
until the end

if so
i haven't met them
the ones is see
are not to my liking

the 老友记 i once had
were too judgemental
或者 were way too immature
for my liking

i will keep searching
for that perfect person
who can make me laugh
while being such a good friend

Who Am I?

I am a girl
looking for herself
to find out
what is really her interest

what does she like to do
或者 what does she like to eat
who am i really
not to myself but to others also

am i a simple girl
或者 some wild mess
am i meaningful and honest
或者 too crazy for words

who am i really?
do i care for boys?
或者 do i care enough to love
do i care enough to marry

i do know one thing
i am the girl
that will change your world
if 你 let me inside of it

Other's Impressions

They say others
are the most judging
they notice everything
from what 你 wear to your hair

they judge you
由 how 你 act
或者 how 你 talk
right down to your shoes

should 你 really care
about how others see you
i know i dont
unless it is untrue

my friend once said
they other's impressions
could be far from the reality
或者 the truth

it is 心 breaking to say
that everyone around you
wont get the right impression
或者 even possible like you