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Jersey 支撑, 海岸 Season 3 will be coming to an end in episode 13. Really? Jersey 支撑, 海岸 Season 3 Episode 13 titled "At The End Of The Day" will airs on Thursday, March 24 2011. Of course the 粉丝 of this series do not want to miss to watch the last episode of Jersey 支撑, 海岸 Season 3.

Summary: The newest episode.Jersey 支撑, 海岸 – now MTV’s most 流行的 ever series – is a reality 显示 following housemates JWoww, The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi, Vinny, Angelina (seasons 1-2) and Deena (season 3+) as they spend their summers together. Season 1 was filmed at the Jersey Shore; Season 2 traveled to Miami Beach; Season 3 returned to Jersey and Season 4 will follow the cast to Italy.enjoy watching.

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Watch Jersey 支撑, 海岸 Season 3 Episode 13 At The End of The Day. for all jersey 支撑, 海岸 粉丝 dont miss the latest episode of jersey 支撑, 海岸 at the end of the 日 on this season, jersey 支撑, 海岸 at the end of the 日 will aired at 24 march 2011, i hope it will be a happy ending on this episode so dont miss to watch it. 你 will regret if 你 miss it i swear.

on 前一个 episode jersey 支撑, 海岸 season 3 episode 12 it's talking about

Snooki and Vinny’s Falling Out
After several episodes of Snooki admitting Vinny developed real feelings, but being squashed 由 it several times its rejection, the two have a fight....
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