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posted by codythemaster
welcome to something cool!you can actually

interact with your 老友记 或者 buds!you can 加入

today there will be chat rooms

there will be challanges

there will also be suggestions of challanges

all fun just 加入 today!

and remember fun is this 俱乐部 middle name!

don't be a downer if 你 加入 youll wish 你 did!

and remember the winner of seson 1 Ill right

a large 文章 about that winner!

isint that cool well heck we hope so! and mabey

你 dont want a large 文章 about 你 the one

who thinks that can win if 你 win 你 can

just be happy!

is that cool?

there will also be news about who got the bunker

on the dock of shame!