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posted by TDIfangirl
"A journey? SWEEET. This'll be just like Pokemon."-Sofie
"Guys, we have to have a meeting." 雏菊, 黛西 说 as the cats, along with Sofie and Enikah, scurried to the living room, with Enikah picking up Trent. "Hey, put me down, nya!" He said. "At least pick up Gwen too!" Enikah grinned as she picked up Neko-Gwen. "Thanks, nya." She said.
"Okay, guys, let's get serious. It's is super duper important for us to get that stone if we ever have any hope of becoming humans again. I'm leader, and Courtney will be deputy chief." 雏菊, 黛西 explained. Courtney smiled and high-pawed her.
"This also means we have...
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posted by Lolly4me2
"Shit, 猫 suck..." -Duncan

"EAT IT!! EAT IT!!" Sofie tried to stuff 更多 cat 食物 into Duncan's mouth.
"NO NO NO, NYAA!!" Using his tiny kitty paws Duncan managed to kick the spoon that held canned 鱼 out of her hands. Sofie stood up from her crouching position she was in and scowled.
"Fine. But when remember, there are plenty of other starving 猫 on the streets who come 由 people houses and beg for food, and then get sloshed on 由 water."
"WHAT THE HELL!! Dude, I'm not a cat--"
"YES 你 ARE!!"
"... I'm human on the inside! Just give me human food, nya!"
Sofie pondered his statement.
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posted by TDIfangirl
Daisy's a CAT? Didn't see this comin'.-Enikah
Daisy woke up on a tiny dog bed. Standing over her was Enikah. "You okay?" She asked. "How did 你 get like this?"
"Nyaaaa...It was from a stone that Heather found. We were looking for it. It's probably in Canada City now."
"Canada City...that's where we are."
"Really?! Then there's no tine to lose! Where are the others?"
"In the kitchen. Sofie's feeding them."

"HEEERE COOOOMES THE AIIIIRRRPLAAAAANE!!!!!" Sofie cooed as she struggled to feed Kitty Duncan. "No way, nya! I'm not eating this crap!" He screeched.
"C'mon, your'e a kitty! And kitties eat cat...
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Enikah's P.O.V.

I enter in the kitchen, i was surprised when i saw that it was empty "The Chef isn't taking care of the food? ok, i'm going to cook something for Daisy. He's not going to bug me. Omg, when 雏菊, 黛西 look me, she's going to be so happy" I thought. I was so wrong, The last thing that 雏菊, 黛西 was going to be is happy. Then, i saw a pretty black cat with green eyes. I stop cooking and i screamed "KURONEKOO!" the cat look at me with weird face. i had the weird idea that he understand me. I grab him carefully, and i hugged him against my chest.(I 爱情 the cats) Then Sofie enter running into...
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posted by Lolly4me2
"Why US? Why US!?" -Heather

This is terrible, this is terrible... Heather thought as she ran along side the other cat formed campers as they tried running after the bird carrying the stone.
"Faster 你 guys! We'll never catch up to it at this rate, nya!" Courtney screamed.
"Well," Duncan panted as he ran 由 her.
"We would go faster if 你 didn't boss us around--" The campers suddenly came to a stop when two hands wrapped around Duncan's cat body and lifted him up.
"KITTY!!" Lolly4me2 screamed with delight rubbing the cat on her face.
"Your so cute, yes 你 are little kitty!" She cooed. Gwen looked...
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Source: Me it's skool time(ya and i REALLY need it....)and if i have 更多 work and less free time,the episodes will be shorter and shorter.I can't think about anything else for the script,and that's also an issue.I will probably have to finish it 由 下一个 week ....and i'm not telling anyone the surprise ending!

Hope evryone understands,

How did this happen?"-All the campers
It was a normal 日 at Camp Wawanakwa. TDIfangirl and the hosts were gone, and the campers were relaxing. Heather was searching for some souvenirs to take home. "Ooh, look at this, Leshawna!" She picked up what looked like a cat-shaped stone. "It's so pretty!!!" "Hey, what's the inscription say?" Leshawna asked.
Instead of killing myself with a knife, I'd 爱情 to live a cat's life!
The stone suddenly flashed, a light that went all around Camp Wawnakwa. "What the heck is going on??" 雏菊, 黛西 ran outside. "We're sorry, Daisy! We were just-" Before Heather could...
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posted by Darksiidee
 Captain Enikah! (By Duncan-Superfan)
Captain Enikah! (By Duncan-Superfan)
Enikah is a 14 年 old argentinian who is living in Ontario (cuz her mum is living in lima... what a chaotic family) With her older sister Danielle.
When she comes to visit her friend Daisy, she discover a huge trouble: 雏菊, 黛西 is a cat, with the other TDI ppl (who her didn't know until that moment) And know, with her friend Sofie, she has to help 雏菊, 黛西 to get being a human again... but in the middle of all that chaotic and funny story... she's going to find her love.

Zodiac sign: Gemini (B-Day May 26)
Nationality: Argentina (a remarcable acent when she talks)
最喜爱的 color: Purple (Like her shirt)
Hobbies: Drawing
最喜爱的 Musician: 埃米纳姆 and Gerald Way
Fear: Computers logoff (a bad experience when she was 3)
Love: Pop-corn with butter
Hate: Kim Possible and her math proffesor
Crush on: Trent!!! <3
Catchphrase: HEYAA!!
When she's mad she curse in spanish.
 Vamp Enikah. (Thanks Flo_and_Trent!!)
Vamp Enikah. (Thanks Flo_and_Trent!!)
Daisy:Hello?You guys know I'm here right?
Dawn:Yes,I'm here too!
Courtney;Ok,sorry we didn't notice 你 guys back there.
Lindsay:We have to get to the forest!
Daisy:Never mind.Let's Go Nya!

Everyone starts to walk to the forest,when Heather sees something.

Heather:Ew!!!What's That??!!!
Gwen:looks like a....
Owen:Sorry i kind of ate too much,then i finsihed it out here.
Heather:Owen you're disgusting!!!

Tyler slips and falls in quick sand....




I probably won't start it for a long time.Why?Becuase school starts soon and i don't have alot of time.I was glad to squeeze this in,but i made it short.Oh,if your wondering about 雏菊, 黛西 and Dawn,they were there the whole time,i just didn't know it!

Lindsay:OK,so Courtney,what are we gonna do?
Courtney:We need to go to the forest.
Cody:Cool,the forest!Um why do we have to go there?
Courtney:Everyone just follow me!
Gwen:Sure,cause you're the leader now,that's gonna get everyone out of this!
Heather:For once I agree with freaky goth girl!
Harold:I bet my mad skills could fix this.Heather:You don't have mad skills,and why isn't Izzy a cat?

Izzy morphs into a cat

Izzy:Yay!Now that I'm a cat,we can all go jump off cliffs!
Gwen:Ge-rat going,big mouth!
Heather:At least i don't have big whiskars!

Everyone gasps

Leshawna:Now 你 have just taken it too far!
Courtney:If we're going to get out of this guys,we have to reach the forest!
Cody:Again,why the forest?
Courtney:So we can get food!
Leshawna:Be fore everone starts repeating themeselves, let's go!

making the 秒 part later
For Lolly4me2 and Enikah:
Thanks for agreeing to this joint project!
Here's how I'd would like the story to be written:
I would like a quote from each character, like this:
"It was just a normal day, for all of us, well, until IT happened."-Daisy
你 can start the story after that. Then at the end I would like 你 to write a disclaimer saying:
Tune in for 下一个 time's adventure.
P.S: ___will be 写作 chapter___

Thanks for everyone elses contributions, especially Addrey's and Bubblegum05's!(please feel free to continue your version, as long as it doesn't clash with ours.)

Everyone feel free to 提交 art and mini-stories.
Tyler runs,jumps and falls off a cliff
Heather:ya,sooooo 更多 athletic

Courtney:Everyone!We need a plan.
Trent:Courtney's right,guys.
Lindsay:But what are we gonna do?:(
Courtney:Ok,first,we need Heather to apoligize!
Eva:Do it 或者 i'll crush you.
Izzy:Ya,like totally!I got like 78 of my 识骨寻踪 chrushed once when i was bored so i i slide under a crush-y thing and it toally felt cool!hehe ,Ya!
Duncan:Ok,so as long as little miss crazy stays out of the way,i think we can fix this.
Courtney:Ok,but heather still hasn't apoligized!

Everyone turns away,starting to walk toward the forest.

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Ok,so as 你 might know,i am the person who drew heather as a cat.Of coarse,it's supposed to be them as cats!Anyways,here is my version of script/screenplay 或者 whatever.

The cast of total Drama Island is hanging out on the beach.When,all of a sudden,Heather sees a pretty,shiny stone.Heather walks over to it and as soon as she touches it,everyone turns into cats!

Owen:Sweet mother of pearl!Heather what did 你 do?
Heather:Oh,please like it was me!
gwen;That's becuase it was you
Lindsay:Wow,Justin still looks good as a cat!
Courtney:Who cares!We are stuck as 猫 for the rest of our lives!Do 你 have...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Dawn the 骆驼, 美洲驼 has been a 骆驼, 美洲驼 for two months along with Noah The Pigeon. She lives in a cave and eats the nearby grass. She wants to be human again, and after seeing the cats, she decided to help them, too.
She dreams of becoming human again, and if that doesen't work out, she wants to live in a lap of luxury. 骆驼, 美洲驼 luxry.

Name: Dawn
Looks Like: white fur, wears a scarf
likes: grass, Noah The Pigeon (she like likes him),the cats,pretzles, the sea,baths, living in a lap of luxury
dislikes: annoying people,zookeepers