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A peacefull lake scene apears.Everything looks so calm and peacefull.Suddenly,the scene,now revealed as a painting,is torn away 由 a large looking axe.Chris comes through ,throws the axe somewhere to his left,and looks at the camera.
Chris:Hi!As 你 can remember,we've had so many fun seasons of Total Drama,but this time around,we're taking a HUGE turn!Brace yourself,and welcome to Total...Drama...Paranormal!
Theme song plays
Chris and Chef come into the scene,which has changed into a very ragged looking terain,featuring a series of abandoned metal tool sheds,arguing.
Chef:I thought we agreed no to that name!
Chris:Well,what other name goes for something like this?!
Chef:Well...um...*thinks for a second* How about Believers?
Chef:Total Drama Believers!
Chris:*sigh*Fine,we'll go for your idea.*faces the screen*Slight Name Change,it's now Total Drama Believers because Mr.Fussy pants has to have his way.
Chris pouted slighty,then continued walking until he stops at what looks to be a poorly made dirt road.Chef walked up behind him and gave him a weird look.
Chef:How exactly they' gonna get here?
Chris:Well,we couldn't exactly afford anything else,sooooomtheir coming 由 horse!
Chef:Right.And what are we gonna do with the horses?
Chris:......They go back to the trainer walking them here.
Chris gives Chef a startled look,then turns the other direction when he hears a noise.
Chris:Ah,here they are!
A line of 马 stop and someone jumps off.
Chris:Alex,welcome dude!
Alex:Hey!So...uh,the others?
Chris:You were first dude
Alex:Right,I know this,but when are they going to get off?
Chris:Right now!Hey Elita!
Elita blushes,and looks another way
Storm glares at him.
Chris:..Kay..Akward...Jacob!How's it going,dude!
Chris:Bree!Lucy!What's up!
Chris:...Ugh..Well heres-
Chris is inturupted 由 three boys arguing.
Boy 1:I 说 I wanted to get off first!
Boy 2:It doesn't matter who gets off first,get get your 屁股 off!
Boy 3:Just hurry up!My vodka's getting warm!
Chris:Yeahh...Zatch,Leeroy,and Mr.Fluffykins!You ruined your own Introductions!
Leeroy:I told 你 to get off!
Leeroy spoke in a british accent,that made him sound way 更多 sophisticated than Zatch
Chris:...Why is everything so akward here,people!Come on!
Alex:Well,I don't know,maybe because you've gathered a bunch of -
Chris:Up-ba-p-pp!Shh!!!The audiance doesn't know yet!
Storm:Does anybody even watch this show?!
Chris:Yes!!!!Anyways,last,and hopefully least,are Buddy and Buster!
No one got off.
Buster:Hold on,dude!Buddy fell asleep,and I can't wake him up!
Chris gave them a dirty look,and pulled out a blow horn.
Chris:Leave it to me.
Chris walks up to the horse Buddy's on,and the blow horn goes off.
Buddy:Gah!I'm awake!I'm awake!
Zatch,Mr.Fluffykins,and Buster all laugh at him while the others give them weird looks.
Chris:Well,now that everyone's here,it's time for a tour!
To be continued :3
Ok let me just state that i just drawed them out from a pile. ok? and the clanages are the same but what happends isn't. now here it is. NO MEAN 评论 PLEASE!!!!!!!










10: cody


12:merge (ezekiel and Gwen come back)



15: Owen

16: trent





FUNCALE 5 (DJ,Duncan,Ezekiel,Bridgette,Izzy)




Finale 2 (Bridgette and Ezekiel)


Ezekiel IS THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenny rogers: Hi my name is kenny rogers and welcome to my reality 显示 bitches!!

Duncan: not another one dammit

Kenny rogers: shut up its my 显示 *throws bottle at duncan, misses and hits harold*

Harold: ahhh not again

Kenny rogers: sorry jimmy

Harold: its harold

Kenny rogers: what ever bobby

*camera goes to the studio*

Kenny rogers: on our last episode courtney got fired

Duncan: unfairly

Gwen: when has any of these shows been fair

Duncan: oh yeah

Kenny rogers: on this episode were going to do stuff

Cody: yay stuff

Heather: are we gonna get hurt

Kenny rogers: thats what it 说 in the contracts ha ha *throws...
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posted by potterandtdi
"Duncan, what are 你 doing here?" I asked. "Coming to see my girl." I groan. "I'M NOT YOUR GIRL ANYMORE!" He smirks. "What happened to the girl I met two years ago?" He asks me. "I'm not the same girl. You're the exact same person I met on the island." He comes closer. I turn off the music. He turns it back on:

Waking up I see that everything is okay.
The first time in my life and now it's so great...
It's innocence, it's brilliant.
I hope that it'll stay.
This moment, is perfect.
Please don't go away.
I need 你 noooooooooooow.
And I'll hold on to it...

He brought me in his arms. I blushed and giggled....
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
 I'm a banana! My spoon is too big! MONKEYS TASTE LIKE cake?
I'm a banana! My spoon is too big! MONKEYS TASTE LIKE cake?
A party up in here
Shall I go, 爱情 a lot
老友记 be going
But forsooth, I cannot
For my heart
Broken down
由 his voice
Chasing away my sanity
Cry away the pain
Whisper in air
Cry in water
Scream in noise
Grimace in pain
My 心 hurts
He is gone
What went wrong?

The feel of his lips
On mine, like a curse
I be poisoned
With the drip
Of a venomous demon
Cursing in my ear
Shan't I wish I be free
I miss him
I cry for him
I scream for him
Keep the pain
Keep the agony
Keep the tears
Thy has taken my love
I do not wish to lock up
Shan't I free
Thy 日 shall exceed
My prescence
And popularity of the night

Purple tears
A broken heart
Lying limp on the bed
I do not feel love
I feel hatrid
I feel disobeyment
I feel broken

~Written 由 7GG, courtesy of my sister Jacki, known as gwentrentever, who has forsince left 潮流粉丝俱乐部 for good.
 I 爱情 你 sis
I love you sis
posted by Trent-lover123
>(Ranma jumps in roxys arms while puring) Roxy:Aww Ranma are 你 tring to act like a kity for me. Ranmas dad:when hes traped 由 猫 he gets so scared he starts 表演 like one. Every one:Ohhh. Reyoga:what a sham so NOW I CAN DEFET RANMA HAHA!!Alex:any one want 更多 p.... Roxy:say 比萨, 比萨饼 one 更多 time your fiered. Alex:cake any one hee hee. Roxy:just shut alex. Riana:I 爱情 你 reyoga. Starr:I want cake cheese cake. Karen:whos a cute little kitty. Ranma:hiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss. Karen:you are really mean kitty I hate your human like cat. Roxy:he needs to get use to 你 god women. Kyoya:but...
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 Did Jacki REALLY bang Duncan?
Did Jacki REALLY bang Duncan?
Redirect from One Missed Call

That 下一个 morning...

Brittani and Jacki: *walking to the restrooms with toothbrushes and toothpaste, talking about Duncan*

Brittani: I think we should form an alliance.

Jacki: What?

Brittani: You, me and Duncan should form an alliance. I mean, he likes me and i know 你 like him.

Jacki: Well.....ok

: : : : : : : CONFESSIONALS : : : : : : :

Jacki: Do I like Duncan? ...Yes. I mean, come on, he is SO sexy!

Duncan: Do I like Jacki? A bit....ok, a lot!

Jacki: And I'm just waiting for him to make his move.

Duncan: *making out with Jacki, they both fall off the chair and start um......doing...
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posted by Trent-lover123
 Ranma:help me
Ranma:help me
Roxy:Thanks for 阅读 the last revuing of the 下一个 episode. Ranma:oh so your the one who wrought them. Shampoo:HHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIYYYYAAA!(kicks riana down hard)Riana:Owwwwwwww!!!! Starr:owch. Shampoo:stay way from from ranma tramp girl 或者 me kill you. Riana:DEAL!!!! Shampoo:you call that a 吻乐队(Kiss) ha. Riana:you can do better. Shampoo:mmmh... (kinda makes out ranma) Riana:Oh my god..... Ranma:what hell!!! Shampoo:oh ranma. (snuggles ranma) Ranmas dad:come on boy lets practis fighting. Ranma:YEAH LETS DO THAT RIGHT NOW!!! Shampoo:no fight. Ranma:sorry I got to practis hee hee. Christy:wow I...
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posted by kk99aa
(Vannessa's voted off moment on total drama fanpoppers)

I clenched my fist tightly.My breathig quickened.Andrea held the last marshmellow in her hand.I thought about how i needed that money for my bigger sister amanda,who was gonna go to colledge."And the final marshmellow goes to..." Andrea tempted. "Sumer... 你 get to stay!" Andrea finished as she tossed Sumer MY marshmellow."Well i dont need this place anyway!" I shouted as i stood up from my chair. I walked up to where Andrea was standing and 说 "Goodbye,Theresa!My only friend here!Bye Sumer... I hope 你 burn in hell...bye Everyone...
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posted by gwentrentever
All of my my hate cannot be bound, i will not be drowned 由 your thoughtless scheming. Now 你 can try to tar me down, beat me to the ground, i will see 你 screaming.
*guitar n' drums*
Thumbing through the pages of my fantasy, pushing all the mercy down, down, down. i wanna see 你 try to take a 摇摆, 秋千 at me come on, gonna put 你 down on the ground, ground, ground. WHY ARE 你 TRYING TO MAKE FUN OF ME? 你 THINK ITS FUNNY?, WHAT THE F!CK 你 THINK ITS DOING TO ME? 你 TAKE YOUR TURN LASHING OUT AT ME, I WANT 你 CRYING WITH YOUR DIRTY 屁股 IN FRONT OF ME! ALL OF MY HATE CANNOT BE BOUND,...
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posted by bubble_babe
The Frist Ever NoahxIzzy Story

"Beautiful Soul"

One fine saterday morning at play'a'day losers Noah sat down at the 果汁 bar 阅读 his book. All the other camper were still sleeping in.
The was the time that Noah chearshed; Right now he had, peace, quite and alone. He disliked most of the campers, but most of all Izzy. She Never
left him alone. she would always tezze him about is sleep 吻乐队(Kiss) with Cody -Witch Wasnt His Falt- But The Fact Now Remains That Noah Would Gladley
take 100 Katies and Sadies anyday befor he even thought of hanging out with Izzy.But Today He Didnt Have To -For Now Anyway-...
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
 "Duncan is going down...I hope..."
"Duncan is going down...I hope..."
My mind burned. I was terrified. I thought Duncan loved me, and this was how he shows it?!

I turned the TV off and ran out of the room, screaming, desperately looking for a place to hide. Duncan was gonna kill me. If I fought him, I'd be roadkill. But I still wondered why he was pissed.

My nightgown fluttered around my ankles as I darted around the foyer. All the dorms weer closed, and my voiced echoed around the large couloir. I gripped onto a metal 喷泉 and fell to my knees as if a twister was batting the university. My body shivered, my head throbbed, my entire world was spinning as I...
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posted by TDIlover226
I just wanna tell 你 about something.
As most of 你 know, my bestest friend on the whole Internet is Lolly4me2.
Did 你 know, that a long time ago, me and lolly4me2 hated each other's guts?
Yep, we hated each other big time.
But we became friends, and forgot about it.
Just throw'n it out there, for anyone who thinks that forgiving and forgetting is impossible.

Me bored. So me write short 文章 that probably won't make a difference what so ever...

posted by bubble_babe
 f*uck you, don't like it, don't look
f*uck you, don't like it, don't look
Heather Brushed her teeth with furry. Her Teeth where ice cold, beacaus of Leshawna and Beth! 'Grr they are so dead!' Heather thought to her self as a sneez flew out of her mouth.

'God why does everyone hear have to be so stupied?!' Heather asked Herself. she was just out raged! Who could that rap wanna bee and goth girl still even be in the show?

"Grrr..." Heather let out as she brushed her teeth.

"That will just break your teeth babe." someone 说 at the door way, heather turned to see Duncan.

"W-what do 你 w-want?" Heather asked still shoken up 由 the massise amount of cold her body had...
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posted by mississippigril
it was a cool spring 日 when the worst 日 of my life happend to me but im ahead of myself this started 3 weeks 以前 when me and goeff were at a party for duncan and courtney and since goeff was a cop courtney ask to pretend to arest duncan as a prank well it went over good till duncan cursed him out .well 下一个 thing i know i got a call from some dude named Tylen Jeanice who asked to speck to goeff bouht 5 min. later geoff was packing his bags i 说 "were do u think ur going" "i got a job offering"i didnt have time to think before i found myself cying my eyes out that pretty much all i did...
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posted by biancatdifan
One 日 near Izzy's house there was a small jungle,she went right after 晚餐 and climed up yo a vine,and said"ahhhhhh!!,oh my god,look i can see my house from here,ok!*she hits her head in a tree*ow,well that was hard,ok*she climbs back to the vine*whoooooo!! that was awesome*her mom calls her"Izzy do 你 want desert?,honey?wait! im coming mom(izzy)*she lands infront of the house and sees Owen"Hey Izz-E-scope!"he says"Owen 你 know that 你 can call me Izzy again""Ohhhh,ok Izzy haha"owen says"hey owen look what i can do with my tounge*she touches her nose with her tounge*"cool,hey where did 你 come from?""i came from Toronto,ha where have 你 been?""no, i mean where did 你 come from as in where were 你 when 你 landed here""ohhh,i see i was at vine!"ok,well see ya!""later ow*she was looking at owen and waves at him then hits her head in the 墙 of her house*ok well bye""bye"bye"(izzys mom:izzy honey come on desert is ready""ok!well bye owen"bye!"
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