Well! Everybody knows that i was going to do a new fanfiction character. Everybody give me ideas, so i did it! Her name is Nikki. (Thanks Dollyllama) She's like me (but 更多 skinny) With the ponytail and my school uniform. (She has my eyes, my hair, my school uniform)

Nikki is 16 years old. She loves swiming and drawing. Her worst fear are the niddles. She loves 日本动漫 and she turn crazy everybody with that. She is the best friend of Enikah's sister, Danielle.
Her dad died when she was 11 and her mum is working in other country. So she live with her grandma. She's a very good friend of Lindsay and Courtney. and she's secretly in 爱情 of Noah. but she fake loving Cody cuz she wants to hide it.
Well, tell me if u like my new character ;)
Here's *Drumroll please* NIKKI!!