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posted by vamp_grl_123
What’s going on? I can hear everything going on. Like I’m awake, but I can’t move. I can’t even open my eyes. I know I fainted in Trent’s arms, but what happens now? I can feel him picking me up and now he’s taking me some where. Please be the school infirmary. But I felt the outside wind, and the sun hitting my face. Somebody help. I am being kidnapped 由 a vampire.

He put me down in the passenger 座位 and put glasses on me. Then after I was buckled down he got into his 座位 and drove off. Where is he taking me? After what seemed like an 小时 we finally came to a complete stop. He unbuckled his 座位 bet, then he undid mine. Then he took my glasses off and he stopped.

“Nyx has picked a beautiful new queen.” He whispered 接吻 my hand again. “Coming here everyday will be a much better pleasure with 你 around.” He 说 接吻 my hand again. “Odd though. She usually picks 吸血鬼 as new queens. Why did she pick a human?” he question.

“Maybe 你 aren’t human.” He 说 but quickly answered, “No 你 must be a human. I can feel the heat you’re giving off. I can hear your heat beating. I can smell your blood.” He seemed to freeze there. “It smells incredible. To die for,” he 说 bringing his lips to my neck.

“Such a waste. Vampire blood only tastes good to mates. I guess I’ll never know how sweet you’ll taste.” He sighed. “Maybe one drink, before I spend eternity wondering.” He 说 coming close to my neck. I can feel his hot breath on my skin. I wanted to push him off, but I couldn’t even open my eyes.

He slid his finger down my right check scratching it. Then he slid his tongue up the thin scarlet line cleaning in up. “You taste better than I imagined.” He 说 cutting me the same way again. He did this 3 更多 times before he brought his 蛾 to my neck.

His fangs touched my skin and I wanted to scream. I wanted to kill him on the spot. He gently began to pres down when a knock on the car window stopped him.

“What do 你 think your doing?” the voice yelled. “You can’t bite her. She’s the future queen.” He yelled. Trent backed off.

“She smells so sweet. I had to taste her.” He 说 cutting my cheek again but a much smaller cut.

“Stop it, before 你 get in trouble. 你 want Nyx to remover her favor in you?” the voice asked opening the door now.

“Will it mean I get her as my bride.” He asked licking the blood again.

“Let’s go. She’ll be awake soon, and we need her asleep for preparation of the ceremony.” He 说 pulling me away form him.

They carried me somewhere. I’d 爱情 to be able to open my eyes again. “All hail the future queen.” The new voice from the car yelled. The room was cold and yet warm. I can smell candles being burned along with incense. I didn’t like it so I turned my head and buried it into who ever was holding me.

“Nyx picked her?” a snobby girl’s voice asked. “I am better than her 由 a long shot.” She 说 aggravated.

“Is she even a vampire?” another voice asked. This voice sounded raspy and like Napoleon Dynamite.

“Ask Trent, he’s been snacking on her.” The voice from the car said.

“What? 你 did. Do 你 know what could happen?” a different voice asked. How many people are here anyway?

“She might just be a vampire.” Trent 说 holding me closer to him.

“Where’s her pendent?” a different voice asked. I was laid on a 长椅, 沙发 now.

“I haven’t seen it. Let me see.” Trent 说 wrapping his hands around my neck. Then he passed from my neck, down my neck and in-between my chest to my navel. When I wake up I am going to kill him.

“Huh, no pendent.” He 说 backing away.

“Well get her ready for the ceremony.” Another voice said. Then I was picked up, and taken away yet again.

I was laid down again but this time on a bed. I opened my eyes. About time. I looked at Trent who walked toward me with a box in his hands. “Oh you’re awake. Good then 你 can dress yourself.” He 说 putting the box down.

“Why? 你 had no problem putting your hands all over me before.” I 说 as I kicked him hard, but I missed his pride and just hit his legs.

“Ok, you’ve hit me twice already. Once 更多 and you’ll be sorry. Second, I was checking for a pendent. I am not a pervert.” He said.

“One, yes 你 are. 2, what pendent?” I asked. He opened his 衬衫 a little and took out a long sliver necklace. At the end was a 交叉, 十字架 with a red ruby in it.

“This is my pendent. All 吸血鬼 wear one so we don’t lose control.” He said. “You don’t have one….or 你 do and I missed it.” He 说 gliding his finger down my neck again. I punched him off.

“How about the car? 你 drank my blood.” I yelled.

“Sorry. 你 smelled too good to pass off.” He 说 coming closer to me again. “How about now I asked 你 first.” He 说 bringing his finger close to my cheek.

“No, leave me alone. Take me home. No, let me call my mom. I don’t want to be near you.” I said. Running to the other side of the dark room.

“Here get dressed.” He 说 throwing the box to me. Inside was a blood red 15th century gown. It was beautiful, and had a black corset and lace.

“Why do I need to get dressed?” I asked.

“Because 你 were chosen to be the new 皇后乐队 of our coven. So we’ll crown 你 today. So get ready.” He 说 getting up to leave.

“Why me?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I am just the message boy. I deliver Nyx’s requests. Her request was for 你 to be our queen. So get ready.” He 说 opening the door.

“What if I don’t want to be queen?” I asked annoyed.

“You don’t have a choice.” He sais turning back to me.

“Yes I do. This is all fake. 你 are really pathetic. 你 expect me to believe you?” I yelled.

“Um I drank your blood didn’t I?” he asked annoyed.

“Any psycho can drink blood. It’s called cannibalism.” I 说 in a ‘matter of fact’ tone.

“Why 你 皇后乐队 I have no idea. Aren’t the queens supposed to be kind and gentle. Your rude and stubborn.” He said. I slapped him a couple of times.

“Hey watch my pendent.” He yelled blocking my blows.

“Shut up. It’s fake 你 creep.” I 说 ripping it off his neck. His eyes went from 翠, 翡翠 green to blood red. His fangs came down so low they reached his chin. His hair became longer and messier. His nails, longer and sharper. He looked at me menacingly.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” He 说 jumping toward me.
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