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Im not sure how it happend...but it did.Oh....I'm sorry my name is Amanda.Im in Griffindor and im 16 years old.And last night I did something baaaad.Ok so let me start from the beggining.

3 days earlier....

"Hey guys."I 说 to my 老友记 Harry,Hermione and Ron."Hey."They said.As we walked through the hall Malfoy stopped us."Potter."He 说 smirking.Athough I never really like Malfoy I had to admit he was rather good looking."He looked at me."Harvly."I rolled my eyes."What do 你 want Malfoy?"He looked at me."Many things at the moment."I glared at him."Stay away from her Malfoy."Harry sneared.Malfoy...
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Total Drama Interviews: The Producers

Written by: BlastWave
Note: This interview is supposed to be a connector and shall answer some 问题 粉丝 like 你 and me may have about the series. These may 或者 may not be 显示 accurate. I dedicate this fanfiction to Mrs. Persch and Mr. McGillis, the creators of the 显示 and I hope 你 enjoy it.


Cynthia Fox: Hello folks! I’m Cynthia 狐狸 and today on this program I’m interviewing two of the producers of the hit TV 显示 “Total Drama Island,” and its sequel, “Total Drama Action.”

Producer 1: Thank you.

Producer 2: It’s quite a...
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The sun rose upon this 日 slowly, although it couldn’t be seen pass all the fog. Red leaves were falling off of the trees around everyone carelessly. The whole setting was just plain dim, dull, empty. As if something evil was in the air, something deadly.

Gwen and Duncan were inside the house asleep on the 长椅, 沙发 still. Gwen had stirred in her sleep on the 长椅, 沙发 as her eyes slowly opened, meeting the still dark insides of the house. As soon as she moves she falls off the couch. “OOF!” She exhales as she meets the floor. The vibration causes the remote control to fall of it’s 表 and...
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Geoff's House: 10:35 PM

Izzy: Let's get the party started!
Justin: The only 2 people I havn't seen is Ezekiel and Noah.
Ezekiel: (walks in with style) Hey!
Eva: 你 back yo sexualy insult girls! :O
Ezekiel: No. I'm way over that!
Goeff: (walks by) Nice party, right!?!?
Ezekiel: Heck yes!
Eva: I geuss.
Justin: Of course, dude!
Izzy: Duh.
Bridgette: Geoff.
Geoff: Yea babe!
Bridgette: I saw a shadow in your bedroom, and the guy in the shadow was holding a knife.
Geoff: 你 were probably just 日 dreaming.
Noah: Don't worry, I'm here.
Heather: Trust me... we weren't beginning to matter one bit! :D
Noah: Shut up!...
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 This is the outfit Rikki's wearing...also, I didn't draw this. XP
This is the outfit Rikki's wearing...also, I didn't draw this. XP
RECAP: Duncan smirked again, and looked up, causing me to turn my attention to the 船屋 as they went up to it. He opened the door; "I'm pretty sure I can..." he 说 with a wink at me. I blushed intensely, causing Duncan's smile to grow even 更多 before he went inside. I sighed deeply to myself with a sad look in my eyes; "How do I get myself into these messes?" I asked myself before I followed Duncan into the boathouse.
Once I was in the boathouse, I sighed again as I closed...
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It was hard for me to believe I was actually going through with this...I mean, I always told myself I'd commit suicide before I did anything like this. Still, there I was, walking with Duncan to the 船, 小船 house, his arm wrapped around my waist, at 11:00 PM just like we planned it out. Looking up at him, I could see that always cute, devious glint in his blue-green eyes as that devilish smile crossed his face. A slight chill went all down my spine and I blushed intensely as my 心 started pounding really hard inside of my chest; there was something about that look on his face that I thought...
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你 know that feeling in your heart? When your 心 is just pounding, like it's actually outside your ribs. Exposed, venerable, but wonderful and awful, and heartsick, and alive, all at the same time?Thats what I am feeling right now.Inuyasha sat in a hut alone.Kagome and everyone was sleeping.He wasnt though.He got up and left to sit 由 a river.

In his hand were letters.Letters from the woman he was in 爱情 with.But lets start from the beginng.
Inuyasha was on his way to see Kagome.He always felt he loved her but every time they kissed 或者 huged.It just didnt feel right.Naraku was dead now but...
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作者 note: Dont read if 你 like BxG. This poem is depressing and has suicidal themes. Implied yuri, as in femslash, femmeslash, 或者 girlxgirl. Don't say I didn't warn you, and don't send me a rude 评论 like "Bridgette loves Geoff!" 或者 "She would never do this!" because I warned you.

Like I like him
That I care
An excuse to dump him
To be free
My wrists at night
Really liked him
Loved another person
Kiss him all day
I'm 接吻 someone else
My wrists at night
Of the one I truley am in 爱情 with
I want to be with
I'm with him...
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