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cupcakegirl31 posted on May 11, 2013 at 08:41PM
yeah I was bored so uh yeah choose a god or goddess that is your parent that you would like to be so for example
name: Nicki
child of: Aphrodite
age: 18
there that simple
Nicki (child of Aphrodite)
Allie (child of Hecate and a mortal)
Leslie (child of Athena)
Ryan (child of Hephaestus and Aphrodite)
Joshua (child of Zeus and Hera)
Stephanie (child of Persephone and Hades)
 yeah I was bored so uh yeah choose a god 或者 goddess that is your parent that 你 would like to be so
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一年多以前 cupcakegirl31 said…
name: Stephanie
child of: Phersephone and hades
age: 16
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一年多以前 princess2109 said…
Name: Allie
Child of: Hecate and mortal (She's a half-blood)
age: 14
一年多以前 cupcakegirl31 said…
name: Leslie
child of: Athena
age: 19

name: Ryan
child of: Hephaestus and Aphrodite
age: 16

name: Joshua
child of: Zeus and Hera
age: 18

name: Janice
child of: Poseidon
age: 15
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一年多以前 princess2109 said…
Allie: *making her stick look like different things (I.e poka-dotted, striped)*
一年多以前 cupcakegirl31 said…
Nicki: *walks to Allie* hi what are you doing :)
一年多以前 princess2109 said…
Allie: *jumps and the stick changes to it's normal color* Dangit ;w; I was fooling around with my stick
一年多以前 cupcakegirl31 said…
Nicki: oh so I hear your mother is the goddess of night pretty cool
Ryan: Nicki Nicki hey hey hey come see this cave
Nicki: oh and yeah this is my annoying little brother ._.
Ryan: Hey D:
一年多以前 cupcakegirl31 said…
Stephanie: *sitting in corner* all of these foolish mortals bow down to uncle Zeus and aunt Hera and what about my Father Hades grandma Demeter must think I am an idiot for talking like this
一年多以前 princess2109 said…
(She's also the goddess of magic xD)
Allie: *smiles* I haven't my brother in so long...
一年多以前 cupcakegirl31 said…
Nicki: may I ask where is your brother
Ryan: sis come on im hungry D:
Janice: hiya
Ryan: h-hey J-Janice *blushing*
Janice: *blushes also*
一年多以前 cupcakegirl31 said…
Name: Jenson
Child of: Ares
age: 17
一年多以前 princess2109 said…
Allie: *nervous laugh* O-OH. Some where.... on Earth
一年多以前 sparkles3 said…
Name: Kiki
Parent: Dionysus
Age: 13

一年多以前 666demon said…
daughter of Ares and Chaos

Son of Eirene

Ashlen:*watching two hobos fighting, enjoying every second of it*

Chase:*coming up behind her* Again Ash?

Ashlen: What? OH!*takes a penny out of her pocket and throws it in-between the hobos* AHAHAHA!! *starts laughing like a maniac*

Chase: Ashlen, you may be the daughter of Ares and Chaos, but that does not give you the right to do this.

Ashlen:*smiling*You may be the son of Eirene but that doesn't mean you get to shove 'peace' down my throat.
 Ashlen daughter of Ares and Chaos 17 Chase Son of Eirene 18 __________ Ashlen:*watching tw
princess2109 commented…
yes it does eue 一年多以前
一年多以前 666demon said…
(so are we still doing this?)