"The only relationship they [Bill, Georg & Gustav) have is a very intimate relationship with their right hand 或者 their left hand, 或者 even both. Georg likes to play “the stranger”. So he sits on his hand for about 15 分钟 and then masturbates himself, so he feels like it’s another person. I actually learned that game. I started when I was about 6 years old."

" I have it on my arm, and also on my penis" - About the tattoo"

"That’s just because my 屁股 got bigger…"(laughs) - About his new style

"There’s no point in dressing up and not being comfortable with what you’re wearing."

"I would bring: a Guitar, Bill and a Helicopter so I can fly wherever I want and grab 更多 stuff ;-) " - About If he have to bring only 3 things on an island, what he would bring

"A good present for boyfriends always like, 你 know visiting strip-club together with the girlfriend." *laughing*

"Just a striptease from the girlfriend."

"For me it's too deep. It´s like too deep for me…."
-About " Two girls, one cup"

"I’ve already made painful piercings, but tattoos… it’s kind of scary. Why do I have to cover my beautiful body with tattoos? I think, it would be suitable for Bill if he would tattoo all his body including face. It’s a pity if I make it on my beautiful face."

"Ehmmmm… Are there twins who are in 爱情 WITH EACH OTHER?"
"Sorry, but I don‘t want to have something in common with these people. " *all laughing*
- About twincest

"Bill has always the best kajal, I 爱情 his kajal, to try it out and 你 know, it’s beautiful. But I’m a bit shy when it comes to kajal, I’m using it in the office, not on stage."

"True rumor is that Georg is falling in 爱情 with me, so. That’s the only thing I can say which is true."

"You live just once and I want to try everything I can. Faults always happen… not often to me, but they happen ;-) "

"Georg still knows how that feels. He´s a huge 粉丝 of mine. He always trys to get my attention 由 running around naked whenever he can. And it works every once in a while ;-)"

"I mean, 你 [Bill] have one small problem I don’t have.."

"No, I’m not a good singer, but I have good ideas!"

"But 你 look like a pig, maybe you're a pig?"
- To Georg

"Bill is a virgin"

"Flowers are alright, but I rather want it dark."

"In my mind, I am a brilliant lovely beautiful guitarist. And I am also very kind. Bill and I are both Virginis, so I am a perfectionist. Sometimes, on this aspect I am like sort of freak, so I may cause troubles."

"And already in advance I can only apologise for Georg playing the 低音 like shit. *Georg laughing* Well… I just want to say that first…"

"As soon as I lay down in bed, I fall asleep in five seconds."

"I would 爱情 to play, maybe, a naked vampire."

"Dildo for Georg... And that's a big one... So we need space."

"I just like nice clothes and I can wear everything, so I look beautiful anyway."

"I’m Superman."

"Tom’s left egg, right. That’s the nickname for that drum riser."

"We [Tom, Georg & Gustav] should earn 更多 money than Bill "

"We have to say Bill has not the biggest brain. So… 你 know, it happened just once and I think that’s awesome for that brain, it’s great."

"I like really, really fast and uhm, high rollercoasters."

"You know, in the past I 说 “Ok, I don’t want to have a tattoo", and now, 你 know, I changed a bit my mind because, I don’t know, I don’t know why, but maybe I would like to have a twin tattoo maybe, 你 know, Bill and me - the same tattoo. I really think about that, no real plans yet. We’ll see."

"I am afraid of sharks…"

"We are identical twins and the connection between us is very strong. We are like soulmates as well. I know what he [Bill] is thinking the 秒 he thinks it."

"I have to say, I have very good names for my own children.. I actually don’t want to have children, but I would have good names for them.."

"Receiving a World 音乐 Award, being nominated at the 音乐电视 European 音乐 Award with all these big and great international artists that have been around for ever, sharing the stage with them that night and finally winning that award - none of us ever even imagined something like this a couple of years ago, when we sat in our rehearsal room in Magdeburg dreaming of a record deal. All we ever wanted is to be able to play live in front of people that like our music. Everything that happened till today already went far beyond our dreams. And it really feels unreal sometimes."

"We hate people that need to tell 你 how to do things and how the world is running. We actually think that everybody needs to do his own thing, to find his own way and make his own experiences. That’s what we always did. We had our own ideas, we wanted to do our thing our way. People can tell 你 so much and it will always be different. (Smiling) So if we had to give an 建议 it would be: do your thing any time and if 你 are a musician play as much as possible."

"He is not allowed to speak and laugh for ten days (laughing) and that’s a real hard task for him cause he normally speaks all the time. Now he is 写作 down everything in a book - that’s his way to communicate these days."

I bought and took it. But everyone says it was an accident. It was pretty exciting actually. Ehm…they definitely last long, for a very long time. It was fun though."

"We 爱情 to travel, get to know new countries and meet new fans. Whenever we get to know that there a 粉丝 in a country, we haven’t been to yet, which are in to our music, which like us and really want to see us live, we go there to meet them."

"We always knew what we wanted to do. We have our own style and it was important for us to do our stuff the way we wanted it. We never gave up and it was a real challenge to be in charge and making decisions. There are always people who want to tell 你 how everything has to work. But we had our own vision and did it our way."

"As they say: Never say never."

"Such a sweet little boy 你 [Gustav] were once.."

"I wouldn’t be bored if Bill, this idiot, hadn’t interrupted me in my sleep!"

"He’s [Bill] a few centimeters taller, but has the smallest member."

"But, concerning the twin-thing: I’m the twin that’s better endowed, definitely."

"Georg hasn’t had his 吻乐队(Kiss) yet, so he can’t talk about it."

"I wish I had taken [piano] lessons! To be honest, I 更多 或者 less learned it 由 myself, and I’m definitely not the greatest 钢琴 player. That’s the only thing I don’t master perfectly. But really, the only thing, too!"

"I guess that was the biggest law breach: That I was drinking alcohol at 15, and that was completely against the law, and.. that was a hard time!"

"Je t’aime, Gibson."

"Honestly, I have as much clue about cooking as Georg has about playing bass, but I’m definitely good at sandwiches."