Tom Hanks Agent Orange/Herbicide Exposure - Thailand based Vietnam veterans

banchang posted on Sep 11, 2018 at 11:45PM
We are reaching out to you Tom on a non-partisan issue regarding the above subject titled victims of this dreaded dioxin. Last week we were in Washington, D.C., regarding HR4843 and SB2105 for Thailand based Vietnam veterans who served during this conflict from 1965 to 1976. Basically, we are looking to get "Boots on the Ground" for these Thailand veterans the same VA benefits and compensation that are felllow brothers and sisters receive from serving just one day in Vietnam. Many of our colleagues are dying every day from this dreaded disease without receiving anything from the VA for themselves or their families after years of applying for claims and appeals and being denied all along the way. We know that you are extremely busy, but I am going to come to the direct point and not "beat around the bush." Would you consider being our "national spokesperson" on this endeavor? We will only reach out once because WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP in our endeavor with this dreaded disease. Thank you for reading this and considering our request. your movies!

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