visigoth voting
OMA has provided an option 你 can EARN 由 trading in your points for a triple voting value on the last day.

Here is how it works (Visigoth Voting):
Your daily voting 帽 will triple (multiply 由 3) starting on June 26, 2012 at midnight Eastern time for 24 hours. Example: If 你 are a level 1 super fan, your voting 帽 would normally be 25 得票数 per day. With Visigoth voting, it is tripled to 75 得票数 per 日 on June 26.
你 can find the link here: link

If your maximum level (a level 5 super fan), your voting 帽 would normally be 500 得票数 per day. With Visigoth Voting, it is tripled to 1,500. NOW, DO 你 SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF LEVELING UP AND USING VISIGOTH VOTING!?

Here's the catch - everyone can buy this, even other 粉丝 armies! Chances are THEY WILL USE IT! It's almost a must just to keep up with them. Just saying.
However, if 你 vote to daily every 日 , this is nothing but a peck in your points. It's 10,000 points to purchase.

You will need to pay close attention to timezones when using Visigoth Voting
Here's how:
Time Zones USA
Supar 粉丝 Levels