Bill Kaulitz w/Far East Movement and Germany's 下一个 最佳, 返回页首 Model
Alright, so some of us already know about these. Good for you, pat yourself on the back for staying in touch. If 你 didn't here's a helpful review.

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你 can create an account if 你 don't already have one 或者 use your Twitter 或者 your 脸谱 to connect. 你 get to vote a certain number of times within each time frame. (each day, I think) and if 你 have reached your voting limit, wait until the time frame has elapsed to vote again. Vote to help Tokio Hotel WIN!!


"The 2012 音乐电视 EMA Host City Is...Frankfurt!
The location of the 2012 音乐电视 EMA has been announced: We’re heading to Frankfurt! The iconic international award 显示 is held in a different city every year, and this time around, the 19th annual EMA extravaganza is set to return to the German city for the first time in over a decade. The 显示 will be broadcast live from the Festhalle, where it was also held in 2001.

We’re also excited to have Replay and Renaissance Hotels on board as 赞助商 of this year’s show! Replay will be an official EMA sponsor across Europe, and Renaissance Hotels will be a digital sponsor for the UK, Germany and France.

As the whole world knows 由 now, the EMA means a gigantic global party with unforgettable performances, and some truly shocking surprises (er...random naked guy, anyone?). We can’t wait to bring this massive 音乐 event to Frankfurt—and to 粉丝 all around the world—on Sunday, 11 November 2012!

Stay tuned and watch this 太空 for all the latest breaking news as the EMA excitement builds to a fever pitch...we’re just getting warmed up!"


Why not vote for a band, our beloved Tokio Hotel, who's homeland is the hosting country of the New 音乐电视 EMA 2012 Awards. This is our chance to prove that Tokio Hotel is a force never to be taken lightly and for all aliens to prove to the band that we have their back. Let the Voting Begin! 你 can vote an unlimited amount of times for as long as 你 want until they air it on TV in November. So just keep voting!

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