The pain of love
Won't break us up
We don't need your salvation
The pain of love
Will never stop
We are our own creation
The pain of love
Lives in our hearts
It's deeper than the ocean
The pain of love
Waits in the dark
We take it in slow motion

And we go on
And we go on and on and on and on
We don't belong
We don't belong, belong, belong
To anyone

The pain of 爱情 will last forever
Promise me
Promise me
We'll celebrate the pain together
The pain of love, love, love

The pain of 爱情
In all of us
It hits 你 like a hammer
The pain of love
We can't turn off
Let's celebrate the drama
The pain of love
Don't let us crush
We will be all forgiven
The pain of 爱情
I wanna tough
Without it's not worth livin'

We climb the mountains
Walk the deserts
For our love
Let's make a pact tonight
So we can feel
This pain of 爱情 forever