Just look at that emotion in their eyes!
Clearly the 泰坦尼克号 is an incredibly accurate movie besides the obvious things like Jack and Rose and the 心 of the Ocean. There are some other fictional parts as well but I think James Cameron had good reasoning behind his additions. If Cameron wasn’t so accurate with most parts of the movie like character’s appearances, the ship itself, evacuation processes, passenger’s actions and reactions, language, 音乐 played on the ship, and even actual footage of the wreckage underwater, then I wouldn’t think his inaccuracies would be appropriate. But they are. They just give the film so much 更多 meaning. They make the audience want to stay and experience the voyage for that whole 3 hours. And also while the audience is captured for the 3 hours 由 the inaccuracies, they learn a lot about the Titanic’s accurate story. The obvious example of Jack and Rose is only used to reel in viewers to a 爱情 story and make the movie 更多 interesting and emotional. If the 心 of the ocean wasn’t made up, Rose wouldn’t have had a reason to tell Brock and his crew her story, hence tell the story of the Titanic. Also during the beginning underwater footage scene, the set-up of the elegant white mask was clearly staged. That couldn’t have been sitting on the ocean floor so perfectly eighty-four years later. Cameron just wanted to captivate the audience right from the beginning. Makes sense right? I personally think he is the most genius film-maker ever to live. Maybe I’m being a little bias because I could watch 泰坦尼克号 4 times every 日 for the rest of my life and still feel like that’s not enough, but still. If he wants to make a few things up in his movie, then I say go for it! After putting in so much time into the incredible, accurate details, he definitely earned his credibility from me to do whatever else he wants!
James Cameron, My Hero