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Hey, I decided to come up with a role playing 粉丝 fic. I will decide how the story goes and 你 guy's can pick the themes, setting, and stoyline. And I'll choose the best idea's for the story. There will be at least 7 Acts. The best part is 你 get to be one of winx characters. I'll 列表 the characters below. 你 choose which one's 你 want to be. I of course choose Bloom so she's out. But the other's are free. Leave the number of who 你 wan to be in comments. Now I'll leave the teacher's out because I just come with things for them to say. Anyway hope 你 have fun and feel to send me a message if there are any questions. Enjoy.

1.) Stella
2.) Flora
3.) Musa
5.) Aisha/Layla
6.) Tecna
7.) Roxy
8.) Sky
9.) Brandon
10.) Riven
11.) Timmy
12.) Helia
13.) Nabu
14.) Icy
15.) Stormy
16.) Darcy
17.) Daphne
added by Stellagirl13