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They go and find Timmy in his room lying on his bed. They knock. Timmy lets them in.
Timmy: Bloom, Flora look.
Bloom: Hold it Timmy. We’ll be the ones asking the questions.
Flora: First of all, do 你 realise that 你 have hurt Tecna really badly.
Timmy: Yes I do but it wasn’t
Bloom: Stop. This 下一个 问题 is the main one................ who was that girl?
Timmy: That girl was my cousin.
Bloom and Flora: WHAT!
Timmy: That’s right, she is my cousin and she is visiting from far away. I haven’t seen her in 11 years.
Flora: Are sure about this, 或者 are 你 lying?
Timmy: No, seriously, 交叉, 十字架 my...
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posted by Winxlove
Continues from the last part.I hope 你 like it!

*stella running*
Stella:I can't believe that Brandon could do something like that to me !I hate him!

*the other winx*
Layla:Hey did I wronged 或者 i saw Stella running and crying?
Bloom:Girls,we better go to her!

*winx comes to stella's door*
Flora:Stella,open the door,it's us,Winx!
Stella:Leave me alone!
Musa:Ouu!That looks serious!
Bloom:Girls,maybe she wants to talk with me!
Flora:let's leave Stella and Bloom for a moment,girls!
Bloom:Stella,please,open the door,I'm Bloom!
*stella transforms and flies...
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posted by Winxlove
This is another story,talks for Bloom.I hope this 你 like more!

*Bloom seems a dream*
Flora in dream:Bye Bloom!
Bloom in dream:Dooon't goo!
*Bloom wakes up*
Bloom:Oh,goodmorning Flora!
Flora:Um,don't 你 It's too late to say "morning"?
Bloom:Agghh,the lessions!I forgot!
Bloom:What I'm saying!Today is 日 off cause is a party...a party?I must be ready!Why don't wake up me before girls?
Stella:You are sleeping to loud Bloom,exept the "oh,Flora dooon't"blah blah!
Bloom:I was having a bad dream...girls,promise 你 will never leave me alone?
Flora:Oh Bloom,we 爱情 你 and we will never break...
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posted by Winxlove
continue from last part...

Sophie:I can't believe this!Ugh!!She will pay for that!

*pet shop*

Bloom:I'm worried about Stella.She is so angry with Sophie!
Flora:Yeah,we have to do something before they kill themselves...
Flora:I was joking...haha!!
Musa:It's not funny,girls.Maybe this thing is true.
Layla:I don't believe...Stella wants her life,she isn't stupid...
Bloom:I have a plan...

*to stella*

Stella:Oh,Ginger,I don't know what to do!Uf!I don't know,it's just a...whatever.


Tecna:I'm going!
Musa:Bloom,can I go with Tecna?
Bloom:Of course,this is for Stella,not...
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 my fav couple stella and brandon
my fav couple stella and brandon
AT 8:00 AM

*knock, knock*
stella: *yawn* comin' *opens the door* oh, hi brandon.
brandon: hi stella.
stella: hi what's up.
brandon: i just wanted to know if 你 can come with me to the ice rink.
stella: sure, i 爱情 skating.
brandon: great! we'll meet at 4:00 pm.
stella: ok, i'll be there but first i have to pick what to wear.
*they both laughed*


stella: it's 4:15 pm already. where is brandon?
stella: brandon's calling!
brandon: hi stella
stella: brandon! where are you?!
brandon: stella i can't come to the ice rink
stella: why? hello? brandon?*ends call* i have to go find brandon and find out why he wouldn't come with me to the ice rink.
 stella's outfit in the ice rink
stella's outfit in the ice rink
Everyone has been giving some form of an opinion this week, so I thought maybe I should too. But instead of adding to the drama over this user nonsense, I'll be bringing us back to the opinions of what this club is about: the freaking Winx Club. So, today I'll be sharing with 你 all my 最佳, 返回页首 最喜爱的 eleven "good" characters. (And 由 "good characters" I mean, of course, the characters who are not evil) Why 最佳, 返回页首 eleven? Well, as the Nostalgia Critic would say, I like to go one step beyond. So sit back, and enjoy my 列表 of 最佳, 返回页首 eleven "good" characters.

11. Clarice

Yes she might just be a minor...
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Chapter 2

Sky’s Dilemma

While Bloom was sleeping on her 床, 床上 a 射线, 雷 of sun falls on her face which disturbs her. And then a voice comes inside “Good Morning dear, have some 茶 Bloom.” Tecna 说 to Bloom. “What’s the time Tecna? And thanks for the tea.” Bloom replied with a sweet smile. Tecna thought that Bloom is in a better mood. She was worried if she was still sad but after seeing Bloom she was little relief. “Would 你 like to come for breakfast Bloom 或者 Should I send the breakfast to your room?” Tecna asked. “I will like to have breakfast with 你 guys.” Bloom replied....
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So I've been meaning to write a one shot Bloom/Icy fic for a while but no ideas have come to me and also I simply haven't felt like typing it. :P But without any further delay...here it is.

Bloom didn't quite understand Icy...or witches in general. Little over a 月 ago, the woman had religiously tried to destroy her and take her powers. Currently the woman had made a habit of visiting the woman, mostly at night when they could be alone. At first these visits were something of a horror, riddled with insults and threats. And slowly the mood changed to something almost light hearted. The witch...
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posted by Crazyruby
One 日 flora was sitting on the bench thinking that helia like krystal and they r the childhood 老友记 too..flora is very angry suddenly krystal came and asked what happened flora?? Flora slap krystal very loudly and keep slaping and scratching her ..Mrs Faragonda came and stop their fight
Mrs Faragoda's POV
U both r fighting for what??? U both have done what it didnt happened in the history of alfea now u will get punishment u have to go to earth and have to be good friends...
They pack their bags and went to the earth when reach to the earth suddenly weather change and its start raining they...
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posted by dragonflame23
As part of Professor Palladium's field trip to Black-Mud Swamp, the class must navigate from Black-Mud Swamp to the clearing in the Gloomy-Wood Forest 由 listening to nature and without using any magic. Unfortunately, the trip doesn't start well as Stella struggles with the wilderness and Tecna is tempted to use magic within 分钟 to escape a mud bog. While the girls find their way to the school, the boys from Redfountain have been assigned to escort the fugitive troll captured in Gardenia to Magix city for trial. Unable to let their plans come into the open, the Trix plot to rescue the troll...
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posted by floraisthebest2
Flora: 嘿 guys Ms. Faragonda wants to see us.
Bloom: really, what for
Flora: I don't know.
Aisha: well, come on then.
At the office
Ms. Faragonda: come sit girls
Musa: why did 你 call us here
Ms. Faragonda: Diana called
Bloom: why?
Ms. Faragonda: because, dear she has a mission for you. She 说 to pick 2 people cause she picked one person already.
Bloom: who's the chosen person and the two other people.
Ms.Faragonda: Flora is chosen and the picked people are Musa and Aisha
Bloom: oh, ok, can't there be 1 one 更多 person please
Inside Flora's head:
Oh I didn't want to be picked. I thought it would be Bloom.

Sorry it's so short 下一个 one will be longer
BYES guys
posted by floraisbest1
(Flora was playing a game with her big sister, Bloom. )
Flora- I win
Bloom- that's not fair 你 played this like a million times 你 already know it
Diana- stop fighting 你 two
(Suddenly a blast of magic hit Flora and she 迷失 conciousness)
Bloom- FLORA!!
(Flora and Bloom's brother, Brandon runs down the stairs)
Brandon- what happened
Diana- someone blasted your little sister
Brandon- who, sounding very angry
Bloom- who cares
Bloom- Magic WINX sophix

Sorry it's so short
I'll make 下一个 one longer please keep reading
 Magic WINX sophix
Magic WINX sophix
posted by Avater13
Which Bonded Pixie are you? Go ahead and find out. Make sure 你 have record your answer on a looseleaf paper with a 写作 material. You'll get your results.

1. What's your 最喜爱的 hobby?
A. To travel across the galaxy.
B. Make Love.
C. Practice Proper Manners.
D. Gossip Secrets
E. Sleep All Day
F. Get on Tech Games (Computers, Laptops, Iphone, Ipad, Techno Gadgets)

2. What's your 最喜爱的 color?
A. Multi
B. Pink
C. Nice Blue
D. Light Green Yello
E. Baby Pink
F. Neon Green

3. Who's your 最喜爱的 Winx?
A. Bloom
B. Stella
C. Musa
D. Flora
E. Aisha
F. Techna

4. Who's your 最喜爱的 Specialist?
A. Sky
B. Brandon...
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posted by zanhar1
I squeezed it into my schedule, a new fic!

Her eyes were downcast and sullen as she walked down the street. It was empty and lonely.


It was hers.

It was once hers.

She shouldn’t have survived. No one was supposed to. But she did.

And only 由 chance.

That 日 was cheerful and chilly. The perfect 日 really. It was one of those days were a person could forget that a war was taking place. There had been a cease fire, which was rather strange as the people of Sparx were fairly relentless.

Icy’s mother had insisted that she go take a vacation. A much needed one. She 说 that Icy could bring...
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Song 由 夏奇拉 feat. 蕾哈娜 ,
album : Shakira

Tecna and Timmy Song FF One shot

Tecna and Timmy relationship is at the edge of danger. Timmy cheated him many times and Tecna forgave him thousands of time but everything is not the same as before so while in a party Tecna was 唱歌 and realised what to do ahead.

I left a note on my bedpost, 说 not to repeat yesterday's mistakes
What I tend to do when it comes to you, I see only the good, selective memory

Another time! He cheated me another time and convinced me too. I don’t know I feel so attracted towards him, last time again, I 说 him...
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posted by winxoxoclub
"Hey 你 can mess with the hair but 你 can't mess with the Winx!" Yelled Stella.

"Never thought I'd hear 你 say that." Aisha 说 under her breath.
They were fighting the Trix with the new powers they had gotten. But the trip had someone else on there side. Diaspro! They had gotten her to help defeat the Winx, once and for all. But Bloom known that wouldn't happen. Suddenly a bright light appeared from the trip direction.
"No! This can't be happening!" Called Tecna.
"I'm afraid it already has." Stormy yelled.
Musa looked through the glowing 金牌 light. Diaspro and Musa's eyes locked for about...
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Flora’s POV

I flew towards the helicopter and only inches before I was about to stand in it, a 火, 消防 appeared. I wasn’t about to let that stop me. I fly in ignoring Musa still yelling for me to come back.
I land and see all the fire. I quickly look around to see if anyone’s here but I don’t see anyone. I start to fly away but I hear someone yell,
“Help!” I turn back and look again. In the very back I see a little girl waving her arms and yelling.
I fly back and see she’s stuck, the seatbelt was stuck.
“Please, help me. It won’t come undone!” She yelled. I nod and try to pull...
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The Scene
The winx, specialists and the extra crew were surprised 由 the presence of Lydia and Darko behind them. None of the 说 a word. Each breath was SO quiet 你 could hear a fly pee on cotton.

“Did 你 idiots think it would be that easy?” Lydia laughs while folding her arms. No one 说 anything.
“Because I can assure you, you’ll have to try much harder than that to trick us.” She continued.
“You should be punished for it.” Darko adds.
“Then do it, what the hell are 你 waiting for? You’re already going to destroy millions of innocent lives I don’t see what’s stopping...
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posted by zanhar1
It's not really as scary as they make it out ta be. The sensation a flyin' is quite wonderful really. I mean, aside from the ear splittin' roar it's actually quite nice up here. I cen see the most brilliantly blue sky o'er-head.
I've always wanted ta touch the clouds...
What a dram come true...

The weather man had called fer a twister but I let my lil' sister, Shiloh talked me inta drivin' her o'er to Mercade's house anyways. I mean really, when were the last time that guy were actually right 'bout some'in? I'll give 'im props, the sky were pretty dark, but nothin' I ain't seen before.

A jagged...
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posted by zikkiforever
Did 你 think 你 could get away with leaving me out of the lists?Well WRONG!About a million of these have been done ,so here is another one ,which 你 probably will only look for your name and read what I 说 about you. Sorry if I forgot some of you.


Best Quality:Understanding

Iti needs to be first on my 列表 ,because of how sweet she is. We never talked much ,but I got to know her on the 迪士尼 spot better ,because we was on the same team and what can I say?Iti helped me out,had my back and constantly understood me. All the time,she is positive and can make sure anybody has a smile...
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