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posted by MissUnknown13
Till now: Stormy is gravely sick and the only cure to her fever is the a 花 called 'Pyro'. To get the 花 their mother must 交叉, 十字架 the Red Bridge but it is guarded 由 dragon warriors.
Icy and Darcy find out that their father was killed 由 皇后乐队 Marion herself which effects Icy the most. What plan does she have in her mind??


After weeping in her room for half an hour, Icy finally found the strength to lift herself up. She was the eldest of her sisters so it was her duty to protect them, she had to strong.

Icy comes out of her room as if nothing happened. She sits on the 晚餐 表 and says,"Mom, I'm starving! When will 晚餐 be ready?"
Icy's mother and Darcy both are surprised. "It will be ready soon, only if 你 come here and help me." 说 her mother with a happier tone.
"Come on. Darcy is 更多 than enough help." replied Icy.
Soon, 晚餐 was ready. As usual they ate chicken soup, 白饭, 大米 and bread. Icy was enjoying it the most while she use to be the first to complain about having the same thing.
After dinner, Icy and Darcy were washing dishes while their mother was feeding poor Stormy, down with the fever. Then, they all went to their rooms. Icy and Darcy sat in their rooms till midnight while their mother and Stormy slept.
" So, Darcy have 你 got everything ready?" asked Icy.
"Yes, everything 你 asked for."
"Now, here's my plan..."

When the clock struck 12, Icy and Darcy crept out of their rooms. Darcy went towards the main door, while Icy went towards Stromy.
"Oh! Look at you! 你 once used to summon great storms and now this. Don't worry my sister. I and Darcy are going out now. We will get your cure and then we three will avenge our father's death!" whispered Icy. Stromy was awake and heard everything but she was unablw to understand the meaning of 'our father's death!'

Icy and Darcy went out of their house. It was one of the most 苦 and cold nights. They wore their cloaks and hoods. They didn't wore their gloves as it t would reduce the power of their spells. Icy sat on Darcy's shoulders and Darcy created an illusion and made them look like one tall 火, 消防 fairy wearing a red cloak..

The bridge was different from other bridges. A single breath of an illusion spell caster would break the spell. Icy already told this to Darcy. As they approached the bridge, the guards stopped them and asked for their identity. "Why?!You don't know me?!" asked Icy in a heavy voice which was changed due to illusion.
"No, we know 你 we just want to 确认 that we are letting in the right person." 说 the guard.
"You dare 问题 my authority?! I am the most trustful commander of our Queen. If I want then I can simply burn 你 down with my power! 你 don't want me to do that do you?"
"No, I apologize for my behavior, I didn't recognized 你 Madame Ardea. 你 may pass."
As they stepped upon the bridge, Darcy held her breath. When they reached the middle of the bridge, a soldier came running towards them.
"Madame Ardea! Frostwing came out the ice cave. He is too powerful for us to handle now! What should we do? I think we'll have to retreat." 说 the 火, 消防 soldier with a wand in his hand. While Icy was thinking for an answers, it was getting harder for Darcy to hold her breath and she breathe. Their illusion was gone, and in the fraction of a 秒 Icy aimed both her arms towards the soldier and the guard and zap! She froze them!

Icy and Darcy started running before they would attract 更多 attention. They ran towards the east of the bridge and into the yellow cave, known for it's healing 花 called 'beam flowers'. Icy plucked some of those 花 and kept it in the basked which was held 由 Darcy and they continued deeper inside.
"I'm sorry Icy, I took a breath on the bridge." 说 Darcy. "NO, it's not your fault. 你 did very well." 说 Icy, tying to comfort her sister.

And finally, they reached the end of the cave and their grew a beautiful red 花 which had the shape of a 钟, 贝尔 with crystal anthers on top. Icy took the 花 and kept it in the basket but now how on Whisperia were they suppose to get out of never ending of the maze of the cave. Stay tuned to know what happens next...
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爱情 has an all new language (Sky and Diaspro Romantic mini 粉丝 fic)
“Hmm...Can I ...can I come it?” A shivering voice comes. “Diaspro ? Come inside, why are 你 outta there, just come in. And it’s too cold too” . She enters and sits beside Sky. “I wanted to tell 你 something Sky. Something which I really mean and I am serious.”
There was a silence for a moment and a cool breeze came. She closed her eyes, and Sky was keep looking at her. She was looking very beautiful and with sun’s light falling on her face, it was looking like an 天使 was sitting there. These all thoughts...
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posted by Musa__Lover
Bloom is really selfish.

She is there sobbing because her boyfriend hasn't called her and yet Musa has just been cheated on and she only cried a few tears then 你 have all of the other things. She thinks shes little miss perfect. Trying to do every thing. Calling all of the shots she doesn't think that her team could survive in the omega dimension so she tells her little pixy friend that they need her.

Really though there have been many pools and 95% of them don't have bloom as the best 或者 prettiest 或者 your favorite.
~ Winter Memories - I still remember him ~

[ An Aisha - Nabu Couple 粉丝 fic ]
My first couple 粉丝 fic

December 10, 2013
Dear Zee,
I am here before 你 with another story of mine, yeah! 你 guessed it right with another page of my life. Whenever I open 你 to write I have something good 或者 something really bad. Today I have a mixture of both. Hmm…let me start with the beginning of my day. It was all right till I saw the date, the sun was shining in the blue sky, birds were 唱歌 melodious songs and squirrels were playing around. I went to the mirror to see my face and my eyes got into the...
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posted by winxoxoclub
Past: Belle turned her head and saw.....

Oval shaped, glittering green wings! She looked forwards and started jumping up and down, and finally started to fly. She let the wind- well, the air swooshing for her wings- hit her back.

-groan- Belle turned her head. HOW DID THAT UGLY THING GET IN HERE?! Thought Belle. EEKK!!! Belle cried out. Bloom came in running with a tray of cookies. "Belle, 你 got your wings!" She cried and dropped her cookies, and stared at the monster. "Darkar." She spat at him. He wiped it off her face. "Fairies. So immature." He spat right back at her, and gave her a dark...
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posted by zanhar1
I always thought I would die trying doing something reckless and stupid, I kind of new it actually...I just didn't think it would happen quite like this.

I slipped further and further yet beneath the surface, the water was cold...merciless...relentless. Suffocating.

I thought about it.

About my family--a mother who'd already 迷失 her husband and a little sister just shy of 6 years.
About my friends--Mandy, (she was an odd one alright, claimed I was the only one who cared for her) Hidie, Beth, and Lara (she helped me embark on my reckless missions).
About my boyfriend, pretty sure on 3 月 anniversary...
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posted by zanhar1
Okay so on fanfiction I've gotten 5 requests to continue my fic based on Within Temptation's The Promise. As 你 know this was supposed to be a one-shot, but 5 requests...I couldn't ignore them! Anyhow for those of 你 who don't remember this one was the fic about Icy and Raven; link if 你 wanted to read/re-read it.

Two months prior:

The 日 was a chilly one in downtown Magix, trees adorned with leaves of the most brilliant 金牌 and vibrant orange--a twinge of red here and there. It was on this day, sitting outside of an ice cream parlor as she waited for Raven that Icy met Flora. The girl seemed...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Made this 由 request so if 你 haven't read it 你 can now if 你 want to 或者 if 你 missed a few chapters.

Prologue: link

Chapter 1: link

Chapter 2: link

Chapter 3: link

Chapter 4: link

Chapter 5: link

Chapter 6: link

Chapter 7: link

Chapter 8: link

Chapter 9: link

Chapter 10: link

Chapter 11: link

Chapter 12:link

Chapter 13: link

Chapter 14: link

Chapter 15: link

Chapter 16: link

Chapter 17: link

Chapter 18:link

Chapter 19: link

Chapter 20: link

Chapter 21: link
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