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posted by papanoel
Production will 彩虹 SPA seventh season. Title: "The power of time." Winx seek the stone of time can harm everyone to turn back when the world was in danger. This new enemies zameshena Winx - ARES, magicians and Mereyus. This stone once created time in order to rule the world. It was learned during the production start of the 7th season of Winx. In season seven time danny - unique idea. A transmission should begin after four full length movies, 你 probably will be after season 6 Winx. Iginio Straffi 说 - we are currently working on season 6 of Winx, but it depends on the season and 7, the last in the United States.
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If I remember right, fireflies won the 民意调查 so here's the fic based on it, i hope 你 all like it. This one is going to take place a few years after season 6, 更多 so AU. And also if anyone is wondering Darko is from the comics.

"You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep. Cause they'd fill the open air and leave tear drops everywhere. You'd think me rude but I would just stand and stare."

Their hands locked together as they walked down the pier, the Firelight Festival in full swing. Icy and Darko would be meeting up with Bloom and Sky shortly....
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posted by florajames
hi guyes florajames here and im going tell 你 the winners of my compation wich is a flora and helia compation 你 had to wrigh a flora and helia adventure fanfic and as 你 should know i had lose of entrys which is down below as 你 should know some of the entrys i picked and maybe forgot to ask 你 if 你 wanted to be in it. anyway her are the entries pluse the 最佳, 返回页首 winners
1. princess flora
3. tayssfloravevo
5. floraorstella
6. lovebaltor
7. nmdis
8. xxxfloraxxx
10. winxclub_stella
(there not the order there who entered

so the moment 你 have all been...
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posted by zanhar1
The snow hit Bloom questionably hard in the face. Was that an ice cube in there? Bloom was beginning to think that the ice witch was starting to take this game way to seriously.

"Icy, you're not supposed to put ice cubes in the snow ball." Bloom informed her.

"Sure 你 are. That's how my brother did it." Icy insisted.

"You and your brother had snowball fights? 你 have a brother?" Bloom asked.

"We were the realm champion snowball fighters. Won six years in a row." Icy boasted as she whipped another snowball in Bloom's face.

"Hey, I wasn't ready!" The fairy shouted.

"You should always be ready...
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posted by Princess-Flora
--------As Flora cried throughout the day, Helia had moved her to the 长椅, 沙发 and sat with her. She buried her head in his chest and he wrapped his arms around her not wanting to ever let her go, he didn’t mind that he would have tear stains on his 衬衫 all he cared about was her happiness; but no one knew if she would ever stop crying let alone smile again. Around a little after one, she stopped crying and feel asleep in his arms which made him smile; but he felt something was wrong since everyone was afraid of if this was a breaking pointe, how far would it go and last.
Helia’s p.o.v
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AN: I just made chapter 1 two days ago! 哈哈 I just feel like making this chapter. Feel so bored. Enjoy XD!

"Roxy, try to attack." Bloom said.
"I already did." Roxy tried to make a shield. "See?"
"Looks like we've got a terrible enemy!" Stella sighed.
"We have to investigate who did this. It might be someone in Alfea, it's possible. 或者 Red Fountain, 或者 云, 云计算 Tower. Or…" Layla stopped.
"Looks like we will be checking up 't' for 'taking powers from a fairy'." Flora said.
"Yeah. We've got some competition!" Musa said.
"Who's the evil mastermind that did all this?" Stella asked.
"I don't know," Tecna...
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posted by nugget14
The girls were hangin out with the guys, except for Timmy in the mall, drinking smoothies.
Stella: OMG that is so funny.
Brandon: I know right.
Helia: So, are 你 guys coming to watch the annual race for the Romes tomorrow?
Flora: Of course.
Suddenly Bloom realises Stella staring at an outfit in the window.
Bloom: Hello, earth to Stella, haven’t 你 spent enough today?
Stella: What are 你 kidding? I have to have that outfit.
Musa: Oh, do 你 want some accessories and some boots to go with that?
They all laugh except for Stella.
Stella: Very funny.
Flora: So why couldn’t Timmy come, Tecna?
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posted by Alifya
Hi girls!
Always running off to the mall to stock up on 更多 candles? Can't get enough of that candle ambiance for your slumber parties? 或者 maybe you're just looking for a cool, unique gift to give to your buds? Well, I'm here to help you!

Candle Making Supplies:
Sheets of beeswax (approximately 16 x 8 inches)
Hair dryer
Cookie cutters

How to Make Rolled Candles:
1. If the beeswax 你 are working with is rolled, gently unroll it. If it's stiff, 或者 cracks while unrolling, soften it 由 warming it with the hair dryer set on low.
2. Lay a piece of wick along one of the short edges of the beeswax sheet...
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Flora swept though the sudden gale and outburst of rain, shattering with woe and disbelief. Why would Helia leave her like this? She hid her face with her hands like a mask, as she ran into 爱情 ahnd pet not even noticing the winx 或者 the stuffed 动物 toys she brought to life as she quickly clambered up the stairs and into to her 粉, 粉色 shadowed bed-room and sank into her 枕头 weeping so much her deep eyes stung. Almost instantly she felt the pitter patter of foot steps travelling up the stair case. Flora weeped even harder- she was the most optimistic of the group and was always happy and...
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Bloom and Sky tribute (not made 由 me)
winx club
粉丝 video
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posted by Princess-Flora
Chad: I thought it was 你 (bringing her arms into a hug) I missed 你 Char.
Flora: (backs out of the hug) actually I go 由 Flora now and I have a fiancée
Chad: (slightly disappointed) oh; but beautiful name 由 the way
Stella: ahem
Flora: okay I’ll introduce 你 all (pointing to her friends) this is Stella, Bloom, Layla, Musa, Tecna, and 你 should recognize my sister Savannah and together the seven of us form the Winx Club and girls this is Chad
Chad: (bowing) it is a pleasure to meet all of your, and nice to see 你 again Savannah.
Musa: not to interrupt but how do 你 two know each other?
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