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This is my review of the casting choices that were made in my 最喜爱的 film, The Wind Rises. This review is about the American version of the film. I think that The Wind Rises is the best film so I think 你 should check it out.

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Jiro Horikoshi:

I haven't seen that many of Mr. Levitt's films so I wasn't really a 粉丝 of him before watching The Wind Rises. He did a pretty good job in the film. His voice sounded appropriate for his character so congrats.

Emily Blunt as Naoko Satomi:

Emily Blunt became my 最喜爱的 actress, because of The Wind Rises. She's amazing as Naoko....
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The Wind Rises is a 日本动漫 film that came out in 2013. This film is a masterpiece, but several people haven't watched it. Here are 5 reasons of why 你 should check out this film.

1. The romance is the best.

I usually dislike romance films. However The Wind Rises has the best romance storyline that I've ever watched. The couple (Jiro Horikoshi and Naoko Satomi) are a loveable duo. Their romance is heartwarming, emotionally moving, interesting, and believable.

2. The characters are good.

It's nice and rare to have a film that has no boring characters. Every character in the film is easy to like....
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the characters

Jiro Horikoshi: The protagonist of the film. Jiro is based on a person of the same name. He is a optimistic, hardworking young man who loves airplanes. He becomes a very successful plane designer. Jiro is so focused on planes that he tends to be unaware of what's going on around him.

Naoko Satomi: The deuteragonist of the film. Naoko is a kind hearted painter. She met Jiro on a train. Several years later the two see each other again and develop a strong relationship.

Giovanni Caproni: Jiro's idol. Mr. Caproni is a famous plane designer. He appeared in Jiro's fantasies giving...
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