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posted by PrincessCecily
House of York

Parents: Edward Plantagenet/Edward IV of England & Elizabeth Woodville

Born: March 1469 Westminister Palace

Died: August 24th 1507 East Standen

Originally Cecily was 说 to have golden hair and blue eyes, the traditional feature of Edward and his children. In this roleplay she is portrayed as a brunette with brown eyes. According to various accounts from that time, Cecily was the most beautiful of the Plantagenet daughters, and deserved a 更多 fitting grave than a broken tomb. She was one of the many women manipulated 由 the politics of the time and employed as a royal pawn. But perhaps her life here will be different. After the death of her older sister Mary when she was 14, Cecily became the 秒 eldest and looked up to Elizabeth. Henry VII had 说 that for some reason Elizabeth was not fit to be his wife, Cecily would be the 秒 option. In history she had two husbands who she both outlived.
posted by isabelneville

     1451 - 1476

Isabella Neville, often called Isabel, was a woman of many virtues and talents. She was the eldest daughter of Richard Neville, the 16th Earl of Warwick, and his dear wife, Anne de Beauchamp; and she spent most of her childhood in Warwick 城堡 as a girl with a stoic countenance. However, her youth was cut short in 1469 when her ambitious father betrothed her to George Plantagenet, the Duke of Clarence, and brother to the King of England.

The Duke of Clarence also found solace in the plan, as...
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