I was planning on posting this sooner, but then real life stuff happened. 你 know, school, work, all that bullshit. But hey, better late than never!

Without further ado, here are my annual death predictions. This 年 I think most of the deaths will be minor characters, so there will probably 更多 deaths this season than last, especially with the war coming and all.


When: During the War.
Why: Having that kind of characters is complicated and expensive. At first, I didn't think they would bring in Shiva at all, because of all the CGI, bit I'm so glad they did! But I don't think she'll last long. Her time is coming up.
How: I think she'll go down fighting, protecting Ezekiel. I actually think we see her death scene in the trailer, when she is surrounded 由 walkers. I'm sad to see her go, but it was inevitable.

Shiva, The Well, 7x02

When: During the War.
Why: Jared is mostly on my 列表 because we saw Jared in the trailer. And it's just a gut feeling that they put him in the trailer to keep him in people's mind, as he's not the most important nor 流行的 character on the show. He's easily forgettable. If they took the time to 显示 him in the trailer, it might be because he will have a bigger role, therefore, is going to die.
How: Probably killed 由 one of Team Family, 或者 straight up eaten 由 walkers. He's not an important character enough to be 给 a big 或者 significant death.

Joshua Mikel as Jared, Bury Me Here, 7x13

When: During the War.
Why: After the Saviors are defeated, most of them will survive, Negan included. But Negan won't be a free man, and Simon is like Negan 2.0. He's like a mini Negan, he won't sit back on his 屁股 and let Alexandria and the Sanctuary work together in harmony. He will want to get an army again and reattack. But that would be redundant. So if they wanna stay true to his character, they will probably kill him during the war.
How: Probably killed 由 someone significant, like Rick 或者 Maggie 或者 even Carl, because they interacted with him and all. I don't see him taken out 由 walkers, that would be a bit insulting to his character. I actually think he's a great antagonist and he is a very interesting character and, contrary to a lot of characters on this show, actually has development and depths to him. He'll go down fighting.

Steven Ogg as Simon, Go Getters, 7x05

When: During the War.
Why: Soldiers will fall in every community. I'm guessing that at least one of the named Kingdom Knights will fall, because people have seen 更多 of them, and care 更多 about them than the 随意 unnamed soldiers in the background.
How: While fighting. Killed either 由 the enemy 或者 a walker.

Daniel Newman as Daniel, Carlos Navarro as Alvaro & Kerry Cahill as Dianne, Bury Me Here, 7x13

When: During the War.
Why: Like the Kingdom, soldiers will fall, so it's 更多 than likely that Andy 或者 Eduardo 或者 any other known Hilltop solider will die. Probably 更多 than one.
How: While fighting. Killed either 由 the enemy 或者 a walker.

Peter Zimmerman as Eduardo, Hearts Still Beating, 7x08 / Jeremy Palko as Andy, Not Tomorrow Yet, 6x12

When: During the Way and/or during the 秒 half of the season (if 更多 than one of them die, they might not die at the same time).
Why: Any of these three are expendable to the story, but are known, so people care about them. Eric would probably have the most impact though, as we've known him the longest, he's Aaron's boyfriend and that would directly affect his character in 更多 than one way.

Tobin and Scott would have less impact as they are just kinda there and don't really matter to any of the characters on the show. They don't seem to have any family. They could easily fall during the war 或者 at any other moment in the season really.
How: While fighting. Killed either 由 the enemy 或者 a walker.

Jason Douglas as Tobin & Jordan Woods-Robinson as Eric, Hearts Still Beating, 7x08 / Kenric Green as Scott, Something They Need, 7x15

When: During the War.
Why: It's not the first time I put 摩根 in my predictions. He is on this 列表 again for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, in the trailer he says "I don't die", which could mean two things. A) He's going to die 或者 B) He's going to be here for a long time. But I'm leaning 更多 for the first one. The moral compass on this 显示 never last very long, and 你 can't really go away with "I don't die" and really not die in this universe. This 显示 is all about foreshadowing.

Secondly, this war can't end with only bad guys and small characters dying. At least one big character must go and I think the writers are going with Morgan, because he would be the wiser choice. I know he has a lot of fans, but most people don't really care about him anymore, myself included, not as much as before anyways. That would hurt the family, especially Rick and Carol, to see him go. It would make an emotional scene, without killing too much of a 粉丝 favorite.
How: I think 摩根 would go down 由 saving a family member. His story would go full circle. He would die doing the one thing he's been trying to do for the past two seasons, saving a person and not killing one.

Lennie James as Morgan, Bury Me Here, 7x13


When: Probably during the war, but maybe later in the season. Depending on if they 加入 the fight 或者 not.
Why: I think at least one of the Garbage People will die during the war, if they participate at all. They don't really have loyalty towards anyone, but if Negan makes them a good enough offer, they will fight his fight. And when they do, I think Tamiel is probably going to die, because she's Jadis right hand woman and she's really important to this group. I think Tamiel's death would hurt Jadis 更多 than anyone else's, because we saw that she cared about her when Gabriel put a 刀 to her throat last season.
How: Most likely killed 由 a member of Team Family, because that would have 更多 impact on Jadis than her getting killed 由 walkers.

Sabrina Gennarino as Tamiel, New Best Friends, 7x10

When: Maybe before the war and/or during.
Why: I don't know if we're going to see Oceanside again, because we didn't see them in the trailer, but I'm assuming we will. They didn't introduce an entire community only to never see them again. I don't know if they will 加入 the fight 或者 not. But I think Natania 或者 Kathy dying at the hand of the Savior could be the thing that makes them want to go fight, especially Natania. Beatrice and Cyndie are the most developed characters from that community, so I think that makes them safe, for now.
How: I would think killed 由 a Savior, because that would be the best way to reintroduce them to the show, as they don't want any part in the fight.

Deborah May as Natania & Nicole Barré as Kathy, Something They Need, 7x15

When: Anytime during the season.
Why: Little girls don't have a good track record on this show, they pretty much always die. At least Rachel has brown hair, which could save her, because every other little girl that died on the 显示 was blonde. (Sophia, Lizzie, Mika, Beth, Meghan...)
How: I would think while fighting, but I don't know if they would let her fight, due to her age. Probably taken out 由 a walker instead, but she would have to be taken 由 surprise, because she proved that she can handle them just fine.

Mimi Kirkland as Rachel, Something They Need, 7x15

(New category, but I just need to talk about those two characters, even though I doubt they will actually die.)

When: End of the season, IF.
Why: Ok, don't freak out people, it's pretty unlikely. I just put her in my predictions, because Danai has been seen twice hugging people from the 显示 in a very sad way. Firstly with the executive producer, link, on set and then not that long ago, with link. So it's really just a hunch that I have because of these and they have been bugging me for over a week now. I don't know why she would hug them looking really sad, so I thought that maybe, and it's a big maybe, she is being killed off. But I'm 更多 on the not side than on the yes side. I thought I'd still put her here anyways though.
How: I seriously have no idea, but I'd say while fighting 或者 protecting her loved ones.

Danai Gurira as Michonne, season 8 promo picture

When: End of the season, IF.
Why: Like Michonne, I think it's pretty unlikely that he's dying this season. I'm thinking 更多 season 9. But I'm putting him here, because I know that very often, the 显示 likes to rush storylines, so I wouldn't put it past them to rush Ezekiel's death and have Carol become the 皇后乐队 of the Kingdom. We all know this is where the story is heading, but I would imagine 更多 in season 9. But they could very well rush it and have Carol become the 皇后乐队 at the end of season 8, and use that for season 9's promotion.
How: While fighting 或者 protecting loves ones.

Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Rock in the Road, 7x09

But, if ever I'm right about one of these two characters, it's 100% sure the other one is safe. They're probably not gonna kill either of them, let alone both of them.


Why: If 你 know me, 你 know how much I looooooooove Jadis. She is so annoying and boring. She's weird, she's two-faced. I don't like the way she talks and acts. Everything about her just annoys the hell out of me. So I would be very pleased to see her go, but I doubt she'll die this season.

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis, New Best Friends, 7x10

Why: I know Gregory is not dying anytime soon, but urgh. He's such a cowardly character, but not the interesting kind. Every time I see his face, I get angry. I just hate him so much, please kill him soon!

Xander Berkeley as Gregory, Rock in the Road, 7x09


Why: Usually, when our group defeats an antagonist on this show, they kill him/her and then they 移动 on. Negan will be defeated this season, but he won't die. This is probably going to be prompted 由 Morgan's death, but Rick will want for things to go back to the old ways. He will want to rebuild society and have rules and not just kill people. He's going to use the prison 摩根 built and put Negan in there instead of killing him. But that doesn't mean Negan's not going to get hurt. I'm basing this prediction on the comics, but I think Rick will hurt Negan very badly, but he'll survive. It will also probably be left as a cliffhanger and people will think Negan is dead and then after the mid season break, we'll see that he's not. We all know how much this 显示 loves death scares and deadly cliffhangers *cough*Glenn*cough*dumpster*cough*. They would be stupid to kill off a great character like Negan, especially after only a season and a half. If they are smart, they will do the same thing they did in the comics, and let him live.

Jeffrey Dean 摩根 as Negan, The First 日 of the Rest of Your Lives, 7x16

There 你 go. Do 你 agree with any other them? Do 你 think I'm completely out of my mind?

Who do 你 think will die?
Who do 你 want to see die?
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