Okay, so I heard about the infamous DE vs. BD fight that took place but, mostly everyone seems sorry and wants peace.

I just wanted to point out my 爱情 for all of the couples first and I hope most of 你 will 加入 in and do the same.

If 你 don't agree than it is perfectly okay. But please NO fighting. I would 爱情 to hear opinions.

Stelena - They have touching scenes and are one of the most romantic couples on tv. They are sometimes described as boring, but I that's one of the many reasons I 爱情 them. I'm a drama addict when it comes to tv, but once in a while its great to have a couple like Stefan and Elena.

Delena - They can be both funny and serious, which I 爱情 in a ship. I admit that I tried not to like this ship before, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Damon's journey is one of the most important things on the 显示 and Elena is the one who gets the journey started. I'm very curious to know where this ends up.

Bamon - I have mentioned that if this ship isn't explored it would be a big waste. Bamon has had a huge impact on the 粉丝 with only sharing a few scenes together. Their building friendship is one one of the most interesting relationships in the series. I believe with Bonnie and Damon being the characters they are, this could be an epic relationship.

Forwood - I hated this idea at first, but when they shared their time together in 2x08 picture me a die-hard forwood(er). Both characters went through a lot and them getting together 下一个 season is fantastic.

Beremy - I NEVER expected that and again I was first against them but these two really care for each other. They go really good together IMO. Both Bonnie and Jeremy have been through hell and it is great that they found each other.

Catt - One of my first faves. Even though they have left me screaming at my tv because of their roller coaster relationship, I will always have a soft spot for them. When they first got together they were one of the most shipped couples and I can see why. Another example of a great couple.

I know I missed a lot of couples but it doesn't mean I don't like them. (ex. Stefan/Katherine, Jeremy/Anna, etc.)

Once again I would 爱情 for some of the 粉丝 to 加入 in and 评论 on the many TVD pairs. And please again no fighting.