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its a beutiful 日 in townsille. (boom) uh did i say beutiful i ment destroyed..oh never mind here come the powerpuff girls.

blossom:ok girls lets get 'em

buttercup:ok RowDYRUFFS time to finally get rid of you


brick:hah like that will ever happen


brick'slapped boomer'

boomer"ow man thats the third time today

brick:and 你 deserve it too


rrb'confused look'

brick:what are 你 laughing about

buttercup:shes laughing because she just read a book which apparently had an 文章 about you. she thought everything 你 did was funny

bubles:can we get on...
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posted by Butterscotch000
Hope 你 guys like these. It took me like half an 小时 to draw them all. Not vary hard.

评论 PLz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I doing the boys as fast as i caN!

Thank you
thank you
thank you

Thanx people!!!!!!!!!!

Yea, It kinda looks like
Boomerlovers art.
I like his drawings!



BUTTERCUP:Hope i don't look gay!

BLAZEY:Whatever, just pose!

 你 can....TALK??!!
You can....TALK??!!
NARRATOR: Well, Bubbles has a pet.


(Sandstorm goes around the corner into Bella's room so no one can hear her.)

SANDSTORM: How long do I have to hide this?! Should I tell them? Ugh! I'm tired of hiding it! I can talk to humans! I have to tell them! Their my FAMILY! I'm such a wimp!

(We now found out that Sandstorm can talk to humans.She goes out of Bella's room and goes over to Bella.)

BELLA: Hi Sandstorm!

SANDSTORM*whispering*: Bella, I need to tell 你 something!

(Bella was about to scream "you can talk to humans" until Sandstorm slapped a paw to Bella's mouth.)

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posted by Butterscotch000
嘿 everybody! I'm back with a picture I drew 或者 MC paint! This is 奶油, 奶油糖果 when she is 11. Middle school age. Guys, I can only do one pic a 日 for people so keep checking back to see if 你 pic choice was chosen!

下一个 up is Bella!(For Bella-Utominoun)

The boys are 下一个 up after the girls!
NO BAD 评论 PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm not that good, but I'm getting better!

Plz 评论 everybody!
quiz:If the robot dose the robot is it
still called the robot 或者 is it just dancing?

posted by Butterscotch000
This is 钟, 贝尔 as a kitty! Hope 你 like it. Plz comment! Blazey,Butterscotch,Billy,Blake and Bryce coming soon! I will make 猫 and 狗 for 你 guys. Name the hair color,eye color,body color and what type of tail 你 want.


It says thank 你 people. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will make 更多 soon. my 下一个 one is butterscotch!
 钟, 贝尔 as a kitty!
Bell as a kitty!
posted by Bell0PPGZ
 The newest PPG member!
The newest PPG member!
NARRATOR:Looks like the PPG are not getting along...

BELL:I Agree with Buttercup, Blossom gets the wooping.

BLOSSOM:It was a bad idea letting 你 into the team 钟, 贝尔 and Buttercup!

BUTTERCUP:I am your sister! 你 have to let me be on the team!

BUBBLES:No, 你 leave with Bell.

BELL:What the hell Bubbles! We have no where to go!

BUBBLES:I don't care, Get out!

BUTTERCUP:You are so asking for it.....

BELL:Don't make me have to shock you.

BLOSSOM:You dare! 你 know that's my weakness!

PROFESSOR:Shut your pot holes!

(The PPG stop yelling and fighting)


PROFESSOR:No Buts! Up to 你 Room!

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posted by boomerlover
Late at night, near 8:40, the RRBS were lulling away with boring questions.

"I need...I NEED...I don't know." Boomer laughed giving an answer to Brick's question. "Oh, well, that's useful." Brick grumbled at Boomer's stupidity. "Ooh! I know now!" Boomer peeped up, nudging Brick in the side. "I need a pet," "Obvious answer from you," Butch muttered, setting down the stuffed 熊 he was ripping the stuffing out of. "Wha- hey! That was mine!" Boomer yelled as he pushed Butch of the ledge of the couch.

"Sorry, Boomer," Butch mumbled. "I needed something to do." Boomer's fiery gaze changed to annoyance,...
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posted by Bell0PPGZ
 Sir Boomer
Sir Boomer
Once upon a time there was a knight named Sir Boomer. He never gave up and he won most battles.
When he was younger, he thought that girls have "cooties". Odd of the sort that the girl loving knight would think that but he was little then.
He had an eye for a normal village girl named Bell.
She was not a Princess nor a girl worthy of a knight like Sir Boomer but Sir Boomer still loved her.

Thinking about the normal girl 钟, 贝尔 and How he could not be with her made him lonely and sad. He did not fight any battles 或者 leave from his room.
Food was sent up every 日 由 a maid. Little did he know that...
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NARRATOR: Bubbles! Really? Boomer?

BUTTERCUP: Look Blossom!




(Buttercup turns Blossom to where she can see Bubbles and Boomer)

BLOSSOM: OOOO! Bubbles is so lucky!

(Before Blossom realizes, she turns around, and Brick was behind her.)

BRICK: Heeeeelo!

BLOSSOM: Oh Brick! 你 scared me! Hi! Whats up? How are you?

BRICK: Bab- uh Blossom.... one 问题 at a time!

BLOSSOM: Oh, sorry.

BRICK: Hi.......

BLOSSOM: Ummmmmmmmm......... 你 说 that already....

BRICK: Oh yeah...

(Butch cuts in and says loud enough for Blossom to hear...)

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posted by bubbles12320
Narrator: The city of Townsville,is sleeping but it looks like someone isnt tucked in 床, 床上 yet.....

(Bubbles and Buttercup are sleeping but then Buttercup awakes when she hears something)

Buttercup: What was that?? I better go see...

(Buttercup goes quietly down the stairs and sees Blossom coming in)

Buttercup: Well Well Well! Look who decided to sneak out to see her dumb boyfriend!

Blossom: Quiet! I dont wanna get in trouble!... and hes not dumb!!

Buttercup: Whatever!! What happened to the stupid Brick who almost killed us last time! huh HUH!!

Blossom: Shut up! and hes changed! All of the rowdyruff...
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posted by boomerlover
The 下一个 morning Boomer awoke with 草 tickling his face. "A...achoo!" he sneezed, getting up, not remembering where he was. "Oh..." he sighed, thinking of how his brothers threw him out last night.

Boomer spotted the neighborhood stay cat roaming around. "Hey!" he called. "Come here!" The dark gray tabby tom had no name, so Boomer decided he should give the cat a name. "Cat!" he called once more, getting the tom's attention. It trotted over to him, sitting down and nudging Boomer on the arm. "You have no name," Boomer pointed out. "So I'll call you..." he sat there, his hand over his mouth,...
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NARRATOR: the girls are not flying happly back to school.the doom of detention creeps silently over

BLISS: sorry we are late miss

MISS,JANE: stop talking right now young lady.

BLISS: ......

MISS,JANE: take your seats girls and open up your
math book to page 321.

(bliss,blast and bunny do as told)

MISS,JANE: now that everyone is here we can start math class. first question: 7x6. Blast, 你 first.

BLAST: ummm 34

MISS,JANE: nope, wrong anwser. please sit back down.

BLAST: "sigh"

MISS,JANE: Bliss 你 next. rember class this is a fourth grade question. it should be easy for you
sixth graders.

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i made this video because of a pick i made here on 潮流粉丝俱乐部
 Alex and Blue. Blue is the black one and Alex is the blue one.
Alex and Blue. Blue is the black one and Alex is the blue one.
NARRATOR: What's that noise in Townsville woods?

WOLF: Trust me Alex, this will be cool!

ALEX: Blue, you'd better be right. My paws hurt from running so long.

BLUE: Sure is!

ALEX: Isn't it weird how my 毛皮 is blue?

BLUE: No. Why?

ALEX: I just think it is.

BLUE: Well it's not.

(Suddenly they came out of the woods and spotted a house.It was Buttercup's house. They could hear kids outside playing on the trampoline. It was dawn.)

ALEX: Blue, do 你 hear that?

BLUE: Yeah, this is the place. I found it the the other day, I don't know what that big thing is the two-legs are jumping on.

ALEX: That's a boundy...
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Source: Breaker needs credit for jkstetchy but the one I drew wuz mad blake