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This is for daisylove. Sorry Daiz I inored u. I whant to say sorry.
One long 日 以前 the ppg were in pokey Oaks high school.

Blossom POV

I was in science class looking at the clock, the 日 was going on forever! I looked at buttercup who was fast asleep snoring loud. She's so immature. I turned and looked at bubbles who wast 写作 on a post it note. I leaned 前锋, 期待 to see what she was writing. She was 写作 a note to me. She handed it to me and I read it. I handed it back to bubbles until...... "BLOSSOM!" Ms.forscewriter yelled. "ARE 你 PASSING NOT IN CLASS?!" I gulped. Um mean yes...I mean no! The 钟, 贝尔 rang I was relieved.

As we were getting...
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--where we were last at--
breserk:let me go!!
blossom:whats goin on?!
blake:nothing babe
blossom:what did 你 do to brick?!
blake:all i did was turn him into a vampire chill!
blossom:no!!thats it were done!
breserk--hits blake and sucks blood out of brick--
brick:thank 你 so much!
breserk:no problem
brick:now to beat blake
breserk:no let blossom handle this..
brick:umm ok?
blake:what did 你 just say!?
blossom:were done!
blake:no were not!!--grabs blossom--
blake:--looks her in the eyes and his eyes turn red-
blossom:blake!!ahh its burning!
brick:hes giving her pain!
breserk:hush she can handle this!!
brick:--runs over to blossom-- blossom!! are 你 ok?
blake:--grabs brick and throws him into the trees-
brick:oww!--kicks blake--
blake:grabs bricks wrist and twist it--
brick:ahh! my arm is broken!
blake:there!--fles off--
blossom:brick-cries--kisses him--
brick:i-i lov- --passes out--
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--where we were last at--
butch:you were there boyfriends?
breaker:yup >:)
bash:whats a matter..frightened much?:)
bubbles:y-yes boomer?
boomer:do 你 still like him?
bubbles:umm *thinks i dont wanna tell 你 i still do like him hmm *thinks
--breaker reads her mind--
breaker:i just read your mind bubbles 你 forgot i could do that didnt you? >:)
bubbles:uhh ya
boomer:so do you?!
breaker:ya she does!!!
boomer:oh :/
bubbles:but boomer your the one i want to be with
blake:ughh breaker take her away
breaker:got it!---grabs bubbles arm--
bubbles:hey!!--trys to make him release...
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butch:boomer...i got a question...
boomer:what it is?
butch:why are 你 such an idiot?
boomer:--tear-- im a blonde!
butch:so doesnt matter bubbles is a blonde and she doesnt act dumb!
boomer:i dont care! leave me alone!
--boomer storms out and hits brick--
brick:hey watc- --sees boomer crying--
boomer:im sorry jeez i make everyone mad these days --flies away to the PPGZ--
brick:alrite bro spill it what did 你 do!
butch:well i just asked him why he acts so dumb!
brick:you know good and well hes are little bro and were supposed to take care of him!
butch:well sorry jeez
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 What Is Going On?
What Is Going On?
嘿 guys, Boomer here again. So continuing on... The class heard a beeping sound. It seen to be coming from underground. It seemed sorta like a nuke 或者 nuclear bomb. The beeping sound sorta seemed like a breach instead of an actual bomb. Either way these things are used for breaking down doors and stuff. Either way, It was RIGHT 下一个 to me. I really had nothing to do but stand back. I was gonna tell the others. But seeing how they were always jerks, I decided to run outside the building. When I did, five teachers and two classes followed. They most likely was smart. I stood behind a building....
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 Me Exhausted From A Horrible 日 At School...
Me Exhausted From A Horrible Day At School...
Hello, my name is Boomer. I am a victim of the Townsville Middle School Massacre. Now your maybe wondering what that is. 或者 how It happened. Well, I'll tell you.

It was Tuesday at the school 8:00 and I was late. (Like Always) I had to comb my hair a little bit 更多 since I forgot my hair gel. But when I got to school, I saw a kid who actually look a 更多 fatter than usual. He seemed to also have a concerned look on his face, which I couldn't see why he had such a look. So I just ignored It and continued to class. I had to run of course. When I got to class, the teacher Mr. Hankman was furious....
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Belongs to ginyuoholic on Song is Riot 由 Three Days Grace
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