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This is for daisylove. Sorry Daiz I inored u. I whant to say sorry.
 *they all start fighting and the girls win.Then the boys go flying home*
*they all start fighting and the girls win.Then the boys go flying home*
Narrator:The City of Townsville.
Brick:Come on boys!!Lets get these sissy girls already!!
Boomer:What 移动 r we going to do?
Brick:How about I laser bem Blossom,you can use ur lighting power on Bubbles,and Butch can use his force field and bounce Buttercup and then bem her.
Butch:*Saying highperly*Can't wait to finally beat these sissy girls!!!
Boomer:When do we charge,Brick?
Brick:Wait till they start coming.
Bubbles:What is your plan Blossom to once again beat the boys?
Blossom:I don't think we need a plan for them Bubbles.
Buttercup:*Says excitedly*When r we going to kick some butt...
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BLOSS:hey can we ask 你 a question
bc:on the 日期 were going as 老友记 right
bubbles: cuase we have bf
ppgz:we like 你 too
butch: wat about your bf
ppgz:we made it up
rrbz:wat why did you,do that
bubbles:cuase we thought 你 guys,were jocking
bommer: no were not and since 你 did that we are giong to tell your secreat
ppgz:no and will do this
rrbz: wat
(ppgz kissed rrbz)
rrbz:ok were good
bc:so butch were are we going
blossom;where are we going
bricky:candy 商店 and park
bommie:bubs were going to the park and mall
ppgz & rrbz:were dating are enemies
bloss: we have to keep this a secreat
(shool ended)
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Bersek:Brat clean the smudge 你 mad on the mirror
Brat:-cleans the smudge on mirror-
Berserk:It's still there!
Brute:Oh ill clean it -cleans really hard-

Berserk:Were are we???
Brat:Brute what did 你 do?!?!
Brute:Uhh....clean the mirror

Meanwhile in the Powerpunks room.....

Blake:-looks in Powerpunk's window-i don't see them
Bash:Maybe they got tired of always beating us up
Breaker:Let's check their room

(Rowdyright boys go in Powerpunk's room)

Breaker:-stares at their mirror-what an odd mirror
(Rowdyright boys get sucked in it)

Breaker:Were are we
Blake:I think were in a parallel universe
Bash:I think your...
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Manwhile with the PowerPunks and the PowerPuffs...

Brat:And thats what happened
Brute:Im getting tired of staying here
Berserk:Ya let go rob a bank
(PowerPunks go to rob a bank)
Bubbles:I don't think there super heros...

Meanwhile with the RowdyRuffs & the RowdyRights...

Butch:That sounds like a bunch of -
Breaker:Watch your mouth
Butch:Why don't 你 make me!
Brick:-sees PowerPunks robbing a bank and thinks there the PowerPuffs-wow the puffs gone bad
Butch:Buttercup looks kinda-
Boomer:And Bubbles looks kind of-
Brick:Lets go help them be EVIL!
-the RowdyRuff Boys fly over to the PowerPunk...
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---were still on the chat--
buttercup:i cant believe your dating him!
blossom:hey! i 爱情 him and 你 should be happy
buttercup whatever lets go back to chat
blossom:uh fine...
--back in regular--
butch:your finally back...
butch:how could 你 reject him?!--grabs blossoms collar--
buttercup:let her go shes already dating someone!
butch:fine--lets go--so who 你 goin out with?
blossom:-whispers- dexter....
butch:what!how dare you!brick is 冷却器 than that dork!
blossom:no hes not!
butch:make me! blossom your stupid! go out with brick --makes fist--...
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--last at--
blossom:brick!! why did 你 do that!!
blossom:BRICK WHY!!!
--somewhere in hiding--
butch:i cant let him get in this position
boomer:ya lets go beat her up!!
butch:ya!-both run toward them-
butch:you better leave him alone!!
blossom:hes the one who kissed me!!
brick:its the one who kissed her first --puts hands in his pockets and walks off thinking--
butch:you dont think?
boomer:i agree lets go!
blossom:wait!! whys brick all sad
boomer:the 吻乐队(Kiss) duh!
blossom:oh--flies off crying--
butch:this isnt good for eather of our relationships
boomer:ya! lets go --both fly off-...
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--where we were last at--
???:alrite so everyone knows the plan?!
???:we go it!
???good 你 ready...princess
princess:im only doin this cause 你 payed me!
???:wahteve just go!!
princess:fine!--walk to brick--
princess:wheres blossom?
brick:um she should be bck in bout 20 secs.
princess:good!--kisses brick--
-blossom comes back--
blossom:*gasp* BRICK I THOUGHT 你 LOVED ME!-runs off--
princess:well bye!
???:alrite now phase 2-walks over to where blossom is sitting--
???:hey blossom..
blossom:who are-blake?!
blossom:umm what 你 doin here?
blake:i wanted to apoligize..
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--where the rowdymean boys,rowdyruff boys and blossom were last at--
brick:whats quite simple?!?!
blake:you see if we erase yall from the PPGS memories then they will want us!! mwahaha
brick:dont you--runs toward blake---DAREEEE!
--blake grabs brick's arm and swings him in a rope to tie him up--
blossom:b-brick--starts crying--
blake:STOP CRYING!--blossom stops cryin--
brick:you better not touch her!
blake:hush 或者 ill bite!
boomer:hey butch 你 ok?
butch:NO DO I LOOK OK TO YOU?!--starts crying--
boomer:ar-are 你 crying?
butch:i think so :'(
boomer:but why?
butch:you idiot!! because of buttercup
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