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This is for daisylove. Sorry Daiz I inored u. I whant to say sorry.
Narrator: Break is covering his ears while Blast
dose sonic scream.

Misty: hey, look at that everybody!!!!

Bliss: oh no it's misty, the trouble maker from
last year.

Bunny: BLAST STOP!!!!!!!!!!


Blast: what

Bliss: 你 have gotten us in trouble on the first 日 of middle school. Misty just went off to tell!

Blast: oh

Teacher: 你 3 girls, come now, i want a word with you.

Bliss and Bunny glare at Blast

Teacher: Misty, explain it all and not a word from
one of 你 3 girls.

Misty: Break was just going to say hi to Blast, and the she used a super power on him. just like

Blast: but i...
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Bliss: Wake up! Wake up!

Blast: no

Bliss: Its the first 日 of middle school!

Blast: watever, wake up bunny and get dressed.

Bliss: come on bunny, get up.

Bunny: yea yea, first 日 of middle school but we
aren't 11 yet.

Bliss: oh, yea

NARRATOR: When the girls got dressed they went down to the 表 to eat.

Blast: man, eggs again!?

Bunny: Well, I kinda asked for it.....

Blast: WHAT!!!!??? 你 KNOW I HATE EGGS!!!!!

Bliss: not this fight again 你 two.

Professor: Girls I did it!!!!

Bliss,Blast and Bunny: Did what?

Professor: I have made the age-o-tron-400!!!

Bunny: ummm, that's nice professor.

Blast: the bus its...
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posted by BouncingBunny
me:this is finally chapter 2
me:hey i had writers block
bloss:i might as well say the disclamer bouncingbunny does not own ppg 或者 any of there characters
Blossom's P.O.V
As I woke up dreery eyed i sat comfortablly om my 床, 床上 starting tomorrow id be 15.

As i wandered throught the house i passed a forgoten door full of memories of sorrow, pain, and un-bearable hatred.

I slid past the door silently it was a dark deep red. I then went down to breakfast bubbles and buttercup were making a buffet again.

"ur time bloss" yelled bubbles
"try hard he sleep's...
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Boomer: (drifting off to sleep) Boy, am I tired!
Bubbles: (yawn...) Me too.
Narrator: Oh boy, looks like Bubbles is lovestruck!I hope she's doing the right thing...
Bubbles was curling up to Boomer as she fell asleep.
Boomer: Bubbles? Bubbles! I don't think 你 want to sleep out were the bugs can get you!
Bubbles: Huh?
Boomer: Bubbles, do 你 want me to take 你 home?
Bubbles: Sure...
Boomer was now holding Bubbles and carrying her home.
Boomer: Heh! I'm in love!
Boomer thought to himself.
Bubbles: Boomer, I really, really, REALLY, like you.
Boomer: (sigh...) Me too. Oops! I mean I like you, not myself...
Bubbles: I know that!!!
Boomer: Oh yeah...
Bubbles and Boomer arrived at Bubbles's house.
Boomer: Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles wake up! Your home!
Bubbles: Oh, okay. Bye...
Boomer: Yeah, bye!