Brick interview.
Narrator: So Brick, what's it like being the leader?

Brick: Oh... I personally think it's a great honor.

Narrator: There has been rumors that 你 are the brains behind the plans of the Rowdyruff Boys. Is that correct?

Brick: Precisely. I come up with all of our plans of attack as 你 have seen...

Boomer and Butch: (from the background) Liar!

Brick: As I was saying before I was *RUDELY* interrupted... *I* come up with all of our plans whether the boys want to admit it 或者 not.

Narrator: I see... so I want to ask you... I hear that Butch likes to call 你 "Mr Mom". What is that about?

Brick: Oh that... he thinks I am bossy and overly controlling. Which I want to clear the air and say that I am not! Yeah I yell at my brothers but that's because they are so immature it drives me crazy. So 由 me yelling at the boys, to them, it makes it seem like I am bossy and overly controlling, like our mom.

Narrator: So 你 kinda "mother" your brothers 或者 in your case... "father" them...

Brick: Unfortunately, that is almost correct. A lot of times, I threatened to pound on them and yes I have pounded on mostly Butch hence he is the most immature in my opinion.

Narrator: So basically, 你 are the most mature of the group..?

Brick: 你 get an A+ Mr. Narrator!

Narrator: Now let's talk about your brothers.

Brick: Oh goodie!

Narrator: Let's start with Boomer. What's he like?

Brick: He's a really sweet boy that's not afraid to 显示 emotion. Yeah he's weird sometimes but that's what makes him... Boomer! hehe

Narrator: What are his downsides?

Brick: Where do I begin?! Sometimes, Boomer forgets his manners. Like, for one, he chews with his mouth open, he sometimes talks while he is eating, when he blows his nose on his *hand* he would look at the snot dripping from his hand and I am not even going to tell 你 what he does after that!

Narrator: Oh no! We want our readers to be comfortable 阅读 this interview without blowing chunks...

Brick: He tries to decorate me with his stickers which annoys me. He also tries to be like Butch and go through my stuff.

Narrator: Wow... so I must ask, people say that Boomer takes after 你 in a way. Is that true?

Brick: Somewhat. He tries to be like me because he knows that I am the most mature of the group. Someday he will be like me.

Narrator: So he looks up to 你 is what your saying?

Brick: Yeah. I am like an older brother to him as he is like an younger brother to me.

Narrator: Awe... now lets talk about someone that you'd would have a lot to say about... Butch.

Brick: Oh yes I have a lot to say about Butch!

Narrator: Woah woah boy... I want to tell me some positives first.

Brick: I know I know. Well, he's cool. He's a little bit like me on the tough side. We have somethings in common. Like we both like comic 图书 and watching wrestling. We both like to get in touch with our rowdy nature.

Narrator: What do 你 mean 由 that?

Brick: How do I say this? We have a bit of a boyish charm to us. We like to talk about 你 know, video games and comic 图书 and we also like to wrestle each other.

Narrator: Cool. So what are the downsides?

Brick: I think sometimes, Butch wants to see me mad enough to really 冲床 him in the face. 你 know, the arguments between him and I are worse than the ones he has with Boomer. 你 see, Butch and I just actually fight each other but I always win hence he is afraid of me punching him in the face.

Narrator: Wow... well before we rap it up, is there a short summery 你 would like to say about yourself?

Brick: Yes. I'm Brick, I am the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys. I am the most mature one in the group. My personalty is like a brick, really tough but kind of soft on the inside. Oh and I have a girlfriend so I am taken. Sorry girls! hehe