Fireball: WTF IS GOING ON???!!!

(100 Boomers invading the place)
Boomer: well, if 你 guys need me, i'll be playing some games. -leaves-
Fireball: -squeezes through Boomer and falls on the ground- WTF IS GOING ON???!!!
SB: we can explain. :D
Butch: what're 你 doing here anyway?
Fireball: i was just playing games when suddenly... BOOM! these Boomers came outta nowhere! and so i hopped on a table. and then i 说 "no, i can make it" so i jumped into lake Boomer and swam, and now i'm here. :D
Brick, Butch, SB: ok.............................
Fireball: yeah, i know, weird huh?
Meanwhile with Boomer....
Boomer: cool, free pizza!
Back to the Rowdyruffs and Fireball...
SB: wait, where's Boomer? oh yeah, he went play games.
Butch: yeah, but the bad thing is there are a bunch of clones that look like him.
Brick, Butch, SB, Fireball: ..........................
Brick: he's right. so what now?
Butch: i don't know, what do 你 wanna do?
Brick: now wait just a minute, first of all, since when did we let a girl with us?
Fireball: i don't know, i just wanted help.
Brick: ok :D 秒 of all, we are not finding Boomer until my my tokens are gone.
SB: he's right, screw Boomer, let's play. :D
-they run around playing games and stuff-
Fireball: -is playing Mario Kart-
Butch: -is playing a gun game-
Brick: -is playing miniature hockey with SB- I win!
SB: ugh.
6 hours later....
Brick: man, my tokens are gone. i know! let's break the token thing and get some more! :D
Brick: -punches token 拱顶, 保险库, 跳马 open-
Everyone: :D
5 days later....
Brick: ok, ticket time! :D
after that was done....
Brick: COOL! I GOT OVER 9000! i'll use them later. time to find Boomer.
Brick: -knocks it out of SB's hand- we don't need that.
SB: f*** you.
Brick: i'm just kidding. come on let's go.
Boomer: -walks by- hi guys.
SB: we gotta go Boomer. let's destroy these clones.
Boomer: we need the machine to do it.
Brick, Butch, SB, Fireball: ugggggggggghhhh.
Boomer: i created over 9000 of 'em. i know how bad ya feel.
-they fly out of Chuck E. Cheese-

Stay tuned for Part 4 :D