Bersek:Brat clean the smudge 你 mad on the mirror
Brat:-cleans the smudge on mirror-
Berserk:It's still there!
Brute:Oh ill clean it -cleans really hard-

Berserk:Were are we???
Brat:Brute what did 你 do?!?!
Brute:Uhh....clean the mirror

Meanwhile in the Powerpunks room.....

Blake:-looks in Powerpunk's window-i don't see them
Bash:Maybe they got tired of always beating us up
Breaker:Let's check their room

(Rowdyright boys go in Powerpunk's room)

Breaker:-stares at their mirror-what an odd mirror
(Rowdyright boys get sucked in it)

Breaker:Were are we
Blake:I think were in a parallel universe
Bash:I think your right
Breaker:Im scared :(

Meanwhile with the Powerpunk girls...

-the powerpuff girls walk in to see 3 girls that almost look like them-
Blossom:Ummm hi im Blossom this our my sisters Bubbles & Buttercup
Buttercup:Hi,who are 你 and what are 你 doing in our room?
Berserk:Im Bersek this is Brat & Brute
Brat:Were the Powerpunk girls
Brute:Ya,don't 你 know were 1 of the best villans in Viletown
Berserk:You know the place were in now
Blossom:You most be confused
Buttercup:Ya,were in Townsville

Meanwhile with the Rowdyright boys....

(the rowdyright boys see the rodyruff boys robbing a 糖果 store)

Blake:-punches Brick-
Bash:-kicks Boomer-
Breaker:-lazer beams Butch-
RowdyRuffBoys:What the...who heck are you?!?!
RowdyRightBoys:Were the RowdyRight Boys and-
Brick:The RowdyRight Boys?
Butch:what kind of dumb name is that?
Breaker:Whats 你 teams name?
Boomer:Were the RowdyRuff Boys!
Blake:Now thats a dumb name

To be contined........