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This 《局外人》 照片 contains 音乐会. There might also be 吉他手.

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你 woke up to the smell of eggs and wondered where 你 were, the last thing 你 remembered was being chased 由 some socs and then being tackled. 你 were laying on a 长椅, 沙发 and has band aids on your neck and arms. "Um where am I?" "Hey you're awake! I'm in the kitchen," there was a voice calling, 你 curiously made your way to the 厨房 to 加入 the mysterious voice. 你 saw a really cute blonde boy cooking eggs. "Hi, I'm Caleigh," "I'm Ponyboy Curtis, are 你 ok? 你 feeling better?" "Yeah I guess I am, where am I?" "Well this is my house, I live here with my two brothers soda and darry,...
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Pony: At first he was a little nervous about 你 bringing 首页 a dog from the streets. Who knows what kind of disease it had! After convincing 小马 to keep him he finally agreed. But he made 你 bathe him outside before he entered the house.

• Johnny: Johnny accepted the little pup right away. Johnny had a big 心 when it came to animals. So when 你 brought the little guy 首页 he was thrilled.

• Dally: At first he thought having a dog was stupid. He let 你 keep him but he acted as if it was never around. Then one 日 after 你 came 首页 from work 你 caught Dally playing with the little...
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你 and Ponyboy are on a 日期 at a local ice cream shop. 你 two are playing around and teasing each other. He's stops and stares at 你 for what feels like forever until he finally says something. "You are so pretty Sarah." He says. 你 blush, and laugh. "Thanks" 你 say, shyly. He just continues to eat his ice cream and stare at you. "What?" 你 says. "Is there something on my face?" 你 begin to worry. He laughs. "Mhm," he nods. "Got beauty all over there." He says, pointing all around your face. 你 turn red, and he gives 你 a quick 吻乐队(Kiss) on the lips. "Ill be right back." He says, quickly...
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Your class had been planning this camping trip for months, and 你 were super exited to go on it. Your boyfriend of a few months, Ponyboy, was also super exited. 你 two rode on the bus together up to the camp. Your class was staying there for three days, and even though 樱桃 was always all over Pony, 你 learned to live with it. When all of 你 went swimming down 由 the lake, 樱桃 was overdoing the whole "flirt with 小马 to piss 你 off" thing, and it was beginning to get under your skin. The worst part was 小马 was too nice to tell her to go away, and 你 loved him for it, but sometimes...
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你 spray your neck with one last 泵 of perfume just as 你 hear the doorbell ring. It was your boyfriend, Soda, ready to pick 你 up for your date. “Come in!” 你 shout from your room. “Hey babe!” 你 hear Sodapop say from the kitchen. 你 fix your hair one last time in the mirror before stepping out into the living room. “Hey! Ready to go?” 你 ask. “W-whoa” He says as he stares at 你 in awe. 你 giggle. “You look so beautiful (Y/N).” “Thank you, handsome.” 你 say as 你 take his hand. 你 guys get into Sodas car and he begins to drive. “So, where are we going?”...
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Two-Bit and I talked for hours, him cracking a joke every few minutes. I loved his sense of humor, and how kind he was to me. I looked up at the clock, and raised both of my eyebrows when I saw how late it was already. Two-Bit and I were still sitting on the couch, and everyone else was asleep. "It's 1:28. I better get going soon." I 说 as I glanced at the T.V. Two-Bit looked at me, then at the T.V. "Yeah. Me too. Can I walk ya home?" He asked softly. I turned to look at him. and noticed that I was staring into his greenish blue eyes, and he was staring into mine. I blinked, and looked away...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
你 see the huddled body in the corner.

“Johnny?” 你 whisper, before breaking out into a sprint.

A million thoughts raced through your mind as 你 ran into the alley.

“Not again, not again.” 你 think.

He would break for sure this time.

You crouched 下一个 to the huddled body.

“Johnny?” 你 ask, trying not to let the tears fall as 你 shake him gently.

No response at first, but he slowly turns his head toward you.

You gasp at the sight of him.

His was eye black, swollen shut. A giant gash was on his cheek.

“Johnny… ” 你 whisper, bringing a hand to his face.

“Hey…” He mutters.

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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“It sure is a pretty color,” he says, tugging your braid as he walks behind you.

“Yeah, it’s real pretty.” 你 smile, continuing to paint the 墙 the light 粉, 粉色 你 had picked out for the baby’s room.

He steps back from the wall, inspecting the progress. 你 smiled at your husband, in his jeans, no shirt, and DX hat.

“This color would look pretty on you,” he grins.

You step back, taking a look at the wall. He comes behind you, arms wrapping around 你 and your pregnant belly.

“You really think this color would look good on me?”

“Well, let’s see,” he smirks.

The 下一个 thing...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“So, you’re Soda’s girl?” From who 你 understand to be one of Tim Shepard’s gang members.

You nod, a little uncomfortable at how close he was to you.

“Where is the pretty boy now?” He asks.

“The bathroom.” 你 say shortly.

“Oh.” He says, pulling out a weed, lighting it. “So what’s he doin with a soc like you?”

“Well, I’m assuming he likes me.” 你 say.

“I can see why…” He leans in a little more. “Can I get 你 a drink?”

“No, I’m fine.” 你 say, a bit annoyed.

“You sure?” Taking a drag on his cigarette.

“Positive.” 你 fake smile.

“Well aren’t...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Ponyboy’s Perspective

“Dad, why does 耶稣 have a scary beard?” My eight 年 old Rhett whispers.

“I don’t know…Maybe they couldn’t shave back then.” I whisper back.

“Oh,” he nods. It seemed to make sense to him.

Twelve 年 old Scarlett looked over at us, trying to see what all the whispering was about. I waved my hand at her to tell her it wasn’t important.

Charlie had crawled into my lap halfway through the sermon. He was five now, but still my little man. He was half asleep 由 now.

(Y/N) was at home, on 床, 床上 rest. Ella 或者 Robert could be born any 日 now. I would be a dad to four. That would be scary. Horrifying.

But I was happy.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Johnny’s Perspective

Oh God how was I going to say this.

The rest of my life depended on this.

She was just perfect. In every way possible. She was beautiful. Kind. Sweet. Funny. Understanding. Just (Y/N).

And I needed to tell her.

Tell her how much I needed her, wanted her, and had to have her. It was a feeling beyond comprehension. It was love.

I needed to tell her I loved her.

So here I am, sitting in the lot, looking at the stars with (Y/N). Doing something I 爱情 with the one I love.

I look over at her, her eyes gleaming from the light of the fire.

“(Y/N)?” I ask as I grab her hand.

“Yeah?” She turns to face me.

“I-I think…” I start.

“Just say it,” she smiles.

“I 爱情 you.” I blurt out.

She looks surprised for a second. But then she grins.

“I 爱情 你 too.”
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
你 hum as 你 wash your hair, scrubbing your head.
你 aren’t exactly sure what you’re humming to… But it’s something.

“Hey, (Y/N), have 你 seen my-” “THUD!” 你 rip open the 淋浴 curtain to see your boyfriend had tripped over the doorway.

“Oh my god, Two-Bit, are 你 ok?!?” 你 gasp.

He looks up at you. “Oh my god you’re in the shower!” He yells.

你 yank the curtain back, covering yourself up.

“Two-Bit, are 你 ok honey?”you ask.

“After seeing that I’m not.” He says. “Damn, your beautiful.” He says, blushing.

“What a pig.” 你 laugh.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“What’s the prettiest thing about me?” 你 ask your boyfriend.

He pauses for a second, thinking.

“You.” He finally answers, smiling.

“That’s not one thing.” 你 roll your eyes and giggle.

“Yes it is. 你 are you. Without certain things, 你 wouldn’t be you. If you’re pretty eyes weren’t (eye color), 你 wouldn’t be you. If 你 didn’t snort when 你 laugh, 你 wouldn’t be you. If 你 didn’t randomly burst into song, 你 be you.
If 你 weren’t nice and sweet and funny, it wouldn’t be (Y/N). The (Y/N) I know, 爱情 and adore.” He smiles as he kisses 你 on the cheek.

“Really?” 你 ask.


“Really really?”

“Really really.”
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“Cannot touch
Cannot hold
Cannot be together

Cannot love
Cannot kiss
Cannot have each other”

You sit on the floor, across the room from where he is on the floor.

“Must be strong,
we must let go
Cannot say
What our hearts must know
How can I not 爱情 you
What do I tell my heart
When do I not want you
Here in my arms”

“So this is it?” 你 ask, voice shaking.

“Yeah.” He stammers.

“It’s not fair.” 你 mumble.

“How does one walks away
From all the memories
How do I not miss you
When 你 are gone.”

“Cannot dream
Cannot share
Sweet and tender moments

Cannot feel
How we feel
Must pretend it’s over...
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"I can't do it!" 你 call out to your boyfriend Soda from across the field. "Come on babe, 你 know 你 can!" He says, walking over to you. "No I can't!" 你 say in a huff. He was trying to teach 你 to play football, and all the guys were there. As 你 tried to throw the ball properly, their constant laughter was just making 你 worse. Soda picks the football up off the ground as he makes his way towards you. "Come on Kaylee," he says. "You know 你 can do this." 你 just stand there and shake your head. "Come on Kaylee!" 小马 calls out from the other side of the field. 你 feel a lot of pressure,...
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你 and Ponyboy are sitting on the climbers at the park and watching the sunset. 你 really like Ponyboy but 你 don't know if he feels the same way back. All of a sudden he turns to 你 and begins to look 你 straight in the eyes. Your hearts slips a beat and 你 begin to blush, looking down. He lightly lifts your chin and says "(Y/N), I have an important 问题 to ask 你 and I've been waitin' for the right time to ask you." 你 sit there speechless waiting for what comes next. Ponyboy slows begins to lean in and his lips meet yours. 你 accept them willingly. When the 吻乐队(Kiss) ends 你 are both smiling and Ponyboy asks "Does that mean you'll be my girl?" 你 reply "Of course!" And 你 begin to 吻乐队(Kiss) again.
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