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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
你 walked into the Curtis house and 你 saw Ponyboy sitting there 阅读 his book. "Hey Pony, are 你 ready to read 'Gone with the wind?' " "Yeah hang on, 嘿 Soda, can 你 come here for a minute." 你 and Ponyboy have been 老友记 for a couple days now and he promised he would 显示 你 his 最喜爱的 book, and 你 never knew he had a brother. "Hey Pony--" Soda walked in with no 衬衫 on, only a towel. His jaw dropped and he blushed. "Hi, I'm Sodapop," "I'm Alex," 你 couldn't stop looking into his beautiful eyes. "Well Alex, how about I take 你 to the dingo for a coke?" 你 nod but then remember that 你 were really there to get that book. "Oh, pony, I'm sorry, can I please go?" "I ain't your parent, sure 你 can go and here take the book, 你 can read it to Soda." Soda took your hand and began leading 你 out the door. "Hey sodapop!" 小马 yelled, "you know 你 only got a towel on?" Soda blushed and gave 你 a quick 吻乐队(Kiss) then ran to go get cloths.
✨Mary's P.O.V:✨
I lifted Two-Bit off of the street, and lied him down in the grass. I tried lifting him up to see if I could carry him, but I couldn't. I ran as fast as I could to the Curtis house, and it began to rain, no pour. I ran faster and faster, the cold rain slapping across my face, leaving a stinging sensation. I was finally there, and ran up the steps and opened the door. The gang, besides Two-Bit, was all there. Darry was sitting in a chair in the corner of the living room, and hung up when he saw me. "Two...Two-Bit." I 说 between breathes. "..Socs..They got him bad." I added,...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“Boy.” I say.

“Girl.” She replies.

“Boy.” I argue.

“Girl.” She argues back.

“What makes 你 so sure?” I say, leaning back into the chair at the doctors office.

“Because.” She says quietly. “We had two boys first. So we should have two girls.” She shakes her head, remembering Sam.

“That’s a good point.” I say. “But it’s going to be a boy.” I almost added to replace Sam, but thought better of it when she got that 迷失 look in her eye.

Her face brightens as the doctor comes in. “Mr. and Mrs. Winston, so glad to see 你 again. This will be pregnancy number three,...
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posted by mjacksonfan1
你 role over and see Dally sleeping 下一个 to you. 你 wipe your forhead then role back over. 你 just heard on the radio that there was a robbery and a shooting last night in your neighborhood. Scared as hell, 你 finally manage to get your eyes closed.
Later that night, 你 hear someone in the house. Thankfully Dally heard it too and he was wide awake. He quickley gets out of 床, 床上 as 你 follow. 你 creep down the hallway and peek around the corner.
"Go back to the room," He says as 你 do what he instructed
你 sit on the bed,praying that everythings okay.
Soon, 你 hear shots from a gun.
Then silence
你 were in the storeroom of the DX when 你 felt his hands grab your waist and spin 你 around to face him.

And before 你 could say a word, his lips crashed into yours, tongue wanting in.

你 gave in, fingers running through his hair. He pushes 你 up against the wall, and puts his hands up your shirt, running his hands along your body. He began to suck on your neck. 你 needed him bad. 你 reached down and undid the 带, 皮带 of his pants, then slipping them down with ease. He rips off your 衬衫 and throws it across the store room. 你 pull off his DX shirt, as he undos the button of your jeans.

All of a sudden, your on the cold, hard floor of the storeroom, with Steve hovering over you. He runs his tongue down your stomach, until he reaches your panties.

He looks up at 你 and grins as he slide them off.

And lets that tongue do the work.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007

“You alright, babe?” He asks. 你 were lying on your stomach on 最佳, 返回页首 of him.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” 你 say.

He strokes his hair. “You know, this could be us every night.”

“Yeah but we’d have kids, so it would be weird and awkward to do this every night. What if they had bad dreams 或者 something?” 你 say.

“Ok, well then every other night.” He grins.

“That might work.” 你 laugh.

“By the looks of it, we’ll have lots of little kids on our hands.” He winks.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Dally’s Perspective

“Pregnant?” I whisper.

“Yeah.” She says, tears filling her eyes.

My first reaction is to hug her, but then I can’t.

It was my fault we were in this mess.

I needed to clear my head.

So I walked out.

I wish I didn’t.
She found comfort in a guy friend. She thought I was walking out on her.

But I wasn’t.

I just needed some space… Some time to sort things out in my head.

I needed time to adjust to the fact that I was going to be a dad.

Johnny is two now. And apparently the time we were apart, (Y/N) got close to (Your best guy 老友记 name), and now they were...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“Johnny,” 你 say.

“Yeah?” He says, looking over at you.

“I found this in the attic.” 你 say, tossing it over to him.

It was his baby blanket, a dark blue color.

He looks at it wide eyed, just taking in the memories.

“What about this?” He asks, still looking at the blanket.

“Well I thought our baby would like it.”

“Planning ahead huh?” He grins.

“Only 8 eight months ahead.” 你 smile.

He looks up at 你 in surprise.

“You’re pregnant?” He asks, standing up from the 长椅, 沙发 to face you.

你 just smile.

He scoops 你 up into a giant hug.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007

“Johnny?” 你 ask. 你 were sitting on his lap in the lot.

“Yeah?” He asks, absentmindedly playing with your hair.

“Would 你 ever leave me?” 你 whisper.

He sorta turns your body to face him. 你 see the emotions in his eyes.

“I would never, ever leave you, until the 日 I die. Even if 你 ended up with someone else, I’d still always be here. I’d catch 你 when 你 fall. Not only catch you, but put 你 back up where 你 started and help 你 along the way. I would never leave you, even in a burning building. I 爱情 you.”
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Dally’s Point of View

She walked by. Damn that girl was fine. She was wearing skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Her (your hair color) was down, blowing in the breeze. A weed dangled from her mouth. This was my kind of girl.

“Hey,” I call behind me. “That 屁股 is looking fine in those jeans.” I smirked.

“Dally!” Ponyboy said.

She stopped walking, turned around to face us.

“Not as good as it look without any jeans on.” She smirks.

Damn. She was good.

I walk towards her.

“I think I’d have to be the judge of that.”

“Well might not happen…I usually go on dates first. Like normal...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Soda’s Perspective

“Daddy, do I look ok?” Grace asks. I put down my newspaper to look at my 15 年 old daughter. Wow.

“You look beautiful, sweetheart.” It pained me to see her going on her first date. But I was smiling.

“I’ll be good, Daddy, I promise.”

I grin. Exactly what her mother 说 to her dad on our first date.

“I know.” I manage to say. “You’re a good kid.”

“Not like Faith,” Grace grins. Oh my Faith. Nine years old and already had a “boyfriend”. She was completely hilarious.

“Not like Faith.” I smile.

I get up off the 长椅, 沙发 to give her a hug.

“I 爱情 你 Daddy.”

“Love 你 too, sweetheart.”

“You’re still going to be the first boy I fell in 爱情 with.”
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Soda’s Perspective

“Daddy is this flour 或者 sugar!”

“Daddy these are burnt!”

Faith was in her high chair, making a giant mess with the Cheerios, Logan was just eating the waffles, and Grace was attempting to mix the waffle batter.

This was not working.

I was trying to make (Y/N) breakfast in 床, 床上 for Mother’s 日 with the kids, but we were failing miserably.

(Y/N) walks into the 厨房 in her pajamas. As soon as she saw the mess we made, her eyes got wide.

I walk over to her. Grab her 由 the waist and give her a quick kiss. “Ok go put clothes on, we’re going out for breakfast.” She smiles. “Happy Mother’s Day, babe.”
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007

Ponyboy’s Perspective


“Yeah, Scar?” I say, looking away from the football game I was watching. I was holding Ella, she was 4 months old now.

“How did 你 and Mom meet?” The 12 年 old asked.

“I bet it was an epic 爱情 story.” Eight 年 old Rhett says sarcastically.

“Was Mommy pretty when 你 met her?” Charlie, who was five now, asked.

“The prettiest girl I’d ever seen.” I smiled down at him. “Until Scar and Ella came along. Now I know the three prettiest girls in the world. Anyways, there’s not much to tell. I saw her one day, and I fell in love. I thought she didn’t like me…”

“Nah, I like 你 a lot.” (Y/N) grinned from the doorway.